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Time is running out.
Macross could see the signs. He looked at the normal places that the beggars would have been working and noticed there weren’t as many as there should have been. But what was truly telling was the lack of familiar faces. These guys were all new or junior guildsmen. Bad sign. When the senior guildsmen are laying low something was in the making and it could not be positive for the cause. Shit!

The plan had been to go over the wall into the docks and find Fuliarro, but it was starting to look like a one way trip out of the city until things cooled off. Maybe even a change to get out sooner than planned. I feel the trap closing and only a fool would stay to watch his own death.
Session: Episode 11 - Wednesday, Sep 19 2018 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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