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Case Journal: A Rose For Emily
As I sat in my office one day I was approached by the chief of police about a case that was very intriguing. It was about a deceased suspect named Emily Grierson who was the primary suspect of a possible homicide. While carrying out my investigation I realized that I had stumbled upon a case like no other that I had ever encountered. The evidence wasn’t easy to come by nor was it a breeze to decipher once I had gathered what I could. The fact that Ms. Grierson was deceased made it much harder to gather information about her mental health. I needed to know whether or not Ms. Grierson would be considered insane or not.
Since there was no possibility of a personal evaluation I started by questioning the townspeople on what they knew about Emily Grierson. After many days of questioning I had a gathered some very useful information. The first thing I was told was that Emily was very reclusive. I also learned that Emily Grierson’s father had passed away some years ago. Instead of immediately accepting this and moving on, Emily entered a severe stage of denial in which she told the women of the town that her father was not dead and proceeded to keep his corpse for 3 days before turning it over for burial. This was the first instance where Emily shows blatant signs of mental illness.
The most convicting discovery came when the decaying remains of Homer Barron were discovered in Emily’s bedroom. Not only were his remains lying on her bed, but there was a gray hair and an indention in the pillow beside him that indicated that Emily had also been laying in that bed. This discovery was obviously very disturbing but it was also very helpful in reaching a diagnosis of Ms. Grierson’s mental state.
After evaluating all of the evidence and hearing stories from the townspeople, I have decided that Emily Grierson was a schizophrenic necrophiliac. Schizophrenia is a mental illness that is characterized by the breakdown of mental processes and a lack of emotional responses. I came to this conclusion after I found out that she had denied the fact that her father had died and that she had slept beside a corpse for years with no sign of remorse Further examination of the evidence led me to believe that there was more to Ms. Grierson’s illness. A necrophiliac is someone who shows a powerful desire to control another romantically. In many cases necrophiliacs have shown a sexual attraction to corpses. Emily displayed these behaviors when she decided to sleep next to Homer Barron’s body for around thirty years. This case was very unique in many ways, starting with the fact that all evidence was associated with deceased people. I have become a much better and more detailed forensic psychologist from my involvement in this particular case and I will never forget this investigation.
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