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Entry #1 - Miss Emily Grierson
Entry #1

Recently I was given the case of Miss Emily Grierson, a seemingly harmless elderly woman who had quite a bit of attention directed at her. I reviewed this case carefully, and here are my findings:

-Miss Grierson refused to pay her taxes, and also refused to give up her father’s body after his passing. This caused her neighbors and fellow townspeople to look at her with cautious eyes. At one point, the scent of something deceased and rotting was emitting from her property. Instead of investigating or confronting her, the mayor and other townspeople simply snuck onto the property and scattered lime in order to cover the scent.
I believe that if they would have confronted her and investigated the property properly, they would have wrapped this case up before it got any worse. That was their first mistake.

-Miss Grierson went to town one day and stopped by the druggist, asking to purchase arsenic. When asked what it was for, she merely said it was “for rats”. Instead of believing that she was planning to kill rats, or someone else, her neighbors believed she would kill herself. Yet no one came to visit her? No one checked on her? The town apparently loved talking behind Miss Grierson’s back, and showed a bit of concern, but never acted on it. There was an attempt to get relatives of Miss Grierson’s to come from Alabama for an extended stay with her, but nothing peculiar was discovered during the visit. Mistake number two.

-Over some time, a Mister Homer Barron came to town and became Miss Grierson’s lover. He came and went as he pleased, but eventually the rumor was started that they were married after Miss Grierson purchased a man’s outfit and an engraved silver toilet set. After the purchases, Mr. Barron stepped foot in the house and was never seen again, yet no one dared to investigate. That was mistake number three for them.

-Miss Grierson eventually came out of her house, but Mr. Barron was nowhere to be seen. At this time, Miss Grierson was grey-headed and elderly. Her doors were still open for china painting lessons up until her death at age seventy-four.
-At the service, her body is laid out in the parlor. The townspeople who attended notice that her upstairs room had been closed off, and they decide to open it up out of curiosity. Inside, they find items laid out for an upcoming wedding, and a men’s suit. Also, the body of Homer Barron is stretched out on the bed, in an advanced state of decay. Next to his body is the indention of a head on the pillow, with a strand of Miss Grierson’s grey hair resting upon it.

After reviewing the evidence multiple times, many key points stand out to me. She was very reluctant to give up her father’s body, claiming he was still alive. She also slept in the same bed as the body of her lover, no matter how badly the body decayed. She feared being alone, and seemed to enjoy having the corpses with her instead of living people. With that, I have come to the conclusion that Miss Grierson was a necrophiliac. A necrophiliac, to my understanding, is someone who has a sexual attraction to corpses. With further research, I have began to understand the term further. Necrophiliacs seem to desire a non-resisting and non-rejecting partner, and seem to usually be isolated and have low self-esteem. Also, they may wish to gain more self-esteem by expressing power in killing someone and keeping them around. The gossip from the townspeople did not help her, seeing as it made her feel as if she could not leave her house as often as she liked. She was indeed, to my understanding, a necrophiliac. Honestly, I think that if the townspeople would have investigated the smell to begin with, this case would not have been dragged out for as long as it had been.
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