The adventurers arrive in Loudwater. Helping the village folk in a positive manner or abusing the town for their own personal benefit is completely up to them. Though Loudwater's threats may pose as a formidable challenge, only harder challenges await in the future of the adventuring party.

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Day #1 : Goblin Attack Halted
The players arrive in Loudwater, only to be caught in the middle of a Goblin attack! After a few civilians are slain, the Goblins are defeated, with a long-range arrow finishing off their leader. The players find out what the Goblins were after: the Horn Totem. They are given the item from the storekeeper named Garwan that purchased it earlier from a wizard named Curuvar who had previously obtained the item from the Barrow of the Ogre King. This barrow was the primary hideout for the Goblins of this area.

After they rest in the inn, a wizard named Curuvar sought you out after hearing about your fight, telling them that he'll tell you the history of the Ogre King if you obtain the other Goblin totem, the Skull Totem, from the barrow, and perhaps other information if you prove you gain his trust.
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Players begin their adventures in Loudwater!

Players started the campaign!

The story unfolds!
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