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Entry #2 - The Greasy Lake
Entry #2

It’s been close to a month since I was given the Emily Grierson case, and after my work was done, I took a bit of a break. Nothing interesting was happening anyways, so I thought a holiday would be nice. My holiday was interrupted before I decided I was finished relaxing. I was sent a letter with details about a very boring case involving an assault, a murder, and attempted rape. The case itself seemed boring, but what really pulled me to it was that L would be there. After the Grierson case, I found this rather..interesting individual. He is known internationally for his detective skills, and we mentioned working together some day.

Well, that day came sooner than I thought. I looked over the already-gathered information about the case, I headed over as soon as possible. L had already beaten me to the scene, which wasn’t surprising. The area was absolutely disgusting, and I now know why it was called “Greasy Lake”. L had already found a few items, including a tooth shard, and a tire iron with a tuft of wadded hair attached to it by dried blood. After asking L a few questions, I was told that three young men had attacked someone by the name of Bobbie and hit him in the head with a tire iron, knocking him unconscious, then proceeded to attempt rape to his female companion that was in his car. The rape was interrupted by more people driving up. This caused the boys to flee.

The authorities also discovered a dead body floating in the lake, which may or may not be the body of someone named Al who had been missing for awhile. After walking around and carefully examining where the items were found, I came up with a hypothesis on how someone may have fled the scene and decided that the lake would be the perfect getaway, so they attempted to swim for their life. I took the evidence of off L’s hands, and by his request, had them sent off for testing. Both were matched to Bobbie, the man who was attacked. After more tedious examinations, I decided that I may need L’s assistance even further. I believe that Al was unrelated to this story, and the boys were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, I have acquired a recording of an interview with Bobbie and his girlfriend from investigators. According to their testimonies, the three boys began roughhousing with Bobbie’s card, possibly mistaking it for someone else’s, and Bobbie stepped out to face his attackers. He managed to fight them off before one picked up a tire iron and struck Bobbie across the head, after which he blacked out. His girlfriend claimed they attempted to rape her after she came out to check on Bobbie, but they were interrupted when more people in cars drove onto the scene. Apparently, one fled into the lake, while the other two took off in separate directions. Al’s motorcycle was also on the scene, undisturbed, and still propped against its kickstand.

Now, instead of one case, I believe that two have accidentally combined into a tragic and confusing story. I think I might look into this a bit more in the future.
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