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As I was playing a pickup game with some of my old from friends from my neighborhood I got a call about a brutal murder involving a family. I quickly put on my jumpsuit and headed right to the crime scene. As soon as I pulled up to the crime scene I noticed blood and shell castings everywhere. I also noticed a wrecked motor vehicle that looks like I flipped numerous times. Officers who appeared at the scene before me informed me that it seemed to be three women and a small infant. One of the women was a very elderly lady and the other was a middle aged women. The last was a young women who seemed to look similar to the middle aged women. I noticed the bruises and scars across their dead bodies as a result of the car accident. I quickly noticed the bullet wounds scattered across their bodies. I then thought, that were killed by someone else instead of dying in the car accident. I began walking around the crime scene and started following a trail of blood that led me to a nearby forest. As I entered the forest, I came upon two dead more dead bodies. One of the dead bodies was a middle aged man and the other was a young boy who wore glasses.. They both had bullet wounds scattered across their bodies. I soon found out that all these victims were related. While interviewing a witness, I gained more evidence by finding fingerprints on the families wrecked car and it did not match any one of the deceased victims. The witness clarified that after the family had flipped their car several times 3 men who were randomly passing by got out of their car checked the scene of the car accident. The witness also said all three men had guns. According to the witness,one guy was a heavy set man who was wearing a red sweatshirt and black pants. Another man had on khaki pants and a grey hat. The third man had on no shirt, blue jeans and he wore glasses. The witness also claimed he had grey hair. I later found out one of the men was named Bobby Lee and the elderly man who wore no shirt went by “ The Misfit”. I found fingerprints of Bobby Lee and “The Misfit” on the bodies of the father and son. It looked as if both men dragged them to the nearby woods and killed them. The other man stayed back and murdered the rest of the family. As I sat there and looked at their cold and dead bodies I began to wonder what was the motive of killing a defenseless family. This case brought back memories of the unsolved murder of my father. I began to grow frustrated on why would somebody kill a helpless person. I also wonder what triggers somebody to murder someone else.
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