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Case #14578 - Ophelia's Mysterious Death.
Possible Suicide
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 3/14/2014
Case Reopened: 03/19/2014

What in the world occurred here? It’s been 58 hours since Ophelia Marks died. There is very little evidence to what caused her death. I was summoned to Denmark, North Carolina because I specialize in odd cases such as these. According to the family, Ophelia was the girlfriend of the Governor’s son, Hamlet. Only 4 months ago, the Honorable Kingsley Hamlet, King for short, died from unknown causes. It was never determined if he died of natural causes. I hopped on the quickest plane to Denmark and began my investigation. When I arrived, I found no one there to greet me. It was as if no one truly cared about Ophelia. I rented a vehicle and drove to the address listed as her residence. I knocked, but the sound echoed through the entire house as though not a single item remained in it. At this point, I am confused and disheartened that I flew all this way and am receiving no assistance.

I turned around to walk back to my car when a black Audi R8 pulled into the driveway near my grey Civic rental car. A man draped in luxurious clothing stepped out of the vehicle. I was immediately repulsed by this man’s aura. He introduced himself as Claudius Hamlet. I immediately made the connection that this was the brother of the late Kingsley Hamlet. I began to recall the report I was given for the journey. This man, after his brother’s death, had made a special request that he be Governor for the remainder of his brother’s term. The request had been granted and he was rather pleased. He asked what my business was in this area. I began to explain that I was Perseus Moon, a detective summoned here to investigate the recent death of Ophelia Marks. The case was hard to determine if it was suicide or murder. He smiled at me and asked me to follow him back to the Governor’s mansion. I obliged and followed him through a multitude of curvy and treacherous roads. Along the way, I couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that not only did this man take his brother’s term but also his wife. In only five months, this man had married his sister-in-law and took a political position. At the time, I decided that was a different case for a different time. We arrived at the mansion in about 8 to 10 minutes and parked. I noticed the grandeur of this home and decided they are not hurting financially.

I made my way into the building and the Governor introduced me to a man with puffy red eyes as though he had recently been crying. His name was Laertes Marks, the brother of Ophelia. He explained to me that not only had his sister died, but through gritted teeth as if he wasn’t telling me the full truth, he explained that his father was missing as well. I inquired further about his father, but he would give me no more information. We made our way upstairs and I was introduced to Gertrude Hamlet. She explained how Ophelia was a dear friend of the family and how she would be sorely missed. She spoke of her in great detail and kindness. This lady was graceful with her words, the way she described finding her dead felt like it should be written down in a book for all the world to see. I felt moved to tears. After she quit talking, I inquired about the death. She reiterated that she had went down for a short stroll and saw Ophelia floating in the river. I thanked her once again and told Claudius that I would be back, but I needed to go to the area in which she was found. He gave me directions to the river and sent me on my way.

When I arrived, I noticed there wasn’t much to see. I looked out over the river and saw it was a decent sized river. About 9 feet deep and 28 foot across. It wasn’t a fast moving river, it seemed calm in the afternoon light. The current pushed it ever so slowly. But there was a current. I then realized that Mrs. Hamlet would have had to make her way to the river just as she had died. Otherwise, the current would have carried her away. I looked around the scene once more and saw a tree. The tree was missing a branch. The area in which the branch would have come from looked very fresh. There was still strings of wood hanging off as if it had recently fallen. I ran back to my car and dug through my clothes bag. I had brought a pair of swim trunks just in case I wanted to utilize the hotel’s pool. Since there appeared to be no one around, I changed right there on the spot. I ran back to the river and praying that nothing in it would kill me, I jumped in. The water was cool and fresh on my face. It felt like the perfect temperature. I angled myself downward and dove to the bottom of the lake.

There at the bottom was a large tree limb. Its weight had dragged it to the bottom and kept it there. I noticed something stuck to the smallest branch. It was a torn piece of clothing. I brought it to the surface and made my way to the car. I dried off and changed into suitable clothes. I drove to my hotel for the first time that day. At the front desk, an envelope was waiting for me. It contained a picture of the body after it had been pulled from the lake by Gertrude. The material and color looked exactly the same. I pieced together what I thought happened. It seemed to me that Ophelia climbed on the tree to look out over the water, the limb broke, and Ophelia could not swim. Gertrude saw her and decided to not help her because she felt that Hamlet was too good for her. I speculated this due to the fact they spawn from two different class structures. Though she was a storyteller, and a damn good one at that, she could not hide the facts. I went back to the mansion and asked a few follow-up questions. Gertrude was eager to talk to me and began to elaborate even further. The thing that gave her up was when she mentioned that Ophelia’s soggy clothes had pulled her to the bottom until she had drowned under the weight of them. She said she could still remember her shrill singing as she went under. How did Gertrude know that without being there to observe the death?

I immediately left and went to the Police Station. I gave them my findings and had them arrest Gertrude. When they searched her residence they did in fact find a journal entry full of distaste for Ophelia. She felt as though Hamlet should marry someone of great importance. Also there was another part of Ophelia’s dress tucked away in the same journal entry to remind her that her issue was gone.

I decided that the case here was finished. Though Gertrude had not killed Ophelia, she had, in fact, watched her die and was therefore guilty of Negligent Homicide. She should be put before a jury and tried for such.

-P. Moon

Addendum to the Journal Entry.
Perseus Moon.

My condolences to the Hamlet family. While waiting for Gertrude's trial she was killed in a murder plot by Claudius. By his actions he killed Gertrude, Laertes, and young Hamlet. At the end of it all young Hamlet killed Claudius. May this troubled family find peace in the afterlife.

-P. Moon
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