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Case #4 A Day at the Park
While sitting in my office going over files, I came across an interesting case that is being appealed. According to the file, a man by the name of Peter was in jail for murdering another man named, Jerry. Before he was convicted, Peter was on trial trying to explain the weird and unbelievable events that took place that day. He stated that he was in the park on a bench reading a book on a Sunday. A strange, weary man approached him, and started a deep conversation with him. Peter said at first he was comfortable, not minding Jerry's company, but then he grew very uncomfortable as their conversation progressed. Jerry asked Peter personal and obscene questions about his life. Then he shared personal information about his life, including the fact that he has not bonded with anybody or anything. He continued by telling a disturbing story about poisoning his landlady's dog. Peter said that while Jerry told the degrading story, he disregarded Peter's perplexed facial expressions of disgust and awe. Jerry then sat close, proceeded to tickle him, and then demanded forcefully that he get off the bench. After Peter refused Jerry wanted to fight, he stated. So, Jerry grew angry and tossed him a knife, charged at him, and then impaled himself on the knife. Jerry thanked him and told him to run while he died. After, Peter told how he had went to the police for help, and after telling the events, he was arrested on the spot, because he didn't realize he told them he was holding the knife, even though Jerry threw his body on it. What shocked me was that the evidence confirmed that they were complete strangers.

After finishing up the file, I realized that Peter could be telling the truth and proven innocent, due to the fact that Jerry had signs of a mental illness, which could make him dangerous. First, he started a random conversation with a stranger in a park. He had nonchalant feelings and emotions to Peter's reactions; he also had sexual comments about Peter and his wife sex life, because they didn't conceive a boy, and made jokes about trying to kill a dog. Jerry told a revolting story about trying to kill his landlady's dog, and disregarded Peter's reactions. He also invaded Peter's space. He showed a sign of a rare neurological symptom called witzelsucht, which caused him to make puns, or tell inappropriate jokes or pointless stories in socially inappropriate situations, like the park. People with this do not understand that their behavior is unnatural, therefore are nonresponsive to others' reactions. He also showed signs of borderline personality disorder. A person with this disorder can form an intense personal attachment with someone only to quickly dissolve it over a fight. He started a conversation with Peter, and became aggressive, pushed him, then tried to fight. People with this disorder often commit self mutilation and suicidal gestures, which would prove Peter's story about Jerry driving his body into the knife true. People with this disorder, also are unstable in several areas, including interpersonal relationships, behavior, mood, and self-image. Jerry's action has showed that he has many of these symptoms and can most likely be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I feel that he was a lonely man due to the fact that the only people he knew had passed, and with his problem not being able to form a relationship with somebody, it affected the way he could confide in Peter, somebody that made him feel comfortable, for the first time.
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