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Case #15892; A Rose for Emily
One night while sitting in my home, I decided to reopen a cold case and to just look over it with a fresh perspective. This case was about an older lady, Emily Greirson, who was a suspect in a missing person/homicide case. During the initial investigation there wasn't much evidence to collect and they couldn't collect Ms. Grierson's statement because she was deceased. The only known facts of Ms. Grierson is that she was a recluse(shying away from public), her father passed away and her former fiancee(possible murder victim hasn't been seen in quite a few years, and that mental illness ran in her family. With Ms. Grierson being deceased the former investigators had no other knowledge of her mental state.

Once I reopened the case, I decided to ask around town to inquire if anyone remembered what happened the day she passed. Needless to say nobody knew much because as I stated previously she was a recluse. But, what I did find out was strange, according to other towns people when Ms. Grierson's father passed away she decided to lie to the authorities about his death and keep his body for three days before turning him over. When I heard this, I was shocked mainly because this was not stated in the original statements. Also, on an unrelated lopic some witnesses state they saw Ms. Grierson buying arsenic at a local hardware store.

When Ms. Grierson passed away, they held her funeral in her house unaware of what they might find. While looking around her house, some towns people came across a startling discovery, the remains of Homer Barron, the former fiancee of Ms. Grierson. The remains were discovered in her bedroom lying on one side of the bed. As if that wasn't bad enough, there was an indent on the pillow beside him, with a gray hair lying on it. Of course, your first thought would be that Emily was laying next to his remains. After stumbling upon this, I remembered what a couple witnesses had told me about the arsenic that she purchased. So I started putting two and two together. With that discovery, I sent a sample of Mr. Homer's hair to the lab to run a test to see if he had been poisoned..still waiting on his lab results.
Also, his TOD(time of death) had been put at the time frame of his disappearance, coincidence I THINK not.

My investigation is currently on hold until I get the lab results back of the hair sample, arsenic, and autopsy reports.
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Case #123564 Missing Fortunato

We were looking into the case of the missing Fortunato many years ago. This case was brought back up when one of the witnesses decided to come to the department. This witness decided to come to the police many years later because they thought it was time to tell us who was with Fortunato the day Fortunato went missing. The witness saw Fortunato talking to someone and Fortunato became very happy and they both left together. The witness detailed this suspect could have been and looked like Montresor. So we decided to look deep into this investigation and found out that Montresor was a millionaire that lives in the area, and on that day Montresor and Fortunato were both spotted walking to his mansion together. We found out from our witness that Montresor did not like Fortunato, so that could be a reason why Montresor could have killed Fortunato. They both were seen together at the carnival and they left together at the same time. In our evidence we discovered that when Fortunato went missing Montresor had not been seen for awhile. We needed more evidence like clothing, blood, DNA, etc. We needed to get into Montresor’s mansion, but that would not be a problem because he died years ago. In his mansion we found some clothing and traces of what is possible granite, but we searched areas within 20 miles like caves or anything but nothing was found. In order to declare what happen in this case and what happen to Fortunato I had to have probable cause in order to solve this case. If Montresor killed Fortunato, we had to find everything we can know about Montresor, like what kind person he was and if he liked Fortunato or not and why? We searched and got every piece of evidence we could find in the mansion that would help solve the case. Everything we found that could by any chance help we sent it to the crime lab to see if we could find any kind of samples of DNA, hair fragment, etc. We did one more look in the mansion and what we found was a trap room behind the walls in the mansion. In there were samples of granite, so we took the granite sample to the lab to be tested. The test back as the same granite was found on the clothing of Montresor. As we looked in the room we found bone fragments that looked like someone was trapped and chained in the room for a very long time. We took the bone fragments to get tested and it came back that the body was Fortunato. Evidence shows that Fortunato was trapped and chained to the walls in the room for a very long time and this shows that Montresor was the killer and responsible for the missing Fortunato.

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Case #13563. Missing Persons: Fortunato Poe.
Case #13563
Missing Persons - Fortunato Poe
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 10/04/1953
Case Reopened: 02/02/2014

I decided to revisit a case that has not been opened in a while. I began looking into the missing Fortunato incident that occurred more than fifty years ago. The case was brought back to my attention after a witness to the crime came to the department. They mentioned that they finally had the nerve to tell the department who they saw Fortunato walking with many years ago. The witness described the man talking to Fortunato, which made Fortunato’s face glow with excitement and walk with the man south east towards the edge of town.

The witness claimed that the suspect may have been Montresor. He said it had been many years, but would recognize that face. After some research I discovered that Montresor was a millionaire living in the area. The witness stated that Fortunato and Montresor had both had been at the carnival together that evening and when Fortunato ultimately disappeared, Montresor was gone for a short period as well. I discovered that there had been a fair amount of angst against each other through a few newspaper clippings. Neither person liked each other.

Montresor had passed away three years ago, so obtaining a search warrant wasn’t much of an issue. I sent a couple pairs of his shoes to the lab, and when they returned I noticed a large amount of granite on every article of clothing. I was curious as to where he was in this small town that would have so much rock. I figured maybe there was a cave or something nearby. When I discovered there were no caves within a 20 mile radius, I was curious if there was a tunnel system underneath his residence.

I consulted the blueprints of his old victorian home and saw that nothing showed up except for a closet that was small and had no entrance or exit to beneath the house. The blueprints showed the closet in the foyer of the house. When I went to the house, I noticed a large bookshelf covering a large section of wall. I noticed that without a fair amount of help I would not be able to move this monstrous bookshelf on my own. I decided I would call it a day and come back tomorrow.

I reviewed the evidence I had collected so far. I now know that according to an eyewitness Fortunato had walked with Montresor south east, by re-tracing his possible steps we concluded that it must be to his mansion. I also concluded from old acquaintances and journals, these men were individuals who did not like each other, but looked like they did on the outside. I woke up the next morning early and asked a few people from the department to help me move the bookshelf. We forcefully pushed it to the left side and saw that it was a large hallway to what looked like catacombs. As I walked a few hundred feet down it became clear this long stretch of hallway was a wine cellar.

I continued down farther as the air became more musty and stale. It was clear that this area had not been touched in over fifty years. I reached the end of the hallway where it rounded out into an open space. I noticed that a stretch of wall was of a different color brick than the rest of the cellar. Parts of the wall had actually fallen out due to age, and when I kicked the remainder of the wall in, low and behold I found skeletal remains at the floor, and chains hanging from the ceiling. I brought my team back and we documented every angle with a picture, put down evidence markers, and I made sure to keep a note of everything we discovered.

When we DNA tested the remains, it came back 100% as Fortunato. When we sent off the chains, they had in fact been old when Montresor used them and in the process he cut himself. The blood on the chains indicated that it had in fact been Montresor who killed Fortunato. The scene played out that he lured him down to the cellar for some reason, knocked him out with a blunt object, and then chained him up to die alone and in the dark. While we can not punish the man who did this, there will be a special place in hell for him. At least we could give the Fortunato family just a small amount of closure.
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