The world of Aia is a world in transition. The mighty Scarlet Empire is crumbling after a millennium of power. In the vacuum left by the dying imperium, old nations return to the world stage resurgent, new nations test their strength, and wolves from beyond the edges of civilization prick their ears at the sounds of chaos. Outlawed sects have begun to emerge from the shadows, and once dormant feuds are returning with renewed intensity. Aia is a world of opportunity and danger, and those with eyes to see know they are standing at the fulcrum of history.

A few exceptional individuals could guide this brave new world into an era of peace and enlightenment, or smash it all to pieces.

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Session Nine
After the party released the marid, Dmitri and the remnants of his elites arrived at the Well, but retreated as soon as they realized the jinn was loose. The party--except Fel, who took the Wosun back to their home--gathered their troops and marched back to Pskov, dogging the Ohkanan's steps the whole way. Once they arrived in the town, however, they learned of a new complication: a corporal they'd sent back with some prisoners had been ambushed and knifed on the way home from a tavern.

Investigation revealed that his murder was not the result of a brawl or a gambling debt, but that he'd in fact been knocked unconscious, dragged somewhere in town, brutally interrogated, and finally dumped back at the scene of the crime not long before dawn. The troops were furious, and wanted to burn the perpetrators out, house by house if need be, and it took some intimidation combined with promises of vengeance to keep them under control.

A second talk with the tavern keeper revealed that one of the men your slain NCO had been dicing with was in fact Oleg, the man Berk had been sent to track, who used the name Nikolai when in Pskov. Ilyusha, meanwhile, had observed Oleg coming and going from a small house near the caravansary. The party broke into the house, discovered a trap door and a tunnel which led under the walls and outside the town. You tracked him into the nearby marsh, gathered your forces, and ambushed him and his henchmen, wiping them out. Before you handed him over to your mercenaries, you interrogated him and learned that he was a bandit and a spy, playing both the Viskovatovs and the Ohkana Koldu. He'd gone to the swamp to meet up with Dmitri and his team, who were due to arrive soon.

You set a trap for Dmitri, but his men sniffed it out and retreated back towards their home. You ransacked Oleg's hideout and gave the loot to your mercs, then met back up with Fel to get paid by Sergei Khirkov.
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Sessions Seven and Eight
You travelled west into the mountains, tracking Dmitri and his group in their hunt for the Well of Prophecy. You found their trail, and further up the mountain you started to find bodies, too--the frozen corpses of four Ohkanan soldiers, run through with jagged, triangular wounds. Just as you were closing on Dmitri, Fel spotted a narrow stair carved into the mountainside, missed by your opponents. Following it, you arrived at a cleft in the mountainside, which opened into a massive vault. You had found the well first.

Entering the badly eroded vault was trickier than it looked, and both Berk and Atlas missed their jumps and fell into the deep water at the bottom of the vault, where they were immediately attacked by the Well's elemental guardians. Berk dragged Atlas to the waters edge, swimming against a water elemental the whole way, but was knocked unconscious in the struggle. The rest of the party was intercepted by ice archons and air elementals and unable to reach their companions when Drasek, who had decided he didn't want to be a petty noble after all, conveniently arrived on the scene and executed a perfect swan-dive into the maelstrom below. Moments later, more ice archons emerged from ambush and attacked the mercenaries and wosun above, prompting Fel to return to the mountainside to lead them.

After a taxing fight that left much of the party near death, the elementals were defeated and the party was able to rest and tend to its wounds. Meanwhile, the mercenaries above had lost three of their number to the archons. Berk and Fel opted to stay with them while the rest of the party explored the ruins.

The party encountered another group of elementals guarding a long corridor, as well as a few traps, before finally discovering a bound jinn, chained to an altar and covered in scars, the forgotten victim of a ritual not practiced in millennia. You broke him free using artifacts found within the ruin, and as a reward he granted each of you a boon, permanently increasing your abilities.
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Session Six
After defeating the devi, you examined his wosun troops, and discovered a small scar on their temples, along with a slight bulge, which indicated that something had been inserted into their heads. You spent a lot of time trying to quiz the wosun about what happened to them, but it was difficult to get much out of them--their memories were shot and they kept talking about their "friend" helping to get their minds back.

The party departed the raid camp with the wosun in tow, and shortly discovered the main camp, which was fortified and in a large clearing that made approaching unseen difficult. Atlas once again transformed into Ivan, and used Fel and the other wosun to pull a wookie ploy and get the rest of the party through the gates. You defeated the Ohkanan troops, killed their leader, and captured his apprentice.

Interrogating the apprentice didn't give much in the way of new information, but you also discovered that you'd met one of the captured sergeants before, working for Dmitri. You learned that he is not in fact a mercenary, but the military commander of the Ohkana Koldu, and he's leading the advance team hunting for the artifact.

After sending those prisoners you spared back to Pskov with a ten of your troops, Fel and Niko spent a long night carefully removing the small ceramic vials embedded in the heads of the wosun. With those loose ends wrapped up, you moved to pick up Dmitri's trail in search of the well of prophecy.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Drasek and Boris rode the length of Drasek's new domain to meet the peasants he now rules. There are eight of them--two farming families and a cross-eyed Voreian trapper named Sven. Sven gifted his new liege with a gift of two fried squirrels, which Boris advised against eating, since "Sven is a crusty juggler."
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Session Five
The only enemy to escape your grasp in the raiding party skirmish was the wizard leading it. You briefly interrogated two prisoners--a wosun and a human--discovering that the wosun was severely impaired and suggestible, the human was an Ohkanan soldier, and that the Ohkana Koldu were searching for some sort of artifact in the mountains to the North-West, which is where the fleeing wizard had likely bolted to.

Berk and Fel tracked the wizard before losing him in the Northern forest, but one of your scouts managed to regain the trail, and, after a bit of backtracking, Fel spotted the thoroughly lost mage hiding under a pile of leaves. The wizard, a conjurer named Ivan, took very little prodding to give up everything he knew about his friends, promising anything to escape with his life.

You learned that the wosun raiders are led by two devi brothers--huge, aggressive wosun who sold out their kin for power. There is a khaji alchemist in the Ohkstock Citadel brewing some sort of mutagen which can be used on another person without nauseating them, but at the price of drastic wisdom damage. You also learned that the Soslun artifact the Ohkanans are looking for is something called "The Well of Prophecy" and that it supposedly gives those who drink it the power to know the future.

You then hunted for the Ohkana Koldu's main camp, and in the process found a raid camp led by one of the Devi brothers. Atlas impersonated Ivan to get herself and Fel close to the devi, and when the fight commenced Fel beat the devi in a battle of wills to control the confused wosun warriors while the rest of the party stabbed the devi, then blinded him, before finally setting him on fire. Berk then put his head in a bag to present to the sneering noble who hired you.

Meanwhile, Drasek left Arbat with his new manservant Boris (he came with the title) to check out the land given to him by the boyar. It wasn't great. The "manor" is a decrepit old ruin that someone almost definitely was murdered in, and Boris informed him that the land is too rocky for turnip cultivation. (Boris is something of a turnip afficianado.)
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Session Four
You opted to order several masterwork weapons from the Boyar, as well as bringing on the mercenaries. While you rested in Arbat, Galm built Karren a better suit of armor, and the more martial members of the group got the measure of your new travelling buddies. After two months, your equipment was finished and you were ready to set out for Khirkov territory.

Before you left, there were some changes in party composition. In a last gamble to keep you in his service, Boyar Vorodonev offered anyone who stayed land and a title, and Drasek took him up on the offer. Meanwhile, the sketchy Gu who helped you attack the scouts before the battle of Arbat asked to join your group, and you accepted because you knew you needed help in the wilderness.

Getting into Khirkov territory wasn't too difficult, though they did force you to wait at the border for two days before escorting you straight to the boyar. The boyar himself was inhospitable, resentful of the limited help he was receiving, and dismissive of your ability to solve the problem. That problem being multiple villages burned to the ground by Wosun, and a cavalry detachment sent to deal with them completely wiped out. He offered a flat 5000 gold fee if you deal with the Wosun before his main army if forced to wipe them out.

Your march north was uneventful other than some water-into-wine parties thrown by Niko, and Berk quizzing locals about some guy who supposedly stole a sword from her. Whatever her reasons for searching for him, the trail went cold in Pskov, the last town before the wilderness.

Once you left Pskov and ventured out into the region that's being attacked, you quickly discovered a raiding party lurking outside the only unharmed hamlet left. You flanked and ambushed them, discovering in the process that the raider are both human and wosun, that the wosun have been drugged with a strange alchemical concoction, and that the whole crisis has been manufactured by the Ohkana Koldu.
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