Retired Characters

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    Jeeves Weisenthal (Retired) M
    Description:A modest, slim man, usually dressed in the traditional butler's uniform. A non-imposing figure at a modest 5'7", his quiet manner and willingness to help allow him to fade into the background of any social situation. Fading does not stop him from coming to the assistance of those who need help, a...
    Background:Following in his father's footsteps, Jeeves Weisenthal was raised to be a servant. Born shortly after Stacey Meredith Whitehall III, the two immediately realized there was never any question about who Jeeves would be working for. Joining with Stacey shortly after his release from school, Jeeves f...
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    Stacey Meredith Whitehall III (Retired) Human/M
    Background:Lord Stacey Meredith Whitehall III was born on September 14th, 1897 in London, England. He had an older sister, Elizabeth, and a younger brother, Thomas. As the eldest son of the rich and powerful Whitehalls of Stratford-on-Avon, he was educated in all the finest boarding schools then he join t...
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    Dr. Buernor Thorson (Retired) Human/M
    "Sure, I'll try it. I've survived worse. "
    Description:Dr. Buernor “Polar Bear” Thorson announced his intent to join the Starkweather-Moore expedition to Antarctica. “I am very familiar with the arctic environment, fjords and climate of Norway and the Scandinavian countries of my Viking ancestors. I have never been to the Antarctic and am l...
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    Description:Black hair, 6 foot 3 inches tall.
    Background:Born in Vladikavkaz in 1895, in the Caucasus mountains. Took part in the People’s Revolution of 1917. Earned his science degrees in Biology and Chemistry at Kazan Federal University.

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