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Update for Hook Mountain Massacare
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Campaign Notes - 3 The Hook Mountain Massacare
The characters are currently following Shalelu, Jakardros, and the other surviving members of the Black Arrows on a mission to retake Fort Rannick... So far things have been going pretty smootly...
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Just die already will you?
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I need a bath.
Standing here in the cave of a basement, looking at some of my old, lost possession scattered on the floor amid the mold and death, I realize that my companions had the good grace not to react to him calling me "my love". I'm ever so grateful for that. When the town hears of this though, they may not be so understanding...

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Ack- This is where he lives? Creeeepy.
It's pretty clear that the love notes came from him. I really have to watch who I party with.

...In the mean time, I have a headache.
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So we're heading to the Mansion...
And I hear it's an impressive place. There's several levels, fancy stonework, and pretty windows. Can't wait to see it... *wink*
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