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Case #15892; A Rose for Emily
One night while sitting in my home, I decided to reopen a cold case and to just look over it with a fresh perspective. This case was about an older lady, Emily Greirson, who was a suspect in a missing person/homicide case. During the initial investigation there wasn't much evidence to collect and they couldn't collect Ms. Grierson's statement because she was deceased. The only known facts of Ms. Grierson is that she was a recluse(shying away from public), her father passed away and her former fiancee(possible murder victim hasn't been seen in quite a few years, and that mental illness ran in her family. With Ms. Grierson being deceased the former investigators had no other knowledge of her mental state.

Once I reopened the case, I decided to ask around town to inquire if anyone remembered what happened the day she passed. Needless to say nobody knew much because as I stated previously she was a recluse. But, what I did find out was strange, according to other towns people when Ms. Grierson's father passed away she decided to lie to the authorities about his death and keep his body for three days before turning him over. When I heard this, I was shocked mainly because this was not stated in the original statements. Also, on an unrelated lopic some witnesses state they saw Ms. Grierson buying arsenic at a local hardware store.

When Ms. Grierson passed away, they held her funeral in her house unaware of what they might find. While looking around her house, some towns people came across a startling discovery, the remains of Homer Barron, the former fiancee of Ms. Grierson. The remains were discovered in her bedroom lying on one side of the bed. As if that wasn't bad enough, there was an indent on the pillow beside him, with a gray hair lying on it. Of course, your first thought would be that Emily was laying next to his remains. After stumbling upon this, I remembered what a couple witnesses had told me about the arsenic that she purchased. So I started putting two and two together. With that discovery, I sent a sample of Mr. Homer's hair to the lab to run a test to see if he had been poisoned..still waiting on his lab results.
Also, his TOD(time of death) had been put at the time frame of his disappearance, coincidence I THINK not.

My investigation is currently on hold until I get the lab results back of the hair sample, arsenic, and autopsy reports.
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The Tragic Tale of Miss Emily

January 20, 2014

It’s a rather gloomy day outside, so I’ve decided to polish up this silver set I bought at an auction the other day. It was the most interesting thing, really. I was looking for something new to add to my collections, and this little set caught my eye. I thought, “Surely, I can find some story to go with this, and if not, I’ll just keep it for a gift for my grandfather.” When they started to describe the set, they were reluctant to say much about its history, which only served to pique my curiosity more. They just said it was merely a men’s silver toilet set that had been engraved “H.B.”, and that the previous owner had died under mysterious circumstances. Of course I wanted to discover the story behind this, so I snatched it up as quickly as I could. It was rather tarnished, which is why I’m polishing it today. I sent an e-mail earlier this morning to the auctioneers that had performed that auction asking if they knew any more of the history behind the set, but they won’t reply. I’ll have to find out more on my own…

January 24, 2014

Well, I’ve been neck deep in research the past few days. I’ve got the weirdest feeling about what I’ve discovered. It seems as though this set was originally purchased by an Emily Grierson back in the early 1900s. She bought it for her lover, a man named Homer Barron. There were really strange circumstances that surrounded them. Apparently, Emily became a sort of shut-in after her father died, living with no one but a servant she had. It seems as though people never really bothered her, but I can’t help wondering why no one in the town ever tried harder to communicate with her. It seems as though I won’t be able to find an answer for that, as everyone who was involved with that situation is now dead. Homer must have been the first outside person she had contact with in many years in person. From what I’ve found, he moved in with her, although they never got married, and he wasn’t seen by the outside world ever again. Still, I can’t help but to wonder why nobody ever went after him. Surely, he had some family or friends somewhere that would’ve been concerned when they never heard from him again? I guess it was just a different time back then. Anyway, many years passed before the outside world ever made contact with that household again. It was only after Emily died that anyone came to see what had happened. When they got there, records show that the servant left, and was never seen again. They took Emily’s body and buried it, then went to explore what was in the house. They came across a skeleton in a bed, and from there the file just stopped. There’s nothing else to be found on any records! I was curious to find what kind of foul play had occurred, so I started deeply researching Emily, as she was the only person who had contact with him the last few apparent years of his life. I haven’t found anything yet; hopefully something will turn up soon.

January 29, 2014

I found it! Arsenic. The missing link.

January 30, 2014

Sorry, I just couldn’t believe what I’ve found! She must have had some sort of commitment issues, because she poisoned him and let his corpse rot beside her every night. I found this out by some.. files I had obtained through certain skills I’ve learned through my years. The missing case file that was never officially published. It states how they found the skeleton in her bed, and it had been positioned like it was embracing someone. There were also strands of Emily’s hair laying on the pillow next to him. Such a grotesque picture of their love, I couldn’t believe it. At least now, I have the story, so I can place it in my museum. I don’t think I’ve heard such a tragically twisted love story since Romeo and Juliet.

February 1, 2014

I think this will be how I write up the exhibit:

                        The Tragic Tale of Miss Emily

In the early 1900s, a woman of great mystery has just been discovered dead in a shambling house that barely even hinted at its former glory. A distinguished gentleman lived here with his daughter, of whom he held to the highest standards in every aspect. Miss Emily had lived in this house with her father for many years until his death, then lived out the rest of her years disconnected from the real world. She never left the house, and few ever came in. One of the few who came in was never found again, Mr. Homer. He was Miss Emily’s sweetheart, and stayed with her until his death. Unfortunately that came all too soon. Miss Emily was scared of him leaving her, so she poisoned him so he would always be by her side, even through the long nights. His body was never found until they came to retrieve hers, and they found his skeleton in the bed. Was it her fault for wanting someone beside her? Was it her father that had given her a twisted perception of reality? The truth shall never be known, as it is buried with those in this story.
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Epic × 3!
Journal Case #1: Emily Grierson
Emily Grierson, an old woman that has been sheltered off for most of her life, has just passed away. The townspeople rush into her home, not only for her funeral, but because they are all very curious as to why she kept herself so secluded. The main room everyone wants to take a look at is a room upstairs that has not been open to the public for forty years. In the room there are numerous objects that suggest a wedding has or would have taken place. Among the items there is a man’s suit and a silver toilet seat with Homer Barron’s initials. Lying on the bed, they find a corpse of along with a single strand of long gray hair on the pillow next to him. It is believed that the corpse is that of Homer Barron. Homer Barron has been missing for ten years and Emily Grierson is the main suspect of his disappearance.

The body is to be taken to the lab for an autopsy report. DNA testing would prove that the identity of the corpse is Homer Barron. Any trace of arsenic would prove that Emily Grierson murdered Homer Barron. Emily Grierson had purchased arsenic prior to Homer’s disappearance without giving a true purpose for her purchase. DNA testing would match the long gray strand of hair, found on the pillow next to the corpse, to Emily Grierson. This ties her to the crime scene and further proves that she is the murderer.

The main question is why Emily Grierson murdered Homer Barron. To understand her motive, we need to look at her family history. Emily is from a very high social family. Her dad did not see any of the men that try to woo her, fit to be with her and would run them off. The actions of her father, along with the pressure of maintaining a high social lifestyle, causes her to become mentally unstable as she gets older. We believe this is true because mental instability runs in the family. Emily Grierson’s Aunt was also mentally unstable. Her father was the main person in her life since he cut all men away from her. She was so attached to him that even when he died, she refused to acknowledge his death for three days before the townspeople forced her to give up the body. It was soon after he died that she began dating Homer Barron. The townspeople disagreed so much that they called in Emily’s cousins from Alabama to stop the relationship. After the cousins leave, Homer returned and was seen entering Emily’s house but he is never seen again.

Emily chose to be with Homer Barron because he was from out of town. The townspeople disagreed with this relationship and had Emily’s cousins from Alabama come to town to try and stop it. This may have reminded Emily of all of the times that her father had run off the men that fancied her. Along with that, Homer said earlier in the text that he was not the marrying kind. These may be the reasons that she killed Homer Barron and locked his body away in a room. She did not want to take the chance of losing another man. Instead, she took fate into her own hands.
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