Karapesh is a land of magic, and there is no magic more potent than wishcraft. The wishes unleashed over the ages by two genies in particular, the efreeti Jhavhul and the djinni Nefeshti, have warped the Pale Mountain region, twisting fate and contorting coincidence to keep alive both a terrible beast and a heroic protector. Not far from Jhavhul’s old temple, these tangled strands have ensnared a young merchant princess named Almah, who seeks a new future for the ruined battle market village of Kelmarane at the foot of the Brazen Peaks. Most importantly, the wishes have subtly warped the weave of the world to put a handful of adventurers on a trail to Kelmarane.

It is these adventurers—not any genie—who will tread the path of fate at its most treacherous juncture, and it is they who will ultimately chart the course of history.

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