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Session 51 Recap
Dispatch to Kennus Bruun, famed leader of the Crown's Lance Battalion

Dear Father,
I hope against all hope that this letter will arrive to you post haste from this twisted place I and my companions find ourselves.

After burning the bodies of our recent slain from the plantation, we sought to investigate the doomed haunt of whatever remains of the family Tarascon. But the animals suddenly stiffened at something only perceptible to canine sense and dutifully warned their masters of the encroaching harm.

We exited the mansion only to discover in the nearby fields something that gave the Ranger and I such a fright that we two could only flee toward the village, and I am ashamed to acknowledge now - without a care for the well being of the others left behind to defend themselves.

All I can remember was suddenly stopping and turning to see Krieghen uplifted into the air by a giant scarecrow with a grotesque pumpkin head. The poor dwarf was drawn and halved by this evil man of straw. A flood of rage overtook me a second time and I charged into battle, unknowing and uncaring if my brothers-in-arms stood behind me.

I hacked and slashed blindly, taking blow after blow from the beast. In the blur I thought I caught a faint glimpse of the Ranger at my side, lending me another guided hand.

And after an eternity it was done and the pulverized pumpkin meat littered freshly strewn straw. I realized then that I was slipping away and felt the calming rush of Amelia's presence and her healing hands.

Poor, poor Rhyden had witnessed his brother's demise and had fled the scene to rouse the constable. I gathered Krieghen's short sword +1/+2, my own fine blade's mate and rushed with the group off in search of Rhyden. We found him near dead and astride the body of Luc. I leaned forward with my blade and lent its aid, but his wounds were deep and he required Amelia's fair touch as well.

The blinding rage faded finally from my eyes, I retired to my room at the Full Moon Inn just as the constable arrived.

Sleep overpowered me quickly but dreams flooded dark. Mazian attacked by a mad face and dilated eye. Bodies floated upon air into the rafters and the image awakened me.

I wandered into the hallway to find nay dreams but visions. Mazian and companions in the hall, the evil Jean Tarascon dead and the priest relaying his tale of raising Marcel from the eternal sleep.

At his story's darkest word, the sky broke and the rain outside began to pour. At long last signaling the beginning of the Gypsy's Curse upon us...

Pray for me father.

I am,
Your son,
Session: Game Session #51 - Wednesday, Nov 19 2014 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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