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The Final Assault
The yells of surprise and pain coming from the orcs attacked in the barracks has alerted the orcs praying in the main room, an the adventurers exit the barracks they seen 8 orcs rushing down the stairs towards them. At the same time the alarm seems to have been raised and 4 female orcs come rushing in from the other direction

Jon and Sam turn to face the orcs approaching on the stairs, Aremil takes up and middle ground and Swaine and Jarod face-off against the female orcs.

Jon fires twice with his bow at the approaching orcs but fails to hit, he then promptly drops his bow and draws his sword ready for the attack. Swaine however is truer with his shooting and takes down 2 of the female orcs with his sling, one with a blow to the chest cracking her ribcage and the second going down to a blow to the head!

Aremil starts to cast a spell however the confusion going on around him distracts him and the spell fails to ignite into life, unfortunately a further 2 attempts also fail

Jarod fires his bow at the female orcs, his shot is very true and released with devastating power with a single shot felling 2 female orcs!

Sam wades forward to meet the oncoming orcs, he strikes the first flush to the faces crushing his head his momentum takes him forward to strike another however his swing fails to find a target

An orc attacks Jon but he is ready with sword to deflect the blow, more ready than the orc realised as he parries the blow with great skill and provides an opening to allow him a quick counterstrike which ends the orcs life

The orcs continue to press, 2 orcs swing at Sam however neither manages to strike true .. Aremil now has regained his senses a casts a spell firing a magical spear into the chest of an orc, quickly followed by another to an orcs head providing another instant kill

Sam continues to onslaught smashing another orc to a pulp, however a second follow through attack misses and leaves him off balance stumbling into the middle of the group of attacking orcs

With sword in hand Jon now presses the attack on the orcs, he gets a strike but it is not a solid one .. a second swing at the orc fails to find its mark

Swaine and Jarod continue to fight against the female orcs, with his sling Swaine takes down another quickly followed by Jarod taking down another two .. the numbers are slowly being reduced, 2 whip welding orcs run around the corner!!

Aremil attempts to cast a spell to conjure up a ball of fire however his unfamiliarity with the spell and the pressure of the oncoming orcs and he fails to form the words correctly, the spell fails

Jon continues to fight against the orcs pressing from the stairs, he strikes but fails to deliver a fatal blow however a follow up blow from Jon takes him down .. he turns his attention to another foe but fails to hit

Sam continues his battle against the orcs he faces, after a couple of misses his third strike hits true and an orc crumbles on the weight of the blow of Sam's mighty Maul

One of the orc manages to break free of the main fight and strike Aremil whilst he is still trying to gather the words for his next spell

The mighty Ogre Turrak is now upon Sam and Jon wielding a 2-handed sword in each hand, his first blow is parried by Sam's maul but the second blow hits true injuring Sam but he manages to stay on his feet

At the rear of the group the fight continues, Swaine and Jarod now face to chain mail wearing orcs wielding whips ... the first sling shot from Swaine hits however the sturdy chain-mail the orc is wearing absorbs the blow

Jarod quickly notches his bow and with a well place shot drops the first orc overseer with ease, he is however unable to hit the other orc as he quickly closes ground

Turrak fiercely presses the attack against Jon, he strikes Jon with such force Jon falls back from the blow and now lies prone on the floor at Turraks feet, he roars with delight hoping to finish his prey

Aremil still struggles to form the words for his spells causing another to fail, composure is regained and Aremil successfully casts a spell sending a spear to pierce the heard of an orc killing him instantly. He then tries to cast some illusionary

Jon manages to struggle to his feet and strikes out with his blade at Turrak hitting the ogre in his torso, but still struggling to fully regain his footing the second strike falls short of the mark

The orc overseer has now closed in on Swaine and Jarod and uses his whip to great affect to strike at Swaine, buoyed by his success he presses for a second strike but this time Swaine manages to deftly dodge out of the way

Seeing his companion in trouble Sam goes for an audacious all out attack against Turrak, the first strike looks to have hit true but Turrak manages to deflect the blow but Sam is quicker to readjust and his second and third strike both hit Turrak curshing a few bones ... a fourth strike from Sam though misses

Enraged by the pain from the blows and the nature of Sam's pressing attack Turrak strikes out at Sam but he manages to deflect the blow, Turrak frustrated turns his attention to Jon and with one mighty blow cleaves Jon down. Now fuel by pain and blood-lust Turrak continues to strike out but misses with three strikes

Seeing Jon fall to the floor lifeless clears Aremil's mind and he manages to form the words to send a magic spear deep into Turrak's chest, he seems to contemplate the hit for a moment before falling backwards lifeless

The fight at the rear continues with the orc striking at Swaine however the attempt is clumsy and he leaves himself off balance allow Swaine a free strike, he hits but fail to penetrate the tough chain mail armor

Aremil sees the fight now still going on behind him and moves to assist however he is too eager and stumbles forward almost dropping his sword, luckily he keeps hold of it and quickly sinks it into the orc killing him

The fight is over and many orcs lie dead, unfortunately for the adventurers so does Jon ... Sam decides that this can't be and tries with all his will to call on the those same power that helped him heal to bring Jon back to life!

It seems the gods favor Jon on this day as he begins to breath life again

After gathering themselves the adventurers continue to search the caves behind Turrak's throne room and find some more miners being held prisoner. After freeing all the miners the adventurers proceed to exit the caves, the enemy defeated and lives saved

The other miners great the adventurers as they leave the cave and together they travel to Tenkar escorting the remaining miners back to their homes
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Into unknown depths
The adventurers move into what appears to the the last room of the mines, they see a rope ladder leading into the depths under the mine that was the starting point for all this chaos

The adventurers move foward towards the edge of the hole to see if they can here movement below, unfortunately the rocks surrounding the hole are loose and began to give way ... luckily the adventurers all react quickly enough not to fall down the hole

The adventurers begin decending down the ladder and as they do notice an awful smell from below, this cause Aremil to cough and in doing so lose his grip on the ladder and he begins to fall. Some quick reactions allow Jon to catch him and they proceed down the ladder normally

Jarod also slips climbing down the ladder but manage to catch himself with his arm giving him some burns but halting his fall

The adventurers move forward through the caves under the mine, first coming across a room that appears to have been setup as a training room with several training dummies setup. Moving on they pass a kitchen with 4 female orcs huddled around a cauldron cooking what appears to be some vile brew

A little further up the corridor they come across what appears to be the leaders bed chamber, there are 3 female orcs sleeping the the bed .. again they decide to leave them be and move on

The next room appears to be a bit more of a challenge as it appears it is the barracks for the orcs living here and there are 8 orcs sleeping soundly. The adventurers decide to mount a surprise attack killing as many orcs as possible before they wake and can act.

Just to make sure the coast if clear Swaine creeps up the stairs ahead to see what is in the next room, as he approaches he hears chanting and upon reaching the chamber is greeted with the sight of 8 orcs praying to something else he the room he cant quiet see .. he decides there is no threat and returns to the barracks

The adventurers position themselves around the room then Swaine fires his sling cracking the skull of a sleeping orc, Jarod then lets loose 4 arrows, 2 make their mark but 2 miss. Jon fires his bow into the room and injures an orc, he cries out in pain and wakes up.

Aremil then joins the fray casting a spell that smothers the injured orc in his bed choking him to death, he tries to cast again but fails to have the concentration required to cast

Sam strides into the room delivering a mighty blow to the first sleeping orc he encounters crushing his skull, he then deflty swings his large maul around striking another orc crushing his ribcage, Sam continues to press striking out a couple more times but fail to hit

Swaine and Jarod change their focus to the orcs sleeping at the end of the room, Swaine his one but only manages to wound him. However Jarod has more luck and is able to dispatch of 2 more orcs.

Sam steps forward to finish the last orc, the surprise attack a success all 8 orcs lie dead having only managed to offer cries of agony as a defence
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First rule of fight club .. hit the opponent!
Jarod decides to sneak up the corridor to see what all the noise is about, he see a group of 8 orcs in the far corner of the room in a circle around what sounds like 2 miners fighting. On seeing this Jarod decides to retreat into the corridor and set up a trip wire using spare bow strings across the corridor and lure the orcs into the trap, unfortunately whilst rigging the trap he makes a bad contact with the piton and a metal sound rings out alerting one of the orcs.

The orc begins to move towards the corridor and Jarod slowly retreats and pushes himself up against the wall, Jarod hears the orc sniffing around and then he speaks to one of his comrades before stepping into the corridor. Unfortunately for Jarod he has failed to hide fully and the orc spots him and moves in to attack, however Jarod is quicker to react and strikes at the orc but he finds his feet quickly and manages to dodge out of the way .. however a second strike from Jarod catches him off guard striking the orc in the arm.

Jarod realizing he is now being pressed by the orc retreats, the orc moves after him but first yells out to him comrades to alert them! Seeing Jarod in trouble Aremil steps out and casts a spell sending a spear over Jarod's shoulder to impale the orc in the head. Sam moves to try and pull Jarod out of the way by lifting him but fails to find the right grip in 2 attempts!

An orc appears at the end of the corridor with a human miner kneeling down in front of him and demands the elf be handed over or the human miners will be killed. Jon peers around the corner and fires an arrow from his bow at the orc taking him by surprise and hitting him in the shoulder, Jon takes a second shot to try and finish him however the shot goes wide and the orc retreats out of view. As he does so 6 more orcs come rushing around the corner and charge toward the adventurers!

Jarod readies his bow and fires at the orcs now charging down the corridor towards him, he manages to fire off 3 arrows before they close in but fails to hit the target! The first orc closes on Jarod and strikes him with his sword, following through he also manages to knock Jarod backwards to allow more room for his comrades to manouver in the cramped tunnels. A second orc faces off against Jarod and he is hit again with a blow glancing his chest.

2 orcs move to the right of Jarod and attack Sam, the first orcs strike is true but some last minute footwork from Sam allows him to dodge the blow .. a second orc tries to press advantage and again strikes true but big Sam is much quicker than he looks and dodges the second strike also! The remaining 2 orcs press on Jon, the first scoring a strike but Jon anticipates the blow and dodges out of the way, the second orc fails to hit swinging at the air instead

Aremil casts another spell this time a volley of arrows striking down one of the orcs attacking Jarod, the arrow pepper his body and the orc slumps to the floor dead, bouyed with his succes Aremil casts again this time at one of the orcs attacking Sam but unfortunately this time the spell fails to cast

Jon now begins to fight back against the 2 orcs attacking him, unluckily his first swing fails to find its mark but a second follow-up strike hits an orc cutting him from chest to belt and killing him instantly.

After dodging the incoming blows of the orcs Sam finds time to heave the maul from his back and swings at one of the orcs attacking him but unfortunately he fails to make a strike. Jarod drops his bow and immediately begins to trade blows with the orcs facing him, his first swing wounds one of the orcs in the chest but he fights on, a second swing fails to find purchase.

Sam now armed with his mighty maul takes a swing at one of the orcs hitting him squarely in the chest and crushing his rib cage killing him instantly, he slumps to the ground. Sam brings the maul around for a strike against the second orc but the orc is too quick and moves out of the way .. a third swing from Sam fails to hit.

Aremil continues to fire magical arrows at the orc fighting Sam taking special care not to hit Sam but in doing so also fails to hit the roc, Aremil then turns his attention to cast a spell at the orc fight Jon but unfortunately the arrows fly wide of the target again.

The orc facing Jarod strike true but Jarod quick on his feet as always manages to move out of the way. The orc attacking Sam fails to find a strike, even though the orc attacking Jon strikes well and last minute parry from Jon means he remains unscathed.

Jon frantically attacks the orc in front of him try to down him before he gets chance to strike again, the first swings are poorly aimed and miss the orc .. more frustrated Jon presses harder but in doing so puts himself off balance with the third strike and trips striking his head on the wooden strut holding up the roof, he is left feeling dazed

Jarod has more success however and strikes down the remaining orc facing him, seeing Jon distress he turns to assist striking twice at the orc attacking Jon but fails to land a blow. Aremil joins in the battle and casts a spell to fire a spear into the shoulder of the orc attacking join, he is wound but still able to fight on, a second spell from Aremil misses as the spear harmlessly hits the wall

Sam is equally eager to down the orc in front of him and goes full out in attacking pressing hard and swinging 4 times at the orc but none of the swings hit the elusive orc leaving Sam frustrated and defenseless against the orcs attacks.

Jon still dazed from hitting his head suddenly finds a moment of clarity and with one swift swing of the sword beheads the orc fighting him, so swift is his move it carries him forward allowing him to strike at the orc fighting Sam. The first blow hits the orc but fails to end him, a follow up strike takes him down.

It seems the fight is over, Jon looks around to see if there are remaining foes and see the orc injured earlier standing at the end of the corridor with a crossbow, the orc fires .. but misses. Jarod quickly picks up his bow and fires off 3 arrows but none of them hit the orc, Jarod quickly finds cover wondering how he could miss.

Sam charges towards the orc hoping to get to him before he has time to reload, unfortunately in his haste he fails to find secure footing and trips falling to the ground in front of the orc, the orc sees an opportunity and moves in to attack, just in time Sam manages to raise his maul to deflect the incoming blow. The orc backs off using Sam as line of sight cover forcing the adventurers to move in.

Jon is the first to move in to attack, he picks up his swoard and rushes forward and swings at the orc but fails to hit, Jarod also moves into the room but can't get a clear shot with his bow so moves back waiting for his chance. It is not required however as Sam finds his footing and strides forward hitting the orc solidly in the chest and sending his body flying like a rag doll to the back of the room.

The fight is over, many orcs lie dead but also 2 miners lie dead in the corner of the room there throats slit as the orcs fulfilled there promise!
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Sneaking around, or maybe not!
The adventurers move further into the mine and hear some noises from ahead so they decide that Swaine will move ahead to determine what lies in wait! Swaine hears some snoring from the room to the left and a light coming from the room to the right.

After a brief discussion they decide to move quickly forward attacking both rooms at the same time, Sam and Jarod to the right, Swaine and Jon to the left with Aremil taking a position in the middle.

Jarod moves into the room and immediately sees and large orc wielding a whip watching some miners at work, Jarod reacts quicker than the orc and fires an arrow with unerring accuracy into the orcs head killing him instantly! As the others move into room on the left and light shows 3 orcs sitting in chairs and 5 sleeping on the floor, the 3 orcs react immediately the first swings at Jon, lukcily he manages to jump out of the way. Another orc swings at Swaine however his attempt falls short of the mark.

Swaine steps back to fire his sling into the room, the stone hits the orc squarely in the chest killing him and knocking him back into the room, this makes enough room for Sam to be able to get past and move into the room. Sam begins his work quickly and pulverizes one of the orcs still trying to wake up, his second swing misses so he takes a small step back to avoid being surrounded.

Jon fires an arrow at one of the orcs wounding him slightly, he then drops his bow due to the closes quarters and draws his sword but the swing at the orc misses as the orc dodges athletically, this gives him the opportunity to strike at Jon's flank however he fails to strike his target

Jarod now moves to fire into the room to the right, his first arrow hits and orc in the chest killing him instantly, he takes another shot but the orc now more awake dodges out of the way

Aremil casts a spell which conjures a wall of swirling blades which cut into the orc facing Jon finely dicing him to death.

Sam moves on the 2 remaining orcs and deftly takes them out, the room is again silent

Bouyed by the quick victory the adventurers move yet further into the mine and see another left/right tunnel up ahead so decide on the same tactics, Jarod and Sam take the right side this time with Swaine and Jon taking the the right, again Aremil takes up a position in the middle

As Jarod and Sam move into the room they find themselves faced with 2 orcs carrying whips, the first orc strikes and Jarod and hits him causing a stinging welt across his skin, the orc tries for another strike however manages to wrap the whip around his foot and falls to the floor

The second orc strikes at Sam however Sam reacts quickly and brings his maul up in front of him, the orcs whip wraps around the maul allowing Sam to pull the whip from his hands. Jarod draws his bow and shoots the orc laying on the ground killing him, he then takes a risky shot at the one fighting Sam however fails to hit and luckily does not hit Sam either.

Sam strikes at the defenseless orc and kills him with one blow.

The adventurers find some miners in the other room, a young man named Corbin introduces himself as an engineer in the mines and thanks for adventurers for saving him as his friends, unfortunately he can not provide much information but tell the adventurers some miners were take by the orcs for some sort of sport

On leaving the room they continue forward, soon however there here orcs yelling and cheering ahead of them ... seems like the adventurers have stumbled on that "sport"
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Hi ho of to kill orcs we go!
The adventurers begin to move into the mines, however Swaine stays behind to guard to the entrance in case more orcs approach the mine from outside.

Sam lights his torch then lights Jon's for him before proceeding forward into the dark mines ahead. As they approach the end of the first corridor then can see a room to the left and a passage leading off to the right, there seems to be some feint noises coming from the right so the adventurers decide to investigate the room first.

It appears this is simply a cloak room to store and retrieve cloaks for protection against the elements outside, Aremil finds some gold in one of the cloak pockets but decides to leave it behind .. the adventurers proceed down the corridor to the right.

As the adventurers advance down the corridor the sounds get clearer and it sounds like the smashing of crates, the adventures decide to send the light in ahead of them and string an attack. The orcs are immediately alerted by the light source however Jarod is quicker and drops once with a well place shot to the head, he re-aims and takes another one in the chest.

Jarod moves to the side of the corridor to let a charging Sam pass him, Sam quickly lays into the first orc crushing his skull then with a quick reverse blow smashes his heavy maul into the chest of an orc crushing the life from him ... 4 orcs lie dead and the room is silent

The adventurers proceed up the corridor to what appears to be a mechanic shop for the repairing of faulty equipment, there is also a couple of rooms leading off this one .. the one to the north has a trail of blood leading to it.

Jarod and Aremil go to investigate the room to the west, as Jarod leans to peer into the room through the broken door some loose masonry falls on his head giving him a small headache, Aremil however pulls him up and he is ok. The room itself appears to be a supply room and contains very little of interest.

Meanwhile Sam and Jon investigate the room to the north and see the blood trail was created what is now a dead miner who seems to have crawled in here in last vain attempt to save his life as this appears to be a medical station. Jon finds a sack under the miners corpse with some money and gems in it but decides to leave it where it is, the only other thing worthy of note appears to be 3 vials of alcohol which Sam takes as they could be used as make-shift explosives.

The adventurers continue to move further into the mines and hear some movement coming from the room of to the right ahead, they talk about how to approach the room however decide that the light source will give them away so they move in with Jarod moving to one side of the door and Jon the other so they can fire in with their bows.

Jarod can see one orc across from him in the room, he fires and arrow but the orc manages to dodge out of the way however a second arrow takes him firmly in the chest downing him instantly.

Jon can see another orc opposite him and also fires his longbow, this orc also manages to dodge but the second arrow takes him in the shoulder but he still lives to fight on .. Jon fires a third arrow to try and finish him off but unfortunately his shot is wide of the mark.

The injured orc moves out to attack, crossing Jarod's path first he decides to strike at him but misses. 2 orcs appear from around the corners of the room, 1 attacking Jarod however in his haste he fails to find firm footing and stumbles off balance, whilst the other strikes at Jon however fails to land a blow.

Sam moves into the melee and strikes down the injured orc with a blow from his maul, he then turns his attention to the orc that stumbled and strikes a blow but now with enough force to take the orc down .. Sam follows up with another strike but this time misses.

Aremil steps back from the fight to cast a spell but fails to form the words correctly and the spell does not cast, he frantically tries again but something goes wrong and he feels a pain build up in his mind causing him to have to retreat and unable to focus properly

Jarod now in melee combat drops his bow and draws his sword, he strike down the orc that stumbled in front of him .. Sam steps in to finish the remaining orc that faces Jon with a strike to the back of his skull

After the fight is done the adventurers hear a voice calling out from one of the carts and then see a relieved halfling emerge. He tells them he is one of the miners and managed to escape and was hiding from the orcs but they almost found him until the adventurers intervened.

He tells them his name is Siman and thanks them for the help and promises he will see them appropriately rewarded should they meet him in Tenkar afterwards, however right now he just want to get out of the mine to safety. Jon gives him one of the crossbows and the adventurers bid him farewell and a safe journey.
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