Where were you when the world ended?

Is this a "brave new world", or will the living truly end up envying the dead?

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Conflict avoidance
Sometimes you have to take a step away and not pick that fight. The best way to avoid injury is to avoid battle.

The idea that this kid, this future terrorist or whatever, might find a better path is all that is important.

But,dammit, how is parroting my own plan back at me a compromise? Everyone else seemed to think that this was golden when it came out of the mouth of one of the gods, but reckless when I suggested it.

Even my own wife.

I love her, but this...arrogance from all of them gets tiresome. I've decided I know better, so I'll just poke at things I don't understand with my fiery mop. I command trees and plants and the birds from the sky so I don't need to respect the ideas of mere mortals.

I'm weary of it all. After Proteus is dealt with, it might be time to step back from all this. To become that which my grandfather always wished for me, a healer and monk. I'll establish a new monastery, gather acolytes and train a new order to walk the path. A future where Loki has no hand in the development of the new Shaolin. To walk the path of peace will be lonely.

But first... Proteus.
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Session recap 2/19/16
Game called on account of illness and Pippin.
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"Peace Overture"
We have read your statement delivered earlier this year, and have come to the following decision:

The smaller communities in the remains of Massachusetts and the surrounding states have all been part of the process of keeping the peace in these areas, expecting the residents of these communities to swear fealty or surrender their homes seems extreme.

We are willing to meet with you to discuss your concerns and hopefully sue for peace. A mediator has been found that hopefully both sides will find agreeable. We have all been neighbors pretty much since the disaster happened, going to war is a poor way to end nearly two years of peaceful co-existence.

The land here seems capable of supporting us all, there is no need to squabble over the supplies and resources.

While it would pain us to have to do so, be aware that we will defend ourselves and our people if we are forced to. We would rather not have to, but we will not be pushed out of our homes, nor will we be forced to follow any specific set of religious beliefs.
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Input vs Response
Do I dare put forward more ideas? There seems to be a lot of resentment to my early decisions in the community. I'm not sure.

There is a lot of sense of resistance between the God-Touched in our community and myself. I am trying to hold my temper but there is a part of me that just wants to punch things until they don't move anymore so that I don't have problems dealing with them anymore.

Its frustrating that they don't seem to want tomorrow's world to be stronger than the one we have today. The idea of making decisions together is one that we have espoused over and over. I have tried to live in this community and be a contributor, but more and more I feel like the poor cousin that tags along because I might make Zoe easier to handle, or because they need a token Psion.

And to have Money take me to task because I interfered in her psychopathic "sisters" committing wholesale slaughter? Please... I'm for saving lives. I don't even want to hurt Maria, not really. I think that she's sick. That she needs help.

There is a difference between what we have been doing, putting things into motion to stop Proteus, and toppling the leader of one of the local communities and our actions could bring their wrath down on the others in our area.

We've been talking about handing down punishments. Removing abilities, and acting as the sole arbiter of right and wrong for everyone. I have blind spots, I know that I do. The others do, too. That our community might have the blatant arrogance to think that we have the power to decide morality for even the small number of communities that surround us astounds me.

It feels dangerous.

I'm afraid that I might need to use the weapon soon and not against Proteus.

I have to meditate and look for answers...

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Anger is ultimately worthless
I had to step out and get my head clear. He was very free with the information, sure, but I can't help but remember that he was just as willing to help out with a plot that would have left us all in terrible jeopardy.

And we're letting him walk.

Prashan was willing to at least leave him with some sort of lasting punishment: turning off his abilities. He'd already shown that he was willing to use his abilities for... the service of evil...? But that in and of itself feels like a slippery slope. Do we have the right to decide who "gets to" have powers?

Still, we're letting him leave.

A part of me, a very wrong, very angry part of me, wanted to chase him down. Give him a taste of being a victim.

But who am I to make that decision? Who has the "right" to live.

But I couldn't breathe the same air as him. Not and remain true to myself. I'm getting angry lately and I don't like it.

I want to be a healer and a teacher. Instead I have to be a warrior. I don't feel I can't let some of these people, my friends, out of my sight in the world. I'm not sure where this new, more open minded Harmony is coming from and where she's going. I don't trust Prashan's judgement.

Zoe and Alice are the ones I do trust to keep themselves in check. But would they step in when the others go too far...?
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