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Murder in the Castle!
I was sitting in my office going through paperwork, I get a call from my supervisor. It seemed to be pretty urgent judging by the tone of his voice and the way he was speaking. I could not understand much, but I managed to decipher that there were some deaths at Elsinore Castle. When I heard those words I was quick to get on the scene, there were a lot of people there, but there was one in particular standing in the corner crying with his head down. I quickly walked over to him and asked him his name, and before I could even get those words out, he said that his name was Horatio and he would be glad to come in for questioning and could answer all the questions that I had about these deaths.

Once Horatio and I arrived back at my office, we went to the interrogation room and I began my questioning. I just cut right to the case and asked him what all he saw. He proceeded to answer, I saw everything, but first I just want you to know that Hamlet was a really close friend of his, and he might get a little emotional when answering. Told him that was alright and just to tell me everything he knew so that we could get to the bottom of this. We were talking and he started by saying that there was a fencing competition between Hamlet and Laertes. When they were getting their swords, Hamlet just walked over to grab sword, but Laertes looked like he already picked his sword, like he needed to get that particular one. He proceeded to say that Hamlets mother Queen Gertrude began to get excited after the first two rounds and drank a sip of some wine that was intended for Hamlet. Horatio watched her as she began to become woozy and fell to the ground and soon to be her death. Horatio proceeded to tell me that in a sudden burst of anger, Hamlet grabbed Laertes’ sharpened fencing sword and cut his arm.

After all of this, there was still much more to discuss, but I had a phone call that the evidence had arrived back and I needed to come check it out. When I walked to the evidence, I saw that there was a wine glass, two swords, one sharpened and one dull, and some poison. The sharpened sword also had some blood on it. Horatio’s alibi has been confirmed up to this point, but I wanted to get them all fingerprinted just to make sure and clear Horatio’s name.

While the evidence was going in for fingerprints, I proceeded to interview Horatio. When I walked back into the room, Horatio seemed to be really upset but said that he could continue the interrogation. He told me that Hamlet was plotting a scheme to overcome the scheme that Claudius had to have him murdered in England. After this he told me that Claudius had dropped a pearl into Hamlet’s cup of wine that was covered in poison to finally kill Hamlet. The sword that Laertes was using was not just sharp, but it had poison on the end to puncture Hamlet and then let the poison get into his blood. When the Queen went to drink the wine, the king Claudius tried to get her not to drink it, but she proceeded to drink. Then Horatio told me that Claudius said that the wine was poisoned and that it was too late to do anything. Then after all of this happens and Hamlet finds out about all of this, he steals Laertes’ sword and draws blood and the poison enters his blood. The Laertes told Hamlet that he had been. Horatio says that after all of this, Hamlet walks up to the King and makes him drink some of the poisoned wine, then after all of that, Hamlet stabbed Claudius , and Claudius along with Hamlet, Laertes, and Gertrude.

Several hours later, the fingerprints came back, and there were none of Horatio’s prints on anything, so his statement was backed up and Horatio was let go. The case was closed and this case gave me a lot of publicity and I proceeded to get my own firm and now I am the boss and I have all of my best investigators with me.
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Poor Ophelia
While vacationing in Denmark, I visited an ex-psychology classmate. He was reviewing a case on the drowning of a young woman named Ophelia, and asked me to assist him. While looking at the file, I noticed that after her father’s death her behavior changed drastically.

We went on to her father’s boss, Claudius, to get a better understanding of Ophelia’s behavior. To my surprise, Claudius was very helpful. He explained that the day before her death, his messenger had seen her walking around the palace in a robe singing old songs. He also stated that Ophelia and his nephew Hamlet may have been lovers. When asked where his nephew was, he said he had been sent to England. He went on to tell us another shocking piece of information. Hamlet killed Polonius, Ophelia’s dad!

I walked away to look around as my classmate continued a conversation with Claudius. “ Wow, who would’ve known he rlover, Hamlet, killed her father, “ I thought to myself. That could have been a reason Ophelia went insane, and drove her to commit suicide, but who is to say she knew Hamlet killed her father? My thoughts were soon interrupted by a woman. She introduced herself as Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother. We started conversating about Ophelia.

Gertrude told me how Ophelia was a timid and shy girl. She said once her father died and Hamlet left for England, Ophelia turned into a mad woman. She went everywhere singing love songs, some about love and faithfulness, the rest about a woman not being able to marry because her body was no longer pure. As she talked to me, I realized that she not only knew Ophelia, but had also witnessed her death. She explained how Ophelia was carrying violets by the river bank, and began to try to hang them on a tree limb. Obviously, it couldn’t support her, and that is when Ophelia fell in the river and started to float. Her clothes began to get heavy and pulled her under the water as Ophelia kept singing, and she drowned. I was shocked. Ophelia didn’t scream for help nor did she try to save herself, and Gertrude did not seem to help her either. I thanked Gertrude and went to get my classmate so we could sum up the case. He was waiting on me.

I started off by telling him that as I dug deeper in the case, it had gotten weirder by the moment. Ophelia obviously showed signs of depression, but her death was still unexplainable. At this moment, I’m still going to consider it a suicide. I let him in on the fact that Gertrude was there when Ophelia died, and just like me, he was shocked. I wanted to tell him more, but we had to get back to diagnosing Ophelia before it was my time to depart. We left the palace, and shortly arrived at his office to get to work. With little evidence and our two strange witnesses, we came up with a diagnosis. Ophelia was suffering from depression. Then, since she had no one else, and her brother were too worried about avenges rather than seeking help for her, it became major depression. With this people show signs of restlessness, which could explain her wandering. The also have feelings of helplessness, which could describe her singing the sentimental songs. It’s also a possibility that Ophelia could have been pessimistic, and without proper treatment people can become suicidal. That can explain why she didn’t save herself or call for help while she was in the water. I feel Ophelia wanted to die, and suicide was what she chose.Due to the lack of evidence, it was harder to process her, and who is to say our witnesses were being truthful., but since that was the only evidence we could say Ophelia was depressed. We finished up the case and I thanked my good friend and left denmark feeling accomplished.
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Prince Hamlet
Recently, I have been asked to examine the mental health of the diceased Prince of Denmark, Hamlet. This case is very interesting because it involves so much foul play that it is hard to sort through it all. I interviewed Hamlet’s friend Haratio to get the full story of what happened. About a month ago, Hamlets father was murdered and his uncle Claudius seized the throne and married Hamlet's widowed mother Queen Gertrude. Hamlet was currently in college but had to put class on hold due to his fathers death. He came back home to Denmark where his best friend Haratio tells him that there have been sightings recently of his dads ghostly spirit just wandering the halls of the castle. Haratio took Hamlet to see it and Hamlet claims that the spirit is his father's and that it told him that Claudius killed him and that Hamlet should revenge and claim the throne as rightfully so. Hamlet begins behaving erratically the next week or so due to the evidence presented by him. The royal family and Lord Chamberlain Polonious think his behavior stems from his mad love of Polonious's daughter Ophelia, so they hire Hamlets other friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. After spying they realized Hamlet was indeed mad but supposedly didn't love her and requested that she should join a nunnery and wished he could abolish marriage.
A couple days later these actors came into town and Hamlet decided to hire them to perform a play. This play was a reenactment of how Hamlet imagined his uncle killed his father and Hamlet wanted to watch Claudius closely to see if he shows any signs of guilt. The only other person Hamlet shares this information with is Haratio. They began to watch Claudius throughout the play and just after the murder seen in the play, Claudius suddenly stands up and emotionally requests that the play be stopped. Hamlet and Haratio knew then and there Claudius felt very guilty and could not stand it anymore. Hamlet follows Claudius to kill him but finds him on his knees praying to God and based on his beliefs, if he would've killed him while he was praying then Claudius would have went to heaven. So Hamlet restrained himself and went on to confront his mother in her bed chamber. At this point he is contemplating suicide in his head constantly and he feels as if she was linked to his fathers murder seeing as she married his brother just one month after his death. They bicker and argue for quite some time when Hamlet hears a noise behind the tapestry. He suspects it is the King spying in him again so he draws his sword and plunges into the curtain where he finds that is was actually Polonious. For this crime, Hamlet is sent to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstein. Claudius orders Hamlet be put to death immediately upon arrival but did not tell Hamlets friends.
In the aftermath of Polonious's death, Ophelia goes mad with grief and supposedly drowns herself out by the lake of the castle. Laertes is Polonious's son and had been staying in France but comes back to Denmark in a fit of rage for his father and sisters death. While all that was going on, Haratio receives letters from Hamlet saying he is on his way back home due to pirates seizing his ship. Hamlet also devised a genius plan to swap the letter that Rosencrantz had from Claudius that told the people in England to kill hamlet to a different letter stating to kill Rosencrantz and Guildenstein. On Hamlets way back he encounters a funeral and comes to realize it is Ophelia they are laying down to rest. He behaves erratically after watching Laertes jump into her grave and hold her body one last time. Hamlet claims then he loved Ophelia more than Laertes ever could.
Claudius creates a plan of his own to get Hamlet and Laertes to duel in a fencing match but Claudius is going to sharpen Laertes blade and also put poison on the tip of it. However, if Hamlet wins, Claudius will give him a goblet of wine with poison in it as well. They begin to duel and Hamlet land the first two hits then turns his back to Laertes where Laertes curs the back of Hamlets neck exposing him to the poison.Almost simultaneously, Gertrude takes a sip of the wine in celebration for Hamlet but was unaware of its chemical composition. Hamlet steals Laertes sharpened blade and cuts him with it where then Laertes tells everyone that Claudius poisoned the blade and wine. Gertrude falls to the floor dead and Hamlet plunges the blade into Claudius and makes him drink the rest of the wine as well. Moments later Laertes and Hamlet both fall down dead but as Haratio went to drink the wine to kill himself, Hamlet stopped him and said he must remain alive to tell the story of what happened.
Going souly off of Haratios story, it is hard to state whether or not Hamlet was indeed mad or not. Based on the tragic events that recently happened to his father and possibly soon to be wife, I would say Hamlet is perfectly sane and if I was in his situation I would react the same way. I understand that contemplating suicide is not something a particularly sane person would do but when your constantly lied to and deceived im sure it would make him feel helpness and feel like there was no way out of his situation besides death.
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Case #2332 The Case of the Uncase
As I was getting off late one night from finishing a previous case, my supervisor called to update me on an international murder. Since our detective department was the best in the U.S. at solving unexplainable deaths, Denmark’s government decided to contact us to help them solve the mysterious death of the King of Denmark. I responded to my supervisor by saying that he mights as well make some coffee because it was going to be a long night.

Before looking into the mysterious death, I began to look up background info on the King and his family. The man who was the king of Denmark at the time was named Claudius. Claudius was the brother of King Hamlet who had recently passed away. After the death of King Hamlet, Claudius marries Gertrude, who was King Hamlet’s previous wife, and then takes over as King. I also find out that King Hamlet and his wife had a son named Prince Hamlet.I later called Denmark forensic scientists and found out King Hamlet was poisoned to death through his ears. I thought it was particularly strange for a King to be poisoned and later his own brother takes over as king. I remember making note out of suspicion.

I gathered background information on the family. My supervisor told me that Denmark police has a man in custody who could probably give us more information about the death of Claudius. My supervisor then claims that they’ll be flying him to the U.S. so we can interrogate him ourselves. In the meantime, I gained the autopsy report of Claudius from forensic scientists in Denmark and it says that Claudius had a cut on his hand. The report also said that Claudius contained a large amount of poison in his body. Later that night, I found out that Gertrude and Prince Hamlet were also poisoned to death. I felt as if these deaths weren’t coincidences but yet a plot for someone to become the new ruler of Denmark. I also thought there could’ve been some type of treason involved. I thought about the different situations of the deaths but decided to get some sleep. I also decided to relook at the situation the next morning.

I was informed the next morning that the suspect had made it to the U.S. and was on the way to our department for interrogation. I quickly hopped in the shower, put some clothes on and rushed over. When I arrived a fellow detective told me that the suspect’s name is Horatio and he was the friend of Prince Hamlet.When I entered the interrogation room, Horatio looked at me and told me that he didn’t murder anyone. I asked Horatio multiple questions about the royal family. Horatio told me that he and Prince Hamlet were good friends and that he wouldn’t have done anything to harm him. Horatio also informed me that Claudius killed King Hamlet by placing poison in his ear. Horatio also explained that the ghost of King Hamlet started appearing to Prince Hamlet. The ghost of King Hamlet wanted Prince Hamlet to avenge his death by killing Claudius. I instantly assumed that Horatio was lying. I began to threaten Horatio with a large amount of jail time but he concluded that he had seen the ghost along with other people.

Horatio also told me that Prince Hamlet devised a plan to create a play. In this play Prince Hamlet recreated the murder of his father.The plan was to make Claudius feel guilty after seeing the play. He then reported that Claudius tried to send Prince Hamlet to England but Prince Hamlet outsmarted him by telling them his ship was overrun by pirates. With this information given by Horatio, I assumed that Prince Hamlet was behind the death of Claudius.
It seemed to me that Prince Hamlet had all the motives to kill Claudius. Horatio explained to me that right before Claudius’s death, Prince Hamlet and another man named Laertes competed in a fencing match. It seemed as it was an ordinary fencing competition, but Horatio concluded that Laertes used a sharpened sword that was lined with poison. Laertes cut Prince Hamlet with the sword. In retaliation, Prince Hamlet stabbed Laertes. Horatio claimed that after Prince Hamlet stabbed Laertes his mother, Gertrude, drank a cup of wine that was mixed with poison. While Laertes was dying, he confessed how he and Claudius came up with this plan to kill Prince Hamlet. Horatio also informed me that Prince Hamlet cut Claudius’s hand and forced him to drink the cup of wine his mother drank from. Finally, Horatio explained as Prince Hamlet was dying, the King of Fortinbras walked in and said Prince Hamlet will be buried as a soldier.

I didn't know whether I could believe Horatio’s story or not, so I got in touch with King Fortinbras. King Fortinbras also agreed that he gave Prince Hamlet a soldier’s burial. He also told me that he didn’t witness the murder. I became frustrated because there was no one to charge for these deaths. I wondered if Horatio was lying to me just to save himself. After Horatio was interrogated, my superiors told me that they had gained the fingerprints of everybody who was there. The fingerprints were taken from the wine glasses and the fencing swords. Horatio’s prints were not on any of those items. Since everybody who was involved in our investigation was dead, there was no one we could arrest. Cases like this are very frustrating for detectives;however we can give the people of Denmark a feeling of ease to know what happened to the king, queen, and prince.
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Case #192837465 Suicide or Murder
It has been brought to my attention that my precinct was picked to save a big case, that had about 9 or 10 deaths that was involved around one person. My boss came to me and ask me to pick anyone to help solve these cases. So I assigned each person with a case and the case that I chose, was the one about the death of Ophelia, which was said that she drowned. I need to prove and make sure that she did drowned and also were there any witnesses at the scene that could have help stop her from drowning. There was probably not much evidence because she died in the lake and if there was any kind of fingerprints or anything on her it was washed away. In the file it said that she fell off a tree branch into the water. I need to find out like if someone tried shaking the tree to make her fall or was she pushed into the water. But another thing that I need to find out is where there people around the lake that could have tried to do something to save her or even get someone to go help. First I need to find out that if she did kill herself, what was the reason for her to kill herself, like was she having problems with family, life struggles, or even man problems. From what I see that she could be mad about the death of her father or even about the situation with her and Hamlet. Ophelia had been going through a lot lately, starting with Hamlet changing and acting crazy and probably was upset with Hamlet hitting and pushing her around. I looked into finding anyone that knew here, that is still around to find out more about her and what is going on in her life that would have made her want to kill herself. In the case file it states that the investigator that looked into her death at the time said that there was no witnesses to be found at the scene or anyone that would come clean about seeing her kill herself. I went to find the person that had this case to find out what he can tell me about the death of Ophelia. He said that they really did not go deep into this case, they declared it as a suicide and closed it. They did find the branch that she fell off. I used the branch as part of my evidence. What I looked for on it was to see if there were any signs of it being cut or did it just snap and fall. There was no signs of it beings cut and this was probably my only evidence I would be able to find and use. But Since there was no witnesses I had to put everything together for the reasoning that might kill herself. I found she was going through a lot at the time first it started off with the death of her father. Her father was a very close person to her in her life. Also when she found out that Hamlet which could possible be her true love was being sent of to England and the thought that she might not never see him again. She possibly felt that she had no one left in her life and that her life could possibly means nothing anymore. From what it looks like that Ophelia just need to breathe and went into a tree and fell in the lake. When she fell in the lake she just decided that there was no reason for her to try to save herself and died.
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