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Entry #3 - Trifles
Entry #3

Only a week or so after the “Greasy Lake” case, I was given the case of Mr. and Mrs. Wright. I normally don’t take “uninteresting” cases, especially since I have been on a roll lately with odd investigations. I have even made a few friends and potential work partners in the process. I decided to take a small vacation between cases, but my most recent one was interrupted by this particular case. Terribly bored, I decided to carry on with it.
I arrived on the scene at a very quaint, old house. Obviously it was owned by someone a good bit past forty years old. After questioning a few officers that beat me to the area, I learned that Mr. Wright had been hanged in his own bed, while his wife slept soundly beside him during the act. Obviously, that sounds very suspicious. Apparently, from what the case file read, a bird was found dead in a small, decorated box. Its neck had been wrung, which seemed very strange as well.
A few psychologists were discussing details about Mrs. Wright, and apparently she was unaffected by the fact that she was most likely going to be tried for murder. She was more concerned with her fruit preserves. I admit, I may have listened in on a few conversations between the psychologists and some investigators. I learned a few key facts from them.
After questioning a psychologist or two, I learned that Mrs. Wright was unhappy with her marriage. They questioned a few people who happened to be the children of Mrs. Wright’s neighbors. Before marrying Mr. Wright, she used to laugh and sing, and she was a naturally gleeful person. Afterwards, everything turned rocky when he began smothering her with attention. He wouldn’t let her be her own person, thus practically suffocating her. I believe that he may have killed the bird as well, seeing as she held it dear to her during her marriage. After witnessing the death of the bird, she may have come to the realization that she was also being ‘choked’ in a way by Mr. Wright. Then, instead of simply leaving him, she decided to end his life. I personally thought that was a bit harsh.
With that being said, I believe she is fully responsible for Mr. Wright’s death, but may not have been in her right mind. When I went back to my office, I immediately called L. I had a feeling that even if he wasn’t on the case, he would know something about it. Luckily, he was investigating Mrs. Wright as well. From him, I gathered that somehow in the night, Mrs. Wright slipped a rope around her husband’s neck while he was sleeping, and while he struggled, she pulled it tighter to avoid a conflict. Her DNA was all over the rope, so she didn’t take the precaution to wear gloves of any sort to mask the prints. He and I both believe that before they went to bed, she confronted him about the bird and he said or did something to cause her to take extreme action. We also both agree she wasn’t in her right mind, and are certain that it was not a pre-existing condition.
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