A band of exiles running from their respective pasts work together to build new reputations and fortune on the outer rim of the galaxy.

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Session V: Gang War on Formos
While Napster Varley attends to his junk dealing business, the rest of the crew sneaks into Taro the Hutt's palace after it was the target of an intense assault by the rival gang on planet. They decide to take matters in their own hands and blast off in the Imperial shuttle they had sold to Taro and now borrow to meet with Golga the Hutt on his modified frigate in orbit around Formos. They picked up some Imperial armor along the way, and when docking at the frigate Andros and Gavin pose as Imperial representatives while MALK-X spacewalks to implant explosives on the hull of the Hutt's frigate base.

Unfortunately, Golga's gang working security on the frigate are more interested in gambling and starting brawls than dealing with the Empire, and things spin quickly out of hand. Gavin is shot and rushed to the infirmary where he meets a Twi'lek physician named Tamara--after they are left alone she agrees to help them escape if they free her from the electronic ankle cuff keeping her prisoner on the frigate and take her back to Formos with them. They make it to the bathing chamber of Golga and a fight breaks out--somehow Andros ends up brawling with the Hutt and ends up with a broken arm after Golga rolls over on top of him. Gavin fires in hopes of hitting Golga but he misses, but the number of advantages means he hits the control box for the bathing unit and Golga begins to descend into the tank, giving his body enough buoyancy to allow Andros to free himself from under the Hutt. The crew leaves behind a case of explosives, but they encounter a group of gangmembers in the hallway as the bathing chamber explodes in a fireball which knocks everyone to the ground.

But Andros, Gavin, and Tamara make it back to the ship to find MALK-X already there and making preparations for departure. MALK-X believes he completed the task of planting explosives on the hull of the frigate, but he can't actually remember as his circuits are in overdrive with false and conflicting sensory information.

The crew takes off in the Imperial shuttle, but the planted explosives don't detonate, and a patrol boat leaves the hanger bay in pursuit. Andros tries to maneuver the shuttle to throw off the pursuing patrol boat, but he focuses his efforts on firing on the explosives to cause the explosion which destroys the frigate. Meanwhile, MALK-X takes longer to work out a hyperdrive jump at the navicomputer, and the shuttle takes some heavy damage from the patrol boat. Finally, the shuttle jumps, and the crew makes a quick detour on the surface of Formos to provide some air support for Taro's gang assaulting the hangout of Golga's gang--the shuttle blows up a fuel tank which kills all of the rival gang inside the hanger as well as Taro's gang of Gamorreans.

Back in Taro's palace, order has been restored, but Taro is displeased at the state of the shuttle he had loaned the crew. A reluctant payment is made to the crew, but the wedding is postponed and Taro seems uninterested in Gavin or Andros now that his main rival has been eliminated. Gavin's Imperial contacts are also displeased because the new monopoly on Formos limits their control of prices for labor supplied by the system to Kessel. The only friend the crew seem to have left is Tamara who asks to join them on future jobs.

Finally, MALK-X, with the medical opinion and assistance of Tamara, learns the secret of Captain Kitano's force sensitivities and has his artificial heart replaced by the living heart and blood of Kitano, bestowing a new and real force sensitivity to the droid which seems to have been designed to accomodate human grafting....

We ran until 7 pm, without the flashback session, but effectively completed plans intended for session VI.
Session: Episode V: Gang War on Formos - Tuesday, Aug 06 2013 from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Session IV: Hutt Wedding on Formos

Started with a brief scene of Gavin recording a holo-message to his mother; MALK-X walked in uninvited and the message ended. C-4 briefed Gavin and the group for what to expect at the upcoming Hutt wedding. Then the crew was introduced to a large hall where they sat on cushions and enjoyed a selection of beverages during the opening tea ceremony which lasted 3 days.

At one point during the introductions, an Ithorian claiming to represent the interests of Golga the Hutt, interrupted the ceremonies to insult the host, Taro, and to imply that his own master should be present at the wedding rather than the human Gavin. But Gavin managed to speak up and defuse the situation before blasters were drawn.

After the Ithorian and his goons departed, Varley hooked up with a Twi'lek girl. We'll see if anything new develops in nine months time.

The wedding was scheduled to cover three months of time, but after the opening tea ceremony the guests of honor were allowed to leave and the crew was given an assignment by Taro to meet with and negotiate a contract with Imperial agents in the Kessel system. During preparations to depart, the crew discovered a rival smuggler crew was preparing to leave Formos for the same destination.

Arriving at the spaceport almost too late, MALK-X made a desperate attempt to grapple the departing starship and was nearly destroyed. Andros managed to contact the droid pilot and convince them to return to port where he proceeded to confront the droid and blast the head off so cleanly and with such incredible style that an approaching group of goons coming to settle the situation promptly turned and fled.

The crew boarded the ship, quickly dispatched the defenders, and took off for Kessel. Varley tried his best to plot the Kessel Run, but he almost passed out from so much concentration. An escape pod launched, but Andros with his insane piloting managed to fly up behind and capture the pod in the main hanger bay of the ship. The pilot inside was a distraction, but the crew tracked down Trevor Thoreau, captain of the ship, and proceeded to interrogate him before locking him naked in the secret hold of the ship with the dead bodies of his former crewmates.

Did I mention this crew is getting a bit sadistic?

The crew encounters a patrol shuttle but eludes it, ignores a distress call, and finally jumps into hyperdrive and travels to the Imperial space station near Kessel. Gavin takes the lead and charms his way into a negotiation with the commandant which favors Taro's trade interests. The crew exchanges the captured ship for a newer Wayfarer freighter and returns to Formos.
Session: Hutt Wedding on Formos - Tuesday, Jul 30 2013 from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Session 7.22.13
We had great turnout with 4 original PCs (no pre-gens this time). Adventure Brief: after Gavin sells the stolen liquor for Andros & Varley, and C4, the droid companion of Andros, recruits a new droid to the group, they set off in the Temporary Blip to head into the darkness of wild space to infiltrate a cult human group calling itself the Knights of Humanity's Glory led by an Imperial commander gone rogue with a star destroyer. Group manages to sneak in, shut down the hyperdrive so the Imperial fleet can move in to strike, and then just barely escape with Captain Kitano as their unconscious captive. They also receive 300K credits from a Swiss bank account (200K from the Empire for a job well done and another 100K for an Imperial shuttle they sold to Taro the Hutt) and divide the profits three ways as the new droid surrenders his share for having his way with the prisoner.
Session: Game Session - Monday, Jul 22 2013 from 10:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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