After a long struggle, the human kingdom of Myrtania has lost the war against the invading orcs. The king has been missing since the siege of the capital began. It is said that he fell, but his body was never found…

The orcs now hold the most important roads and cities in their iron grip. However, instead of exterminating humanity, they seem content to control the land. Part of their massive army has taken up position at strategically unimportant points and they have begun to destroy the temples there. Nobody knows the reason for this strange behavior.

Throughout the realm, resistance has surfaced against the orcish occupiers; there are still human-held fortresses and small military factions on the marches of Myrtania. These rebels are in no way united, and their leaders squabble over the succession to the throne of the fallen kingdom.

In this difficult time, a group of travelers have entered the continent and their deeds will decide the future of the realm.

Will you free Myrtania from servitude to the orcs, or will you support their mysterious goals? Where will the path lead that you choose to take?

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To gain the trust of a monster
June 26th, AYED

After a few days of rest, Araton, Cor, and myself have decided to set out. We are hoping to complete some jobs for the Orcs, gain some of their trust, and use it to empower and inform the Rebels and Kap Dun Underground. Either way, an orc run Myrtania is still better than a necromancer controlled Myrtania.

Deciding to start with the search for the missing supplies, we are following the road to Montera. Some food and Lamp Oil will be inconsequential if returned to the orcs, and if there is anything more, we will likely give it to the rebels and inform the orcs it was missing.


We are halfway to Montera, and there has been no sign of a cart. We decided to move a mile away from the road and camp in a field. Nothing of interest this night. Hopefully I will be able to sleep without being haunted by the men I killed in Kap Dun...

June 27th, AYED

Heading towards Montera through the mountain pass, we eventually came upon the remains of a caravan late in the afternoon. There were no bodies, but definite signs of a fight. Deciding the bandits must be nearby, we headed for the nearest mountainside. Finding a small alcove to camp, we settled in for the night.

On watch now, I feel full of anticipation. I have not heard or seen anything out of the ordinary, but I feel as though something momentous is about to happen. I only pray it is good for our cause.

Hopefully, sleep will not elude me this evening. My one respite is I never saw the faces of the men I murdered. I cannot continue to live with this burden. Perhaps I will ask Cor for Wisdom on the matter in the morning.
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War is grim business
June 23rd, 932 AYED

Phil informed us today that the rebels at Reddock wish to meet with us. Some of his men escorted us into the Ardean forest, then instructed us to each drink a tonic from a vial. I knew this to be an agent to render us unconscious so we would not be aware of Reddock's Location.

We awoke inside the main cave of Reddock, and were quickly approached by Phil's men and a dwarf. The dwarf introduced himself as David, a fire paladin and leader of the Rebels in Reddock. After thanking us for our work in Ardea and filling us in on the dire state of the rebellion, he gave us our next mission. Scouts had been sent to spy on Kap Dun, but they had not reported back. We are to carry out their mission, and find them if possible.

After studying a map and discussing our next steps, we were again given the sleeping tonic. I awoke in the clearing where we had met Marvin and Krealot, though it was only my companions with me. After rousing Araton and Cor, we headed for Kap Dun.

As we passed through the farmland, we noticed their were no workers in the fields. We did not think it too strange considering the recent fall of Ardea. The orcs could have simply put a tighter hold on the slaves. However, the truth was more sinister.

As we entered the forest, it soon took on the air of a rotting swamp. This forest is normally full of salty-sea air, not rank rot of swamps. Shortly after, we were attacked by abominations. Some farm animals had been killed and reanimated as living dead. We quickly destroyed the abominations and moved closer into town.

Arriving outside, we found the city under siege! The missing farmers as well as some orcs were also made into zombies and they were attacking the town. Quickly deciding that an orcish Kap Dun was preferable to a undead one, we joined in to help. With our help, the orcs and mercenaries were able to overcome the remaining undead.

After finishing off the last of the undead, the orcs turned their weapons on us.

"Ah yes, the one's with the bounty on their heads. Have you come to turn yourselves in?", Graak, the orc leader, said.

I replied, "I am a mercenary Lord Graak, loyal to the cause of the orcs. These men are indeed the one's with the bounty. They have come to plead their case, as they are prisoners, recently escaped from the mines of Khorinis. The fighting in Ardea was only a misunderstanding, and they have come to pledge themselves to you. If you do not see fit to forgive them, then I humbly request that I receive the bounty, for it is I that convinced them to come here to you."

Graak laughed at this. "Very well", he said. "I know of a way to test your loyalties."

He waved to one of his men. Two orcs entered the town hall, and returned with three men, bound, with sackcloth bags over their heads.

"These men are rebel spies", Graak said. "They are worthless to me, but the rebels would love to know the info they have about us. Therefore, they must be killed. Kill them, and I will forgive you and remove the bounty."

Knowing the importance of our mission, I looked to my companions and said, "I suggest you accept Lord Graak's mercy, as orcs are not usually this understanding." Then, I stepped behind the first prisoner, and steeling myself, I ran my sword across his neck, and silently prayed for Innos forgiveness.

After a little more hesitation, Cor and Araton dispatched of the other two prisoners. As the Orcs carried the bodies away, I noticed the ring worn by the man i slew. He was a Fire Paladin. It took ever ounce of willpower to not weep for what I had been forced to do. If Graak or the orcs noticed my inner turmoil, they did not show it.

Graak then told us we could find work with Urkrass, the Orcish quartermaster, as well as Deckard, his mercenary counterpart. We discussed the details, but the rest of the day went in a blur. That evening, I found a secluded spot outside the city wall, built a small shrine to Innos, and prayed that I be forgiven, and that those men not die in vain.


June 26th, 932 AYED

I can't stop replaying that moment in my head. I had Graak buying the mercenary story. He doesn't know where the Reddock is. I could have "Interrogated" the prisoners. Maybe found a way to fake the death of the Fire Paladin.

My only refuge is knowing that many of my people would not feel such remorse. At least I am not like my Hashishin brethren.

Innos forgive me...
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Sinister Shadows
June 21st, AYED

Having acquired Marvin's ingots, we returned and transacted a trade. We each received our enchanted equipment, and Marvin received the ingots. Having spent a considerable amount of time and resources in the ruins, and being so close to the village, we decided to return to Ardea to resupply.

Upon our return, we found Quinn and Tarrax locked in a wooden cage. We were immediately set upon by armed, cloaked men. They were Hashishin Assassins! Thankfully, they were only novices, for even though we were outnumbered, we were able to prevail. I was again encouraged to keep my true origins to myself.

After our altercation, Phil explained to us the orcs had posted a sizable bounty for the capture of the newcomers, and the Hashishin, always motivated by gold, had sent out assassins to capture them.

Thankfully, it seems that I was not on the list, and the descriptions are incomplete. I do not think we will have too much trouble outside of Ardea. However, we will need to be more careful in the future when it comes to...leaving witnesses...
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jul 21 2012 from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Working as a Team
June 20th, AYED

After informing Araton and the Baldur of our objective to liberate Kap Dun, we set out to scout the village out. Although the rebels have many agents gathering information, this will give me a chance to gauge my companions devotion to Innos and to the Rebels.

Along the way, we encountered a dwarf named Marvin and his Sarsen friend Krealot. I have never seen a Sarsen before, as they are from the far-a-way land of Fanticia. He was quite intimidating.

Marvin informed us that they were vampire hunters travelling from Fanticia following the trail of a vampire. After this disturbing news, he asked for our help.

A nearby ruin contains some ingots of an unknown alloy useful in fighting vampires. While Krealot and Marvin could easily handle their acquisition, Marvin would rather pay us to handle it, while they take care of other preparations. In return, he would enchant pieces of our gear while we were gathering his ingots.

I did not sense any dishonesty, so I did not object too much when the others agreed to help. However, the ease with which my companions were distracted from their mission was...unsettling.

After discovering the ruins, we slowly crept inside. After disabling a device meant to electrocute intruders, we proceeded down the narrow halls. Opening the first door we came too, the air gained an almost electric quality.

Inside the room, there was a small, unimposing altar. On this altar rested one of the ingots were were gathering. However, above the ingot was the visage of a child hidden by water. Quickly realizing the attack of a water elemental, the three of us went to work dispatching it quickly. This continued to occur at each room until we had recovered all 8 ingots.

In this experience I was impressed with Araton and Cor's ability to work as a team, both with each other and myself. I was also surprised to find myself enjoying having companions to rely on, as I brought up to work alone. Perhaps this arrangement will work.
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Finally, some Hope
June 19th, AYED

It was 2 years ago that I joined the Myrtanians in their fight against the orcs and my Hashishin brethren. And it's been nearly that long that I've been in hiding. Seeing the King's proud army reduced to rotting in caves, waiting for an opportunity to strike against the orcs. And that is to say nothing of the unlucky ones that were captured. Sometimes, the dead seem the most fortunate.

But then, I've seen Gotha...

Regardless, a ray of hope has finally shown through. A group of Myrtanians arrived from Khorinis on the Esmerelda and within 3 days, Ardea is free. The rebellion had been trying for months to do what these...fools have done in a week.

They are not all fools. The crusader, Araton, commands my respect. He has shown both leadership and might. He lives up to the legends about the crusaders of old.

Azaris, the priest, also interests me. We discussed the teachings of Innos and the Eternal Wanderer at length. He was able to answer some lingering questions about my own faith in the short time we spoke.

With Ardea Being freed, some of the newcomers have decided to help out in other areas, while a few have been assigned to me to help me complete my next mission, the assassination of Graak, Orc Commander of Kap Dun. However, My first task is to determine if I can truly trust these two, and if I can, we will link up with the rebels at Reddock and see if they have had any leads appear in the wake of Ardea.

This will not be easy. With only Araton and Cor, the Robed One, to accompany me, we will have our work cut out for us. However, with Innos light to guide us, I know we can prevail...
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jul 21 2012 from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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