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Journal entry 1
I have decided to create a journal, a history of my ascension to power. I have been inspired by the journal of a very powerful lich on his rise to power. To begin my journal I shall just write about the past week and delve into my past on a later date. I was researching in a small town when the local librarian named Giles. We decided to travel together to the only port left open and from there he was to let me into some library he knew of. Unfortunately he disappeared soon as we reached the city gates. While trying to find away into the city I ran into an interesting business opportunity. All I had to do was have a local kobold apothecary's business increase and I would get a take of the profits. Unfortunately some annoying paladins did not like my carefully thought out business move. They claimed yelling false claims of curing the plague was evil, although it certainly was no worse than the fellow selling sugar water as healing potions. But luck was on the paladins sides when a stranger convinced the guard to let me go before I was forced to take drastic measures.
Oh what fun it was though when the snake oils salesman was called out on his devilish ways. I attempted to help out by flinging a glowing stone at his head, unfortunately no one noticed so I was forced to vent my ire elsewhere. Namely on the horses of his carriage. Oh what fun it was to see them galloping about in fear.
I was eventually able to make it in with a group of other people our caravan picked up along the was as well as a few strangers. Unfortunately I was unable to settle my score with the kobold, with him still owing me my share of the profit. Although I am sure to find him again and force him to relinquish my money. I am sure nothing bad could possibly happen from that.
That night we all stayed at a local inn and I drank for a while before hitting the hay. Quite literally, I had to hit my "bed" to clear out all the vermin before I was even considering sleeping on that filthy hay filled sack of a bed. In the morning I tried to once more search for Giles, but to no avail. From there myself and a few of the members of our new entourage wandered over to the local whore and drug house to see what excitement we could turn up there.
What we found was more than I could have imagined. It turns out a cult of Zon-Kuthon was hiding in the basement, turning the patrons into alchemy monsters. Unfortunately they were not undead so I was unable to practice my new blossoming necromantic powers on them. We also found a magical pool of water that promised great power. Which I promptly jumped into and to my disappointment no immediate effects were apparent.
We also managed to find some interesting books on how they were created and some books on many different necromantic creatures. We also managed to capture a spellcraftress for later interrogation. Not to mention a pile of gems and gold. One small embarassing thing I should also mention was how my greed for necromancy power led me to grabing a hilt of a sword with necromantic writting on it, triggering a trap.
Once we finished searching for more loot we burned the place the the ground behind us. Then I asked around again for the whereabout of Giles just to hear that he was last seen entering the establishment we had just burned down. I can only assume he was turned into one of those creatures we slayed. When speaking to one of the party members he revealed to me that he had found a journal of a powerful necromancer and there was also a ritual to turn someone into one of the most powerful liches there was. It seemed one of the components was a coin that Giles left me before he disappeared. I am curios to how a small town librarian had such a powerful object and why he would enter such a dingy establishment.
Me and the other guy made an agreement to help out each other in our goal for power. I wish now I did not kill the sorceress in my greed for an undead companion (which I failed at not taking into consideration her power out matched mine at the moment) before attempting to interrogate her about the necromancer or why they had his journal. I also wish I had sacrificed her to Urgathoa but I had wanted to preserve her body to avoid suspicion among the easily excited common folk.
Right now we are on a ship on the way to a city that an oracle said had a hint about the plague origins. I had heard though that these waters were infested with pirates. I am sure it would work out fine though.
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