For 22 years the Human race has enjoyed prosperity and peace, a state not afforded to all realms. But has that peace reached an end?

A momentary Lapse of Reason is a homebrew/3.5 campaign set in the fictional world of Luinar.

Please visit the wikis for more information in Luinar, its history and timelines.


Rumors of a small towns population vanishing overnight have been circulating around Hime: People who have not been properly worshiping the gods are being smote down, the vampires are invading small towns- eating the babies and turning the elders, dragons have awoken and starting their reign of terror.

None of which have founded truth behind them. However, investigations must be made. Do you have what it takes to find out the truth?

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Cryll Short - Right on Cue
((30 days after separation from group. Broem, airship Right on Cue.))

"YOU WANT TO DO WHAT TO THIS SHIP?!" screamed the tiefling "You left months ago to go chasing after sister Lestraad and now you come back with this?" She tossed a worn bundle of papers back to Cryll; a rough sketch of an exploding ship was on the first page.

"Well Madame Yulia," Cryll slid the papers back across the tiefling's desk, "if you had bothered to read this you would have known that I am missing several key calculations before I can finalize Plan XKCD." Cryll paused, mouth agape, "It probably didn't help that I just handed you a wad of papers without even saying hello."

Rolling her eyes, Yulia picked up the bundle and started to read. Flipping through the pages she would pause occasionally to shake her head or squint as she reread something. When she finished, Yulia stacked the papers and folded her hands on top of them.

"You're a monster, Mistress Cryll."

Sliding the papers gently across her desk she continued, "I will supply you with the information you need about the Right On Cue, but I will in no way allow you to use her. I will also look into an alternative that may cost you dearly in gold but may keep you alive."

Cryll gathered up Plan XKCD "I know I'm a monster."
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Cryll Short - Not Lost
((26 days after separation from group. Broem main gates mid-afternoon, 6 hours northeast of lost.))

The boat floated up to the perplexed bugbear standing watch at the gates of Broem. The copper whelp manifested onto the bow, "Am I at Broem?"

The wide-eyed guard nodded slowly.

The dragon whimpered as the boat settled to the ground slowly.

"...not barrels..."

"Mean gnomes should be careful about where they want to go."
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Cryll Short - Lost
((26 days after separation from group. Somewhere.))

"We're here!"

The spectral dragon whelp chirped as it capered on the boats bow, waking up the small sleeping pair in the back of the boat. Sleepily, Cryll and Violet peered over the edge of the boat to see a near empty field 50 feet below. Laying in the field was a skeleton in tattered black robes clutching a broom in what was left of its hand.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Cryll asked "Boat...Where are we?" The transparent copper whelp sat cheerfully on the boats foredeck, "You said take us to broom and now here we are."

Cryll stood and approached the front of the floating boat; Calmly she placed her hands on each side of the grinning dragon. "Would you kindly take us to Broem. B-R-O-E-M. Home of bugbears, paladins, churches galore and statue stealing bitches named Cassandra."

Cryll's face turned feral and she hissed, "take us away from this broom. If I'm not drunk by sundown, I will turn this boat into barrels to make my own booze!"

With a shriek, the whelp disappeared as the boat made a hard turn and sped away. Violet turned to Cryll, "Get a map and a compass. That way you don't have to rely on a baby dragon to get us places"


Cryll's forehead met the mast.



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Spreading the raw brown bear pelt onto her skeletal horse Ed, Coral whispered a prayer.

He was a beautiful bear.

Cut down in his prime by the over zealous carelessness of one of my companions. Brown fur glistening black as blood poured from the bolt wound. His final moments were filled with pain, fear and grief. I am the one who ultimately end his life.

Ending his suffering. Bringing him peace.

I will remember him. As the forest claims his body, I will carry a piece of him to remember him always.

Under the watchful care of Evening Glory, rest dear bear.

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((17 days after separation from group. Danas Constables Office, main office.))

Cryll rooted through the jailhouse storeroom. She had long since found her belongings, minus her kobold shoes, and was now looking for anything worth taking for herself. Since she was the only prisoner that wasn't a ravenous animal, Cryll found very little in storage. All she found was a sack of old clothes, a small faded red box filled with betting chips and a set of romance novels. After stacking the novels in the middle of the room, Cryll moved to the front of the constables office thinking maybe the main desk would have something worthwhile.

She was greatly disappointed by what she found. The drawers were an affront to order, proper filing techniques and a health hazard in general but contained no treasures. One drawer was crammed with faded yellow reports and complaints that had been taken from concerned citizens and promptly forgotten by lazy constables, Cryll closed this drawer slowly while hoping nothing exploded forth from it. Another contained teeth; new teeth, old teeth, fresh teeth and broken teeth from a bunch of different species. Cryll dumped her newfound betting chips onto the floor and filled the faded box with teeth, "Teeth? Don't worry officer, these aren't mine." she giggled. Cryll's face beamed when she came across a silver constables badge buried amongst broken and disused office supplies; wiping off what could have been dried blood or spilt ink, she pinned the badge to her shirt.

As Cryll thumbed through the arrest log, drawing obscene pictures in the margins, the front door opened. The man who entered was tall, lanky and gaunt; his blue pinstripe suit, though crisply pressed, seemed dated and out of place. Approaching the desk where Cryll sat, he reached into his jacket and pulled out a business card. Offering the card to Cryll he introduced himself, "I am Matthew Locke, I am with the law firm Haugin, Daws, Benjamin and Jareek. I am here to meet with a prisoner." The way he stared at her made Cryll's stomach drop. Shifting in her seat Cryll said "Well, we have two prisoners here. One worth talking to and the other is a furry monster of some sort." A scream peeled from the cell block. "It would appear the prisoners have been introduced to each other. To whom exactly are you looking to speak at?"

"Only the two prisoners? Is Cryll Pinkington currently counted amongst them?." the replied expectantly.

Blinking blankly Cryll pondered "The name is logged in our ledger here," flipping away from the unfinished picture of a nude orc, "What I don't have here is a description of this Cryll Pinkington. Before I pull someone upstairs for a visitor, I wanna know if I'm bringing the screamer or the one causing the screaming." Matthew Locke stared down and smiled dryly at the gnome "The only information at my disposal is this; client name: Cryll Pinkington and location: right here. No other details we're provided to me upon my retention." Cryll closed the arrest log and folded her hands on top of it. "Since you don't know who you are actually here to see, and my records are...lacking. I will have to ask you return with a description of Cryll Pinkington. Go back to your employer and find out if your client is a grey fur monster or a screaming guy."

The lawyer huffed "If I am too be sent bank to my employer, I will not return empty handed. You will provide me with the arrest report." Reaching for the 'filing' drawer Cryll said "I'll see what I can do." As she pulled the drawer open crumpled paper erupted from within, spreading over the desk and onto the floor. "...ummm as I said, records are lacking. How about I read the charges, and you take notes or remember or something." Without waiting for Matthew, Cryll began to read from the arrest log.

"Charges for Cryll Pinkington are as follows."

Common assault, four charges.
Assault with a weapon (stick), two charges.
Unlawful torture, four charges.

Cryll paused, "This Cryll of yours came sailing up to the gates of Danas on the backs of four kobolds. They were forced to carry a small sail boat along with all of its cargo all the way from the coast." Cryll thought to herself That was the worst over land boat trip I had been on. Those kobolds couldn't keep that boat steady for the life of them. I should have beat them a little more.

Assault on a constable, one charge.
Damage to private property, ten charges.
Common theft (hammers), two charges.
Damage to public property, two charges.
Unlawful use off incindiary device in city limits, six charges.
Causing panic to incite a riot, one charge.
Dispensing a noxious organic substance (acid), three charges.
Resisting arrest, one charge.

Flipping to the next page, Cryll looked up to Matthew, "The charges don't stop at the time of arrest. Every cell that Cryll was kept in has been damaged. The last cell we have is now shared by two prisoners. I don't need to tell you about then again."

Pausing to catch her breath, "More charges."

Damage to public property (cells), two charges.
Attempted escape, two charges.

Cryll flipped the page.

Damage to public property (cells), two charges.
Attempted escape, two charges.

Cryll flipped the page.

Damage to public property (cell), one charge.
Attempted escape, one charge.

"At this time, this is all I have to offer you. If you could kindly leave, I need to go and see who or what needs first aid. Can't have dead prisoners laying around." Waving off the lawyer Cryll scampered off towards the basement, before she could get to far though, Matthew called after her. "Do you really think that klormadustof would send me here without telling me exactly who you are and what you are capable of miss Pinkington? Now. I've let you play here for long enough, are you free to leave?"

Spinning around with huge grin Cryll giggled, "Sure, but only if you add a couple more notes to that arrest log."
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