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Headline News
The Death of a King
By Clark Kent
March 3, 2014
DENMARK-- It is official; King Hamlet of Denmark has perished and the throne is now empty. Rumor has it that he was sleeping on a bench in his garden when he died. It appears that he died of natural causes. Denmark is in a state of grief, especially Queen Gertrude and Prince Hamlet. However the question still remains, will Prince Hamlet become the king of Denmark? Further reports to come…

Celebration in Denmark

By Clark Kent
March 27, 2014
DENMARK— It has been nearly a month since the death of King Hamlet and the country is moving on. Denmark has been quite the busy country since his death. It has been announced, today, that Queen Gertrude will be marrying King Hamlet’s brother, Claudius. After the Wedding, Claudius will be pronounced King of Denmark. Furthermore, Prince Hamlet doesn’t seem to be too pleased about this, considering that he is still grieving over the death of his father.

Insane or Swirling Emotions?
By Clark Kent

March 29, 2014
DENMARK—After everything that has been happening in Denmark, the death of King Hamlet, the marriage of Queen Gertrude to Claudius, and Claudius becoming king, it appears to have made Prince Hamlet insane. If not insane, then these events have majorly swirled his emotions up. It must be hard for someone to deal with a father’s death and then his mother marrying his father’s brother. Hamlet is, for sure, still in a time a grief. Regardless of the case, hopefully Hamlet will heal soon.

A Mess in the Theater
By Clark Kent
April 1, 2014
DENMARK--A major play production for Hamlet was interrupted for unknown reasons. It is a known fact that the prince loves plays. Both his mother and uncle thought that it would be an exceptional idea to hire a cast to perform for Hamlet, to try and cheer him up. However, during the performance, the play was interrupted by the king, who ordered the play to be stopped for unknown reasons. After the play was stopped, he immediately stormed out of the theater, leaving the audience in confusion.

Murder in the Palace?

Clark Kent
April 7, 2014
DENMARK--Polonius, the king’s right hand man was shot yesterday afternoon. According to the queen, Polonius was in her closet spying and her conversation with Hamlet. Hamlet has been acting insane for the last week or so and the queen says that the reason he was eavesdropping was to find out exactly what is wrong with Hamlet. It is reported that while Hamlet and Gertrude were talking, the situation got a little heated. This then led to Gertrude calling for help. Since Polonius was just behind the closet door, Hamlet heard when he made a noise. Out of insanity, Hamlet pulled a handgun out of his belt and shot the door, killing Polonius. The queen asked him what he had done and she said that Hamlet was shocked. According to the queen, Hamlet said, “Nay, I know not. Is it the king?” If the queen is correct about what she said, then it seems as if Hamlet was hoping it was the king whom he killed. Hamlet immediately fled the scene carrying Polonius’ body. Hamlet has not been seen since then. The officials are now hunting for Hamlet and Polonius’ body.

Suicide of a Possible Lover
Clark Kent
April 9, 2014
DENMARK--It has been two days since the death of Polonius, the king’s adviser and another death has occurred. This time, it was the Ophelia, Polonius’ daughter. Ophelia was swimming in the Guden river when she drowned. Officials have ruled her death as suicide because she was in the river fully clothed with her heaviest dress on. This event has turned into a major controversy. Since it was ruled a suicide, Ophelia will not be able to be buried in the graveyard because she died by suicide and in sin.
Changing the subject, according to rumors, Ophelia and Hamlet were secret lovers. If this is the case, this will add another reason for Hamlet to remain insane. How much more can Hamlet take emotionally?

Massacre in the Palace
Clark Kent
April 15, 2014
DENMARK--It is a sad day as the smell of death roams the palace. Four people have been killed during the past eight hours at the palace. The king, queen, prince, and Laertes, son of Polonius, have all fallen victim to this dark day. Witnesses of the deaths state that all four people died almost simultaneously during what seemed like a harmless fencing match. The witnesses claim that it seemed as if all of these people, other than the king, were poisoned. It is reported that the king died by a stab wound. Authorities have come to the conclusion that there was a major plot behind the deaths. It is as follows:

The match was between Hamlet and Laertes. However, Laertes cheated and used a sharpened Foil dipped in poison. His intentions were to cut Hamlet and kill him. Authorities believe that he wanted Hamlet dead to avenge his father’s death. He also had a backup plan, in case Hamlet won, he had his wine poisoned.

Their match lasted for three rounds. Hamlet won the first two and Laertes was able to win the second round, and was able to successfully cut Hamlet. Hamlet had won the match but was cut in the process. Queen Gertrude accidentally drank the poisoned wine in celebration of Hamlets victory. Moments later she fell dead. With the Foil still in hand, Hamlet took the poisoned sword, stabbed the king, and forced him to drink the remainder of the poisoned wine. Hamlet, Laertes, and the king all fell dead nearly at the same time, according to eyewitness accounts.

The scene is still being investigated. Authorities believe that their conclusion is factual based off of eye witnesses and pictures of the scene. The last month and a half has been nothing but death and grief. Is Denmark falling apart? Who will reign as king? Only time will tell.

A New King of Denmark

Clark Kent
April 16, 2014
A new king has been claimed in Denmark after the gruesome events that occurred yesterday. Prince Fortinbras of Norway has claimed the throne and is now the king of a mournful country. Horatio, a humble and loyal friend of Prince Hamlet, recalled that King Fortinbras entered the room after all the bloodshed.

According to Horatio, King Fortinbras stated, “I have some rights to claim this kingdom, and by arriving at this moment I have an opportunity to put them into effect.”
The recent events of Denmark will never be forgotten. They might possibly go down in history as one of the lowest points of the powerful country.
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