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Freedom; Sacrifice; Destiny...
Our hero had noticed but paid very little attention to the digging. It had been going on since they brought him to this cell. He knew he would be free but he was unsure how it would happen. Would the slave escaping out the back of his very cell be the way? It seemed likely but he wouldn't put other paths to his destiny at risk by actively participating in the escape attempt until freedom was assured.

Putyuk laid on the floor in the corner of the grimy cell covered with a threadbare white blanket made from some material the takers had brought with them from the South. The noise had stopped but there was a tangible feeling of tension in the moist cave air and Putyuk peeked from the corner of one eye through his eyelashes. At the same time as Apsalar called his name, he saw his reason to flee that wretched hole in the ground: Salaksartok. He only knew that a Sh'aenee brother had walked through his cell and was escaping with the takers. He had not seen this. What did this mean?

He caught the man from behind and grasped his face. The man resisted but it was enough. Putyuk now knew that this man's destiny was important to Putyuk; Putyuk's Clan; and all of the People of the Ice.

The escape was complicated by the taker who had dug the hole dying a gruesome death and taker monstrosities, now long dead. Yet escape he did with his confusing new ally and a group of takers that included one of the slavers.

During the escape from the slave mine Putyuk spoke with Salaksartok extensively. It would be days before the Shaman realized that his new friend was a man out of time, rescued from the long death below ground by the slavers. For now Putyuk only knew that Salaksartok spoke in a formal yet brutal dialect and that he seemed completely ignorant of the realities of life on the Ice.

As much attention as Putyuk paid Salaksartok he was forced to pay as much to the slaver Javaire. The slaver's clear hostility to the People of the Ice proved that he was not to be trusted. Javaire's destiny was cloudy, and Putyuk desperately wanted our Great Mother to show him more.

Just as Putyuk had convinced Salaksartok and Apsalar to head north with him they saw the first of the Sacrificed. Putyuk put the strange scars and apparent blood plague together with their movement's south into a clear and immediate story. The Resistance was using the Thick Blood Plague as a weapon. His first reaction was horror but that was quickly followed by understanding. Whatever tribe was infecting their own people and sending the walking dead south had given up on ever having peace with the Takers. The resistance was growing and radicalizing. The fools they should have known that this would only bring doom on our cause.

The slaver took off south and others went with him. Putyuk knew that slaver could not be allowed to tell the rest of the takers of the Wolf Clan's actions. The city would have marched their armies of takers north with their steel and massacred all of the People the way they massacred the Snow Owl Tribe. We had no where else to flee; we were already pressed against the North Sea.

The Wolf Clan's use of the Thick Blood Plague was evil. The taker's treatment of the People was evil. The People who followed the Old Way were too passive. They didn't understand that the takers will just keep taking until there was nothing left to take... leaving the People with nothing. A solution is needed. A middle ground. He once again saw his destiny clearly.

From the Legend of Putyuk
Silatuyok, Clan Narwhal Storyteller
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