Eriador - Lands of western Middle Earth (TA 1640) are the starting point for epic adventure. See the files section for maps, views of places, and sketches of the people of Eriador.

Will the adventurers stake a place in the ongoing battles of Law and Chaos, Good and Evil? Time and the dice will tell!
Rules are AD&D with MERP variations. It all starts in Cardolan as the power of the Witch-King grows. Several hooks are provided and the characters go where they will.

Cities of Newhon and Greyhawk adventure modules are blended into the world here and there. Far beyond the Sea of Rhun may lie Oriental Adventures, the Young Kingdoms, and Melnibone.

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A long and arduous trek
As I finally sit down in my armchair with my scroll and quill, I'm finding that this journey that I have undergone has drained me of my energy. After doing battle with several wights, I became incapacitated, and found I could not do things I had formerly been able to do. So after our tale under the Castle ended, myself and my ranger companion headed off to find our masters. On the way and among our tromping in the woods, we stumbled upon several Bug Bears, one of which incapacitated me yet again by hurling a boulder at me with all its might, and broke my leg. We were able to make it out safely, and continue our journey.

Once we arrived at our destination, we found our masters, and received some much needed healing and restoration. Once back to fighting shape, I trained for a week or so to gain back the abilities that I need to be able to take on foes such as wights again. Also, I showed my enchanted weapon to my elven master, and he explained to me that it was made as one of many designed to be able to combat things of the witch king's creation, and there could be several others in similar circumstances if we take the time to search for them. However, he seemed to think that our best chances of acquiring more of such weapons lied in going to Elrond himself.

We then departed from the camp, and set forth on the journey back to Threshhold, which took about another week, and leaves my tale where I sit in my armchair now. And as for myself, I am off for much needed sleep.
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Up the River without a Patron
The day dawned red and warm with tropical breezes blowing humid air, then later the monsoon rain. On Arcadia's boat the party travelled south to meet the Gwathlo River, gaining valuable training at sailing from Talgaen, Arcadia's northman bodyguard and boatman. With the storm wind at their backs, the boat moved upstream at top speed until evening when the rains set in. Other than sighting a gian crayfish, nothing else occurred until the end of the next day. Toward dusk, a larger vessel moved quickly downstream to intercept Arcadia's boat. The elves on board spied a ballista at its prow, and pirates were suspected. Despite running downstream again for three miles with all hands at oars and full sail, the party could not outrun the faster, worm-infested vessel and its 18 passengers.

As the starving brigands prepared to board Arcadia's boat, Malhavock cast darkness on the boarding party while Fernina entangled them with river-grasses. After a series of small struggles, the adventurers subdued, killed, or drove away all of the pirates. In the leader's tent they found a hoard -- of gold, gems, and a scroll -- that they took back to Arcadia's boat. The scroll appears to be a treasure map.

When Arcadia thanked them and offered them half of the treasure, Malhovock bristled and argued the party was owed much more for saving his life. Arcadia insisted they honor his original "genlteman's agreement" with Daor. As the argument grew heated Daor attempted to put Arcadia to sleep. This having failed, Arcadia and Talgaen struck down Daor and threw his unconscious body to Gordon and the rest, telling them to take what gold they could carry and leave his vessel.

The party took the worm-eaten pirate boat and next morning sailed it into Tharbad. There they experienced a city in its death throws, with a teeming but starved population, rampant crime, and few reputable folk. Having found a reasonably good inn and sold some of the gems they took from the pirates, they prepare to head east....
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jul 20 2013 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Threshold by Dark and by Day -or- "local fame leads to new employment"
During the week after the two rangers departed for the north, the unpredictable group of fellow adventurers discovered their small adopted hometown. Orssis honed his skills while Fernina helped local shepherds recover the small flock that had been "liberated" by goblins. The humble family gave her in payment an old cloak with special properties. Daor and Inamorta entertained the loggers on their way to work (as well as a few of the town guard) and made some coin. Meanwhile Orssis seemed to come into some coin on his own, by some means (?)

As the week developed, so did the many new opportunities for locally famous wight-slayers. Sinar the Elf wanted delivery of a wedding gift to Selenica, an elven settlement east of Tharbad. An easterling or southron merchant wanted to recruit the party to visit the Manor of Arkayz, a famous local sage, who wants them to visit something called The Rock. The party arranged to go to the manor on the day the rangers would return. Malhavock agreed to undertake a Quest for Baron Halaran as repayment for raising Fernina. The local gentleman and contractor for mercenaries, Mr. Arcadia, reached an agreement with Daor to secure his "special" protection from assassins. Almost immediately, the party thwarted one assassination attempt in the Woodpecker Inn and another the next night at the home of Arcadia. The would-be assailant carried several interesting items. Arcadia was impressed enough to allow them access to his kitchen and to offer passage for the group to Tharbad aboard his small merchant vessel.

Meanwhile, Gordon secured a contract from the Baron to build a defensive moat around the town's timber walls. The project is to begin within the year. The half-orc barbarian managed to stay out of trouble in town, largely by confining his activity to the Woodpecker Inn and its tavern.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jul 13 2013 from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Hit the ground running
As I sit here pondering over the happenings of the day, I find that our specific happenings on this particular rotation of the Earth were not quite as I pictured when I got out of bed this morning. Since last night I was informed by my companion Sylvia of the adventure was to ensue today, I was aware of the possibility of, but not expecting the true nature of events that were to unfold.

My aforementioned friend took me south and west to a castle owned by a man named Caldwell, where I was then introduced to our ragtag band of oddities (which by the end of the day I've actually grown quite fond of). After descending into darkness from a trapdoor, we were met by one rather suspicious "druid," who, upon further examination via dagger, was found to be a doppleganger. This being said, the druid that was formerly in our party was... well... defaced by this doppleganger before it faced its own demise. All while this was going on, I was in a rather, let's say, sticky situation with a gelatinous cube in the company of Sylvia and Gordon.

After the party came to our rescue and praying with the cleric to Thoth, we felt it was an appropriate time to rest up and gather our bearings. We then went on to explore farther into the depths of the dungeon, and encountered four men who apparently lost all sense of civilization in the weeks of their entrapment in the caverns. Our group managed to deal with this violent bunch rather quickly, and in searching one of the bodies, I acquired a sword of great power, with "Lich Hater" inscribed in Elvish.

A little more searching around took place, and then our wanderings led us single-file into a small cavern. In this cave a confrontation with 3 unusual hobgoblins took place, during which my newly acquired sword began shimmering as a vampire would in the summer sun. Although heavy casualties were taken, the three hobgoblins were eventually cut down quite literally by our forces. However, we decided that it was a grand idea to sever the heads from the bodies due to regenerative properties that we examined. To conclude our day, we gained a hefty amount of spoils from the back of the cavern, and divided them amongst the group.

Not a bad day, this one. However, for now I must return to the comfort of my bed, so that I may make tomorrow's adventure even more successful than today's.
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alcohol aho!!!!!!
i write this while i recover from a minor hangover due to an exhuberant consumption of alcohol and fine foods. the ragtag group has finally completed our initial quest of clearing the castle well all but one room which we found out was magically locked from that man caldwell the giver of the quest. he has now re tasked us with helping him with what lies behind the door.but before we venture on another arduous task we have all spent our time in this wonderful town called threshold. we encountered a somewhat inknowledgable barmaid i mean really a damned barmaid who doesn't know what whiskey is! i made due with a large consumption of ale however i am now always assumed drunk which i may be able to use to trick any enemies or rabblerousers into believing i am wasted beyond comprehension as caldwell did. ah one more thing i have managed to gain a familar a ferret as it were i can feel my powers amplifying thanks to him i shall halt writing in preparation for the task ahead
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