Return to the temple of Elemental Evil campaign book from D&D and converted into Pathfinder setting.

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The beginning
The party formed in town at the Inn of the Welcome Wench, upon renting a private room, they all came together. Theyd received word that the town was under attack by Gnoll and Hobgoblin bandits as of late and they needed assistance to rid the area of the threat. Knowing the area, Len (Patrick), Samuel (caylin), Alexander (Alex) and Wilmer (Jake) filled the others in that there was a ruined temple a ways off and closer to town there was a moathouse that was a part of that temple complex.

Being that the moathouse was closer, the group decided to investigate that area first, then continue onto the ruins later on.

At that time the group became aware of a shuffling at the door to the room. Wilmer moved to the door and opened it forcefully, knocking down a small gnome in the hall. At first the gnome tried to play as though he'd been walking by the room, but in the face of Wilmer's unbelieving glower, he was cowed.

He introduced himself as Nierethi Poscurian a summoner, who had some knowledge that there were many creatures in the moathouse, but when he went he was by himself, and didnt dare enter the moathouse itself. He told the party he was looking for a man named Lareth, who was last seen in the area of the moathouse and asked to join them.

It was at this time the group became aware there was someone at the end of the hall who was listening as well, as he'd made no attempt to conceal himself. He walked up to the group, dressed in darkened clothing and a black cloak, he was a human. He introduced himself as Chatrilon Unosh, and attempted to persuade the characters not to go to the moathouse. Wilmer saw through his deception and called him out on the bluff. Chatrilon apologized for the deception and told the group that he'd been to the moathouse a few days ago and the party he was with had been attacked by a dragon that had taken up residence in the moathouse and he hadnt wanted the characters to end up like two of their number. He asked the group to allow him to join them for the purpose of helping them with the knowledge he has of the place, as he wants to find out what happened to the rest of his party and he cant just go in alone, the dragon would get him like it did his friends.

The group started the five hour trip to the moathouse, first running into an ambush of hobgoblins. The trap was mostly foiled by the rogues (mike and Stephanie as Mike doesnt have a name yet lol) when they saw movement in the trees. A fight began, and the group was somewhat surprised when they started taking arrows from behind. The group was 12 strong not six as they thought. The group worked together, and along with Wilmer's unorthadox combat style, defeated the hobgoblins.

(mike) scouted ahead, finding 5 Gnolls on a wide range patrol. The group set up an ambush for them, they never stood a chance.
Upon reaching the outer area near the moathouse, the characters were attacked by 6 giant frogs. After a protracted battle, the group defeated them. Len was going to scout out the coutyard area, but saw what was inside of it, and turned around instead to warn the rest of the party. He'd seen a large blue dragon's wing.

The party cautiously entered the courtyard and watched the dragon enter the inner part of the moathouse itself, apparently more interested in something inside than them.

They found in the courtyard, two bodies; one wearing ruined studded leather armor with 12 arrows, 1 jade piece, 13 gp, +1 mighty cleaving dwarven waraxe, dagger, and a longbow, an obvious holy man (cleric) wearing ruined chainmail with 24 gp, 1 lilac colored stone mask (200 gp), Elder Elemental Eye symbol (Black iron triangle with inverted Y), wand of Enlarge Person (16 charges) no instructions, Restorative ointment.

The group then entered the inner room. The dragon was on the far side, for all the world like a cat that has a mouse in its hole. The characters arrayed themselves, Samuel was thinking to parley with the beast, when Wilmer attacked. A solid blow to the side of the creature caught its attention. The dragon's returning breath caught Wilmer full on but missed (mike) behind him. The party fought the beast, trading damage, until the dragon focused on Wilmer and laid him low. Alexander moved in and saved his life, and they removed themselves from the dragon's presence successfully. Healed, Wilmer charged back into the fray as with Wilmer having its attention, Elyssa jumped onto its neck and smote its left eye. Before the creature could respond again, they had finished it off. Upon killing the beast, they realized that its wings and tail had been damaged previously so it hadnt been fighting at full capacity (I put the multiattack question to Paizo and it should have gotten "When it makes a full attack it makes all its attacks, it uses its full BAB for the primary attacks (the bite and claws) and (because of the Multiattack feat) it makes its secondary attacks (the wings and tail) at -2 instead of at -5 (as it normally would for a secondary natural attack)." So we'll say it was hurt)

Looking into the room that had occupied the dragon's attention, they had at first not found anything more than a gold chain, a longsword and 64 gold. Upon closer examination, they found a secret door and a spiral staircase leading down into the depths of the moathouse. The sounds of movement can be heard from below.

The party decided it would be a good time to rest up and get healed, closing and blocking the door leading to the room theyre in, resetting the secret door and setting watches.

Party XP 1600 individual at this point.

XP will get more even as I reinforce the rest of the campaign, up till that point, I had been going mostly by the xp map that I had worked out a head of time, but since the group is larger than Id anticipated, I have to redo it.

Ill keep the xp as a running tally here, but I dont know how to actually work the xp on EW lol so youll be able to see the total here or Ill tell it in the game session
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Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
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