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    Horus Wolfjaw Dwarf/M/Def/Cleric/3
    "I am judgement, redeem your soul in death."
    Description:Hair - Shaved down on the sides, to a three inch wide strip that runs from the front to the back of his head, his hair falls to the side in a mess of 5" long Jett-black tendrils. His beard matches in color, is tied into one thick braid and bound at the end with a metal band which depicts a Warham...
    Background:An avid historian and blacksmith, he thrives on adventure, and is the first to defend his allies when trouble arises. He lives to collect pieces of history, things passed down from ancient kingdoms and goslings alike. As he sees it, he'll keep at it until he physically can't; a time in which...
    Details:Education Basic schooling for both Dwarves and Humans completed. 20 years of College, majoring in Historical and Religious Studies. 10 years of College, majoring in Archeology and 20 years dedicated to armor and weapon-smithing.

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