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    "It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence."
    Description:Mina Zedword runs an investigative consulting firm that specializes in especially perplexing missing person's cases and cold murder cases. She also dabbles in cases involving ciphers on the side. Her hobbies include abnormal psychology, especially in relation to romantic and sexual obsession. If ...
    Background:Mina's background is a bit of a mystery. We do know that she was born in Romania somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains and, before taking up residence in London, she lived for a while in Dublin.
    Details:Mina is headstrong, spirited, and highly intelligent.
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    Elliot Brown Caucasian/M
    "There is only one truth, hidden behind the lies..."
    Description:Elliot is a 6 foot crime scene investigator. He is the oldest of three at age 41. He was a graduate from the University of New Haven. He is the only male in a family with the rest of girls. He is a who was divorced once after his wife committed adultery. His family was very family oriented and w...
    Background:6'0, 41 years of age, oldest of 4 children, only male, graduate of New Haven. Makes brilliant choices in his line of work. He makes everyone he works with a better all around employee and makes them want to work harder. He makes the victims feel safe and makes them feel like they know he is gonna...
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    Perseus Moon Human/M/Cold-Case Detective
    ""Be the change you want to see in the world""
    Description:Name: Perseus Cardinal Moon Age: 24 1/2 Heigh and Weight: 5'11 - 145 lbs. Eye Color: Hazel Green & Brown Hair Color: Dark Black Tattoos: Two. One on his arm, one on his leg. Brief Written Description: A rigid man with a toned face. He has high cheekbones and hair that is as dark as the ni...
    Background:Perseus (Percy) was raised born in Mantua, Italy. At 2 his parents moved to Stati Uniti d'America (United States). Raised on mainly English with a secondary language as Italian he had no difficulties growing up with a language barrier. Because his parents were travelers, never settling in one pla...
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    Description: Zelda Shields is a working clinical psychologist in the Chez Republic. She specializes in diagnossing mental illnesses. She also enjoys working with murder cases, trying to figure out the motifs and mental state of the murderer. Her hobbies include research and solving ciphers. She is willing to...
    Background: Zelda's childhood background, such as her birth place and birth parents are unknown. We do know that she lived in an orphanage in Hungary until age five. She was adopted by a Poland couple, and lived in Poland most of her life. Zelda moved to the Chez Republic after she married.
    Details: Zelda is a outgoing, intelligent, and open-minded young woman.
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    Yoshiko Ishida Asian/F/Forensic Detective
    "Question absolutely everything...twice"
    Background:Yoshiko is an asian detective from Numazu, Japan. She is 24 years old and now lives in the United States. She attended Jacksonville State University and has a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Her father was a well known detective himself and was loved by their community. He passed away a few...
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    Background:Lucas has had a tough life when he was 15 years old his family where all killed my a gang because his dad owed them money. Lucas was the only one that escaped. Lucas spent the rest of his teenage years trying to figure out how to get revenge.
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    Willow Adler Human/F
    "I can get around that."
    Description:27 years old 5'6" 154 lbs. Black hair Grayish-blue eyes Multiple ear piercings Tattoo in white ink on left wrist- "Cura Te Ipsum"
    Background:She grew up as an only child living with her parents in New York. She didn't have many friends, and found her adventures and companions in books. She always enjoyed science, so she decided to become a forensic scientist. She went to college and earned a degree in chemistry and a degree in crimina...
    Details:Her curiosity is what drives her, and what gets her into some interesting situations. She chooses not to associate with many people, as they don't always understand why she does what she does.
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    L Lawliet Human/M/Cold Case Detective/2nd Class Apprentice
    "I only accept the cases that intrigue me"
    Description:L Lawliet is exclusively known by the mononym L. L is an eccentric genius and international private or cold case detective and he is reputed to being the worlds' greatest. He takes on cases that have stymied national governments and Interpol. (International Criminal Police Organization)
    Background:L is quite secretive, and rarely represents himself to the world in person; therefore, no one knows his background. L was a homeless child who was found and raised by the founder of an orphanage. L's genius showed at an early age as he outsmarted his teachers and other adult figures in his life. ...
    Details:L is very intelligent, though his disheveled and languid appearance masks his great powers of deduction and many question his abilities upon viewing him. L is extremely meticulous and analytical. He eats sweets exclusively, due to the fact that sugar keeps the brain active. L often uses dramatic...
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    Lucie Kingsleigh Human/F/Crime Scene Investigator
    "I would rather find the good in a villain than the evil in a hero."
    Description:Full Name: Lucie Kingsleigh Birthday & Age: October 15, 1989 (24) Height: 5'0" Weight: 96 lbs. Eye Color: Violet. Hair Color: White. Tattoos: None at the moment. Piercings: Two in each ear. Scars/Deformities: None.
    Background:Lucie Kingsleigh was once the only daughter of wealthy entrepreneurs from America. After her parents were viciously murdered by a cabbie, she was sent to live with her family's trusted butler, who, before moving in the with Kingsleigh's, resided in Cardiff. At age twelve she was living large in C...
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    Roe Private Eye/M/Def
    Background: Roe come from a small family of four and lived a simple a life. As he grew older he begin to want a more interesting life, he wanted to be something more than the average student. Once Roe had graduated from high school he went to study criminal Justice at Howard University in Washington D.C . ...
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    Edward Dent Human/M/Stkr
    "There is no perfect crime!"
    Description:The world's cleverest Investigator.
    Background:Edward Dent is a 20 year old male crime scene investigator who graduated from Jacksonville State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. He has always had a specialty for investigating things since he was a little boy. His first investigation was when he was 10 years old searching for his n...
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    Kora Thomas Human/F
    Description:Kora Thomas graduated from University of California, Los Angeles with a Criminal Justice and minor in Forensics degree. She started off working for LAPD with homicide cases with a weird twist to them. Recently she was offered a position in London to help solve cases that have a historical motive ...
    Background:Kora Thomas is twenty four year old who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California until she moved to London. Her only hobbies are helping solve crimes and touring her new city.
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    Background:20 years old Female College student Crime Scene Investigator
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    Alec Beckham Human/M
    Description:Alec Becham is thirty-one year old male who is a crime scene investigator. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri on January 12, 1983. He has two younger siblings: Josh Beckham who is a journalist and Dana Beckham who is a news reporter. Alec is following in the footsteps of his father who was also a...
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    Clark Kent M/Journalist
    Description:Clark Kent is a journalist who's main interest is mysteries.
    Background:Clark Kent was a foster child born somewhere in Kansas. At a young age, however, he was taken in and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent. He grew up as an average child that found major interest in sports and writing. After making straight A's in high school, Clark found himself attending Stanford...
    Details:Clark Kent is fun, energetic, and full of life. He lives life with no regrets.
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    Sampson Human/M/Ldr/Detective
    Description:I am a 6'3 man that is always dressed in nice clothes. I love my job as a crime scene investigator. I have short black hair and always dressed in black. I normally wear dark black glasses no matter the time of day.
    Background:I was born in Houston, Texas. When I was only 8 years old I solved my first crime. Your thinking to yourself he is really good. Well.. Your right I am.. My background is very simple. Im the best at what I do. I have worked my whole life to be great and that is what I am.
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    Masako Ishida Human/F/Cold-Case Detective
    Description:I am a detective and I work all of my cases with my twin sister, Yoshiko, by my side. I am from Numazu, Japan and I graduated with my Masters at Kobe university.
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    Rich Porter Human/M
    Description: Age 23 Height 6'0 black male dark skinned with tattoos on his left arm and on his back and chest. Rich's weight is about 170 pounds.
    Background:Rich was born with a brother and sister by a single mother. His father was shot and killed when he was a child. Rich was born in New York City and has never been outside the city limits. He was also taught to take care of himself and his siblings. Rich was a talented basketball star and he earned...
    Details: Rich is a smart and ambitious young man
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    Landeezmo Human/M/Stkr
    Background:Landeezmo, a prosecuting attorney graduated from the prestigious Harvard University, is successful in his line of work as well as many extra athletic abilities he's involved in. He went to high school in Anniston, Alabama at Wellborn high school.
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    Tyler Human/M/Ldr/Forensic Psychologist
    Description:6'0 tall and physically fit with brown hair and blue eyes.
    Background:I've always been a "people watcher," so becoming a forensic psychologist was easy career choice. I have multiple degrees in this field from Jacksonville Sate University. B.S., Psychology, Jacksonville State University M.S., Psychology, Forensics, Jacksonville State University I'm a former fo...
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    Aliza British-African American; Human/F
    ""Life is what you make""
    Description:Female, British-African American decent, 5'6 brown eyes black hair, petite with a sandy brown skin complexion.
    Background:Iorn in England, raised in Sacramento, California. Mother is British; Father is African American. In school, I always was on top of the class and maintained my grades. I always of dreamed wanting to study psychology, so once I graduated I attended USC, and majored in psychology. After 10 years in...
    Details:I'm smart, witty, intelligent, intellectual, and independent.
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    Boston George Human/M/Ldr
    "Justice Is Always Served."
    Description:Boston George born August 14, 1988 in Birmingham, Al is a young African American attorney trying to make a name for himself. He is a 26 year old single male. 163 lbs. 5'11" Black Hair Black Eyes Adventurous and Courageous
    Background:Boston is a young astounding attorney looking for his big break. BG is strictly dedicated to his career. He is an overachiever ready for the next case.
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    Background:Calvin Richmond was born in New York City in 1983, and studied law and psychology at Yale where he got his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2010 and specialized in forensic investigation. He is now a forensic psychologist for the New York City judicial system.

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