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Case #27641: Greasy Lake
Its 4 o’clock in the morning here in Jacksonville, Alabama. I have just received an urgent call from the police to investigate a crime scene. Two girls had called the authorities when they discovered a dead body in Greasy Lake. They claimed the dead man was a friend of theirs named Al.

Upon pulling up to the scene I notice that there is a medley assortment of fragments from an unknown vehicle. There is also a chopper but it was undamaged, suggesting that there was a suspect on the loose. I begin by taking detailed notes of my surroundings.

Aside from the vehicle parts on the ground, I also see a tire iron. I collect it as evidence. There are several footprints; I use a ruler for measurement and photograph the different size prints as evidence. There is only one set of prints from the chopper to Greasy Lake where the body was found. I estimate that the body has been in the water for less than 24 hours. After examining the body and failing to see any obvious fatality marks, I send the body to the lab for a full autopsy.

In the lab I discovered that the tire iron has a set of unidentified fingerprints and some hair follicles. Neither of these are a match to the victim which rules out the tire iron as the murder weapon. There were no signs of trauma to the outside of the body, but there were marks on his forearm that suggested drugs were used. After running a toxic report, the results proved that the man had high levels of alcohol and drugs in his system. Also, the autopsy report revealed that the deceased had no water in his lungs.

The two girls who called the police after finding Al, admitted to the use of drugs and alcohol that night. They also said that Al was a heavy drinker and that he had also used drugs on that night. I believe that this man died of an overdose. The lack of water in his lungs prove that he did not drown. The set of footprints from his chopper to the lake indicate that he was alone when he fell into the water, suggesting that this was not a murder. The use of drugs, mixed with alcohol was too much for his body. He overdosed and then collapsed into Greasy Lake.
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Case #13564
Aggravated Assault, Attempted Rape, Possible Murder
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 10/04/1992
Case Reopened: 02/12/2014

Today is a day that I didn’t want to deal with. These cases can be the hardest to work with. A case that happened 20 years ago is a little more difficult to work with, due to a lack of fresh evidence. But it is my job to unearth that new evidence. I began looking at the current case. There were three teens, three adults, and three victims. The teens were all charged with aggravated assault as well as murder. Jeff Hardwell was sentenced to life with no parole, Jacob Duey was sentenced to 48 years with no parole, and one teen named Digby Jones was let off with a slap on the wrist due to his parents being wealthy. Jacob Duey, the youngest of the teenagers, has filed for an appeal. At 47 years old, he is still fighting to be free. I re-opened the case to figure out, with our new technology, what really happened.

I decided to retrace the kid’s steps up the mountain. I took a sample kit with me, along with a written version of his testimony, and a shovel. The crime occurred at Wakan Lake, otherwise referred to as, “Greasy Lake” by the young residents. The teens drove the vehicle belonging to Jacob Duey’s mother. It was a 1975 Chevy Bel-Air. I parked in the exact same place that was recorded by the detectives 20 years ago. According to Jeff, they pulled up to a vehicle that was already parked there, thinking the vehicle belonged to someone they knew. The vehicle was later identified as Michael Cortone’s blue 1957 Chevy. Michael was fooling around with his girlfriend in the backseat when three people he didn’t know started to honk, scream, and hit on his vehicle. He was justifiably upset and exited his vehicle.

He began to fight with the teenagers. Jacob Duey said he had lost the keys when he exited his vehicle so they were not able to escape. I noticed that, in fact, the grass does grow tall here and it would be quite easy to lose something. Jacob reached into the vehicle and grabbed a tire iron to defend himself. He hit Michael on the head with a very hard blow. Michael was knocked out, but at this point, the teens assumed he was dead.

I decided to leave the area as there wasn’t much more I could decipher here. I needed to go to the coroner’s office and see if the office still had the DNA records of Alan Wake. When the scene of the crime was investigated, there was a dead body near a motorcycle in the shallow area of the lake. The teens were found with nylon underneath their fingers. The girl that Michael was with had her clothes ripped off by the boys. They attempted to rape the girl while in a haze of violence.

A few adults showed up at Wakan Lake and scared the teenagers into the woods. The unidentified adults then destroyed Jacob’s mother’s vehicle. The adults never turned themselves in to face charges of vandalism. Michael ended up having a major concussion, but made a full recovery later. The girl immediately called 9-1-1 to report the teens had attempted to rape her. The teens were picked up within 2 hours of the call. I went to the coroner’s office and requested a DNA test using the blood that had been taken from Alan Wake’s clothing. Upon running the sample through the database at the department, I found that it did not match Jacob Duey’s DNA. I had discovered a new suspect. The sample actually matched a man named Jonathon Watkins. I was able to utilize new technology that had not been available when the crime was committed. Alan had died from a .38 caliber bullet. I decided to get a search warrant for Jonathan Watkin’s home. When we searched his house, a gun was found that still had traces of Alan Wake’s blood on it. The evidence was clear and it was determined that Jonathan Watkins had killed Alan Wake.

I was able to conclude that while the teens may not have committed murder, they did deserve time for aggravated assault and attempted rape. I will bring this report to the judge in hopes that he will grant an appeal for Jacob Duey. He and his friends did not kill this man.
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Notes on the "Greasy Lake" case
Detective L’s notes on the “Greasy Lake” case

An old case was brought to my attention earlier. A man, he looked to be in his late fifties, came in wanting to talk about an incident that occurred at Greasy Lake a long time ago. He told us that this incident could have something to do with the missing Al case. This case dates back to the late 60s. It was a missing persons case for a man named Al. The old man came in and told us his story. He tells us about the experience he and his companions, Jeff and Digby, had forty years ago with a “greasy” character. Even though this old man tells us of this dangerous character, the man is only as reliable as his story goes. We also have to take the the fact that he’s an old man under consideration. For all we know he could’ve been just another senile old man telling a story. The man believed that the dangerous character was probably the one who killed Al. This would mean that the case would no longer be a missing persons case, but something a little more. I decided to go out of my way to test his reliability. I believed that he may be telling the truth; however, as a detective I must question him still. I believed his story for the most part because of the sincerity in his voice and the shear fact that it would be difficult to come up with a story like this one.

According to previous documents, this missing persons case occurred in the 60s, which was forty years ago. This was indeed an old case and a pretty mundane one at that. The 60s were a time when incidents like this one were quite frequent, and with this fact not many detectives bother to take cases like this one. I on the other hand believe that even mundane cases have something interesting to tell and are necessary to solve.

For this case I took the man’s story into consideration. I listened to the story again and made sure I had everything written down in detail. I decided to travel with a couple of detectives to the crime scene, so that I can put his reliability to the test. I planned on acting out the scene as if I was the man who was there forty years ago. I believed that if the story was true, then the scene would have something left over from that night that could confirm the old man’s reliability. The other detectives thought I was nuts and laughed at my methods. They believed that there was no way I could get anywhere with this. I soon proved to them that my unorthodox methods would work.

The old man mentioned that he and his friends were out partying and decided to hang out at Greasy Lake. There they discovered a parked Chevy that looked similar to their friend Tony Lovette’s car. After attempting to goof off with Tony they realized it wasn’t him at all. This is the scene that I began to act out in an attempt to reenact the old man’s supposed claims. and find the evidence to prove his reliability.

I began with where the man said he and his friends were originally parked. According to the old man, he drove into the dirt lot of Greasy Lake, stabbed at the brake pedal, and then nosed up to the bumper of a mint, metallic blue ‘57 Chevy. I leaped as if I was drunkenly getting out of a car and looked towards where the Chevy would be. Then I vaulted back as if taking an upward blow. After doing so I decided to take a look about the ground where I landed. After doing so I spotted what could be a piece of a tooth. After remembering the old man mention his favorite tooth being chipped during the conflict, I decided to bag it for evidence.

I continued to play out the conflict while discussing it with the other detectives, who were still cracking jokes. I began searching the ground as if looking for the keys the old man said he dropped after getting out of his mother’s Bel Air. The old man mentioned that he took another three or four blows in the buttoks and the coccyx. After this I stood up and looked towards where the bad character should be struggling with Jeff and Digby. I get up and walk back to where the Bel Air should be and reach under the driver’s seat. The old man mentioned that this was where he kept a tire iron. I grabbed an invisible tire iron and swung downwards as if striking down across the opponent’s ear.

The old man said that after he struck the man he felt as if he had killed him. After this, he dropped the tire iron in the dirt. I decided to look around in the dirt close to where I was standing. After searching around for a few minutes I stood up and held up a tuft of hair so that the other detectives could see. They looked at it with confusing faces and questioned the importance of a little fuzz. I told them that it was hair and not fuzz and shown them where there was dried up blood connecting the strands of hair together. The hair was embedded within the dirt much like the piece of tooth. I bagged this for evidence like I did with the tooth shard.

I began discussing with the other detectives the rest of the story. The old man confessed that, after a girl had gotten out of the Chevy, he and his friends attempted to rape her. However, they didn’t get too far due to another vehicle having pulled into the dirt lot. According to the old man, he and his friends first darted to the car, but then darted for the woods in different directions.

While talking to the other detectives another vehicle pulled up close by. Lucie Kingsleigh, a CSI agent that I had recently become acquainted with, stepped out of the vehicle. I decided to take a break from my investigation and chat with Miss Kingsleigh. Apparently she was reviewing the same case that I was. I decided to show her my current findings and discuss the case with her. I told her what the old man told me, and she agreed with my thesis. After hearing the story she deducted what direction the old man took when fleeing into the woods based on his descriptions. After discussing the case further I decided to let Miss Kingsleigh carry the evidence I found so far to a forensics lab. She stated that she would meet with me later to hand me a copy of her results.

I took Miss Kingsleigh’s deduction into consideration. When the old man pulled up he could see a chopper leaned up against its kickstand on the far side of the parking lot. When the old man said he ran, he mentioned that he darted past the chopper and headed into the feculent undergrowth at the lake’s edge. Miss Kingsleigh stated that he must have ran across the parking lot in order to pass the chopper before going into the woods. She also stated that if he decided to hide in the woods, like he mentioned, then he would have to hide in a thick clot of woods on the far side.

I decided to run across the parking lot and attempted to head in the direction the old man went before. The old man stated that he had gotten far enough for the water to lap at his waist, so I needed to go the same distance. I could see something sort of floating in a spot that you would normally ignore. I decided to go and see what it was. It could have been a log, it could have been the aforementioned body, it could have been anything. As I began moving I felt something hard but sort of flexible at the base of my feet. I decided to go under and grab whatever it was. When I came up I discovered it was a sneaker. Then I remembered that the old man mentioned he lost his sneakers in the lake. This find was yet another piece of evidence to add to the case. After this, I decided to go and see what it was I saw floating earlier. When I got close enough to grab hold of the object, I quickly learned that the floating mass was skeletal remains. They were vastly decayed and covered in muck and slime. I called for the other two detectives and got them to carry the corpse for me.

After we got back to where I started acting out the scene that was described to me, I began reviewing more of what I was told.The old man mentioned that the other car that was there after they fled was a Trans-Am. He watched the bad character trash his mother’s Bel Air, along with two blond guys in fraternity jackets. He stated that one of them had thrown bottles, rocks, muck, candy wrappers, used condoms, pop tops, and other refuse through the window on the driver’s side.

The old man mentioned that the woman called to the greasy character and told him to come on. The woman called the man Bobbie. So thinking back, we now have a name for the old man’s opponent. After taking one swing at the left tail light of the Bel Air, Bobbie heaved the tire iron halfway across the lake.

I decided to see if I could find this tire iron. I was already wet, so going for another dive would not have hurt me. Based on the description of the man hitting the left tail light, he had to be at the front of the Bel Air or to the left of the Bel Air. This told me the most probable direction for the tire iron to be tossed. After this I deducted the possible distance it could have traveled before hitting the lake.

After considering the tire iron’s possible location, I dove into the water and swam for the middle of the lake. After swimming around and searching for a couple of hours I managed to find a tire iron. After looking at it carefully, I noticed that a still a single strand of hair was attached to the crook of the iron. I got out of the water, bagged the evidence, and set it next to the shoe. By this time, the other detectives had the bones in a bag and set in the back of the vehicle.
When I decided to go for a swim, I had the other two detectives search around where the Bel Air should have been set. When I came back they showed what all they found. The detectives found a few shards of glass on the ground, an old dried up used condom that was covered in dirt, and a couple of old plastic bottles that were also covered in dirt.

I reviewed the remainder of what the old man told me. When he and his friends started to leave in the now destroyed Bel Air, a Mustang pulled up to the chopper. Two girls were looking for a man named Al. when one of the girls came over to ask them, the old man said that he told them that they haven’t seen anybody. After this the old man said that he and his friends left and went home.

I decided it was time for me to go to the detective agency. First I told the other detectives to go and have an autopsy done on the remains.Then I went to the forensic department to have some of the evidence I gathered looked at.

The reason I bothered to check the tire iron for for fingerprints even though it has been set in the water for so many years is simple. With the tire iron setting at the bottom of the lake and the mud covering it, the fingerprints have a possibility of still being present.The forensic scientist managed to have found two sets of fingerprints on the tire iron. One set matched the old man’s and the other set matched a man named Bobbie.

After this, I met with Miss Kingsleigh to get a copy of the results from the forensic study of the evidence I let her use. Then I connected all the pieces of the investigation together. The DNA from the hair matched Bobbie’s DNA, and the DNA from the tooth shard matched the old man’s DNA. This again connects their presence at Greasy lake. The existence of the lost sneaker, the tire iron, the tooth shard, the hair, and random refuse confirmed the old man’s story to be true.

After the autopsy was finished, the body was confirmed to be Al’s. The missing persons case was now a homicide case. We couldn’t connect any of the activity described by the old man to the actual murder of Al. This means that in order to find the actual murderer, we would have to go on another investigation.

This time I did not solve the case, but I did, however, reform the case itself. It was once a missing persons case and now, with the discovery of a body, it is a homicide case. I am going to postpone any more investigating for now and put the newly updated case back up. Hopefully new evidence with another route of investigation can be found in order to completely solve the case.
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Greasy Lake

Early one morning, I got a call at about 5am about a possible homicide. I remember quickly jumping out of my bed and rushing to put my clothes on. The officers who gave me the call about the murder told me that the crime scene was a local teenage spot on the outskirts of town called Greasy Lake. As I approached Greasy Lake, I noticed tire tracks and old Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The police officers on the scene then directed me towards the body that was apparently found in the muck of the swamp water. The victim was a rather bloated white male who was in his upper twenties. As I further examined the dead body, I noticed a big red bruise on the side of his head. It looked as if somebody assaulted him with a large weapon. I remember thinking that the big red bruise on the victims head could’ve been the cause of death. After I studied the victim’s body for a couple more minutes, I then approached the witness who notified the police of the dead body. The witness claimed that the victim was known around the town as Al. The witness stated that she and her boyfriend were just hanging out by the Greasy Lake, and suddenly 3 teenage boys began to harass them. She told me that one of the teenagers was about 5’10 with blonde hair and freckles. She had a very hard time trying to describe the other two teens, but all she could remember is that they were either 5’7 or 5’8 and they both had brown hair. The witness began to tell us her boyfriend got out of the car to see what was going on, then him and the boys started arguing. She then told us that her boyfriend was struck with a large weapon one of the teenagers was yielding which looked like a tire iron. The 3 boys then tried to physically engage the witness, but before anything could happen another car entered the parking lot. The witness claimed that the three boys quickly dashed into the swamp and she ran in a different direction. The witness tells me she hid near some bushes beside a flock of weeds growing outside Greasy Lake. She noticed her boyfriend gaining consciousness back so she ran over to help him get back in his car. She also said her boyfriend trashed the car where the 3 teenagers arrived in before they left Greasy Lake. The witness also stated the car was a red Chevy Bel-Air. After speaking with our only witness, I went back over to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle to examine it for fingerprints. The only fingerprints I could find only matched with the victim. I remember the witness saying that her boyfriend trashed the teenaged boy’s car, so I told officers to go to every auto body shop in the town to see if they could find the damaged vehicle. A couple days passed by and I finally made a breakthrough in the case. Police officers gave me a call about the auto body shop where the damaged Chevy Bel-Air was being fixed at. I then went to the shop and spoke with the mechanic. The mechanic showed me the damaged car and as I examined over the car I came across the license plate. After I ran the license plate numbers into my computer, I was able to find out the owner of the car and their address. I ran the address into my GPS and before I knew it, I was on my way to the house of one of the teenaged boys. As I arrived to one of the teenaged boy’s house, I seen the blonde haired boy our witness described. A couple officers then ran over and surprised the blonde haired boy and put him in handcuffs. I went over and began talking to the boy about what happened at Greasy Lake a couple nights ago. The blonde haired boy explained to me that he and his friends though the car where our witness and her boyfriend were in had belonged to a friend of theirs and them though their friend were in the car. I then questioned him about the death of Al, and he responded by saying that when him and the other two boys were leaving, they saw Al pulling up to Greasy Lake alone. I then started to believe that three teenaged boys didn’t have anything to do with the death of Al, but they played a role in assault of our witness and her boyfriend. I ended up charging all the teenage boys with assault and battery. I am still to this day trying to figure out what caused the death of Al. This case is still open for investigation.
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Dead at Greasy Lake

The case we decided to open is the case, “Greasy Lake.” This is the case of some teenagers guys, these guys were so called bad guys. They loved to hang out and drink. On a certain night they decided that they were going to greasy lake to drink and have a good time. This case was years ago but it was said to never solved. So I decided to reopen it back up. This was a mystery case that was never solved. As I read over the case is starts as three teenagers approached a car that they thought it was friend that they know and started to mess with the car. The man that they thought was their friend got out the car very angry and started attacking the boys. One of boys during the fight got a tire iron and knocked the man unconscious. Then the boys saw a very attractive lady and started to rape her. All of sudden another car lights scared the boys and they run different ways. One of the boys ran into the swamp and there it was the body of a dead man. Since the body was found in a swamp it was hard to find DNA on it. At the crime scene there were a total of six car tracks and the spot that the body on the unconscious man. The first thing that I decided to do is make sure that the teenager boys were not part of the murder. As I was walking to the swamp lake i saw a bag with something in it, as I picked up the bag is was a gun. I thought that the dead man was shot and put in the lake. So I sent the gun to be tested for DNA and DNA came back that it was the fingerprints of the best friend of the dead man. So too declare that the murderer was the best friend I had to find some information on the friend. So I went to the friends that came that morning looking for the dead guy. Come to find out that the night that he went missing they got into a big fight and they both were last seen together. His friend died a year ago so it will not be an arrest. So I declared that the best friend is the murder because of the DNA, the fight and that they were last seen together. CASE CLOSED.

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