• Elven_archer_by_linzarcher_thumb
    Rimenon Maereseer Elf/M/Def/Ranger/4
    Description:Rimenon stands at 5’9”, wearing studded leather armor. While being relatively young, he’s in his early 100’s. Rimenon is a very skillful archer who enjoys nothing more than a good hunt. While being inclined in archery, Rimenon can also use a sword in melee range combat. He is a healthy el...
    Background:The recollection of my past is next to nothing but of one vivid image etched into my distant memories. I see this image in every attempt to recall my past. It is of a burning forest surrounded by a lake; as a large hooded figure stands laughing in the distance. I have determined this hooded figur...
  • No_img_thumb
    Aelic HUMAN/F/Def/CLERIC/3
    Details: Aelic means 'Protector, or Guardian'. Aelic tries very hard to live up to her name.
  • No_img_thumb
    Lily Pond Half Elf/F/Druid/3
    Description:A young 5'5" Druid with black hair and silver eyes.
    Background:I lived in a small town where we had a druid not far out in the woods. All of the little kids would go and visit her and she would teach us some of the basics of nature like what berries we should and should not eat, and various plants that we should stay away from. As we got a little older most ...
    Details:can talk to squirrels, mice, and rabbits.
  • Another_elven_warrior_by_myworld1_thumb
    Lennethel Treantblade Elf/F/Stkr/Fighter/Mage/3/3
    "I shall bear these shackles for as long as I remember."
    Description:Standing at a very, very modest and short 4'5'' tall, Lenneth always has her face covered up by either her hood or covering it with the terrain around her. Whenever she walks the distinct sound of chains can be heard, but her footsteps are light and she seems unhindered by shackles. Her look...
    Background:Not much is known about Lenneth. All she's shared to people who have talked to her is that she's a war prisoner, a commander, a princess, and a living shame all wrapped under one cloak, as she'd then pull the hood of her cape over her face more. She was born into a life where everything was...
    Details:-Powerful Enemy: Grom'nih-kal

Retired Characters

  • Juggernaut2head_thumb
    Yennan Jamamros (Retired) Half-Orc/M/Stkr/Fighter/3
    "Listen to the foe from him up close."
    Description:Yennan is a goliath, standing a fearsome 7 feet tall, easily towering over other 'lesser' races. His darkened skin is covered in an assortment of scars - some from blades, others from flames. He wears a variety of leather armor and furs, preferring the range of movement it offers, and is almost a...
    Background:Yennan was one of two bastard children conceived by a powerful orc chieftain's daughter and a captive human warrior. The orcs are a race of strong warriors - but strength alone isn't enough to wage wars. The Jamamros tribe, far to the south, needed capable leaders. Ones that had the capacity for ...
    Details:-Refuses to speak on matters pertaining to his past or his mask. A wise decision; orcs have become a blight on the world, and he is nothing if not at least partially an orc. -Follows a mild code of honor. He shows no fear, refuses to challenge foes from a distance, and is quite honest about mo...
  • Dwarf-1_thumb
    Durr'lach (Retired) Dwarf/M/Stkr/Fighter/3
    Description:Durr'lach is a dwarf. By looking at him, you cannot tell what kind of dwarf he is, just that he is a dwarf. Half of his head is shaved, sporadically. What is left on his head is shaggy and unkempt. His beard is well groomed though, and makes for a funny contrast to the hair on his head. ...
    Background:Not much is known about Durr'lach's past.
    Details:Durr'lach seems happy and content one moment, then crazed and angry the next. It is hard to tell what might set him off.
  • Blast_calibur_cut_in_thumb
    Rhea Thoruland (Retired) Half-Elf/F/Archaelogist (Mage/Thief)/3/3
    "Man this is interesting, I wonder what would happen if I di- uh... oops."
    Description:Always clad in simple, yet somehow exotic clothing (some of which is torn and patched together with various clashing colors), Rhea is a small and somewhat frail halfbreed. She stands at 5' tall and always pokes questions and has her nose in her notes. Rather fearless in the face of danger, exce...
    Background:The Thoruland family has existed for generations upon generations, acting as high ranking Noblemen and Magicians alike. While the men devoted their life to leading the family and politics, the women were reading books and practicing the arcane arts. Each family mage was branded with a particular ...
    Details:-Always inquisitive about things that she doesn't understand, and shows a willingness to learn. -Has the best of intentions, despite her brash behavior and abrasive personality. -Prefers to avoid conflict and to just solve everything through reason.

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