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The Case of the Missing Fortunato
Detective L's Case Notes

I have recently decided to drag down an old case in order to attempt to solve it. This case was brought to my attention after a few people who were present at the crime scene had given the department a call. The incident occurred almost half a century ago, so the department was skeptical of the witnesses’ claims.

The case was “The Missing Fortunato.” Fortunato was a supposed wine expert who disappeared during carnival season. The witnesses claimed to have been present during the time Fortunato went missing many years ago. They also claimed Fortunato had left with a man named Montresor and neither man returned to the carnival. After reviewing the case I realized there may actually be some truth to their story.

I decided that the case was indeed old and that I may need help solving it. Therefore, I consulted with two fellow Cold-case detectives. These detectives were Perseus Moon and Lucus Aang.

After the three of us did research on the names Fortunato and Montresor, we had discovered a few commonalities between the two men. They both were accounted for at the carnival and both had left around the same time. The men were both wealthy and had been known to be at odds with each other.

The man known as Montresor is no longer alive and had passed away some time ago. Due to this fact, it was easier to gain permission to see his home. We gained blueprints to his home and we searched for anything that would seem “off.”

After thorough investigation we discovered traces of nitre, which is a mineral normally found in caves, crypts, and vaults. There were no caves within a twenty mile radius; therefore, it had to be a vault, a crypt, or some other kind of underground tunnel.

With the new discovery we began searching for any kind of “secret entrance.” We eventually discovered the entrance to Montresor’s vaults. We decided to give it a look and traversed the vaults. We took note of the crypts, which were most likely the deceased Montresor family.

After traversing the vaults for a long period of time, we came across a crypt where there were bones lined up along the four walls. I noticed that the bones along the fourth wall seemed to be a little off. After consulting with the other detectives, we decided that these bones were tampered with more recently than the others.

Following this “clue” we began observing the wall. We moved the bones and noticed a slight change in the masonry of the wall. After careful consideration we left and returned later with someone who could tear down the wall.

When the wall was cleared we discovered the decayed body of a “jester,” complete with a cone cap with bells. The body looked as if it could have been decaying for fifty or more years. We could see that the body was chained to a stone.

After an autopsy was performed, the skeleton was confirmed to be Fortunato’s body. There was no physical damage to the skeleton, and there were only a few signs of struggle based on this. Any bruising, cuts or gashes would have disappeared with the decay. Due to the possibility of damage that did not involve the bones, there is no way to really tell if the victim put up much of a fight. The doctors believe there could be any number of causes for the death. The cause could have been suffocation, starvation, dehydration, or even poisoned lungs from the nitre around the crypt. Due to the fact that the body has decayed to such a point, the exact cause could not be determined. The best and only real way to describe the death of Fortunato is death by burial. Fortunato was buried alive and he had no way of escape.

Connecting all the pieces together, we can only assume Montresor had led Fortunato to the crypts and sealed him in the small recess of the fourth wall. Even though Montresor seems to be the right criminal, there are still fragments missing and questions unanswered. Why did they dislike each other so much? What did Fortunato do to deserve Montresor’s wrath? Were they the only ones involved?

I believe that what we learned about this case so far, is all we can learn for now. The case will be closed; although, anything can cause the case to be reopened. Maybe in the future, the questions that could not be answered, will be answered.
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