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Dead at Greasy Lake

The case we decided to open is the case, “Greasy Lake.” This is the case of some teenagers guys, these guys were so called bad guys. They loved to hang out and drink. On a certain night they decided that they were going to greasy lake to drink and have a good time. This case was years ago but it was said to never solved. So I decided to reopen it back up. This was a mystery case that was never solved. As I read over the case is starts as three teenagers approached a car that they thought it was friend that they know and started to mess with the car. The man that they thought was their friend got out the car very angry and started attacking the boys. One of boys during the fight got a tire iron and knocked the man unconscious. Then the boys saw a very attractive lady and started to rape her. All of sudden another car lights scared the boys and they run different ways. One of the boys ran into the swamp and there it was the body of a dead man. Since the body was found in a swamp it was hard to find DNA on it. At the crime scene there were a total of six car tracks and the spot that the body on the unconscious man. The first thing that I decided to do is make sure that the teenager boys were not part of the murder. As I was walking to the swamp lake i saw a bag with something in it, as I picked up the bag is was a gun. I thought that the dead man was shot and put in the lake. So I sent the gun to be tested for DNA and DNA came back that it was the fingerprints of the best friend of the dead man. So too declare that the murderer was the best friend I had to find some information on the friend. So I went to the friends that came that morning looking for the dead guy. Come to find out that the night that he went missing they got into a big fight and they both were last seen together. His friend died a year ago so it will not be an arrest. So I declared that the best friend is the murder because of the DNA, the fight and that they were last seen together. CASE CLOSED.

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