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No Common Sense. None.
For today's sermon I would normally quote chapter and verse from the Book of Common Sense, the wise words of St. Cuthbert, but I have come to the conclusion that if the flock is too foolish to understand then I would be wasting my time. Therefore I will not waste my breath and I will use words that they will understand. You Ungrateful Punks!

Is it ever a good idea to cast a Fireball on your own party, including the healer? When it is time for the healer to sleep and rest, do we rush forward into danger? When the aforementioned healer is hoping to head back to Verbobonc and finagle a cushy academic appointment, do we charge straight into our enemies' ambush and put him at risk? Deep in your hearts you know the answer. St. Cuthbert is waiting alongside his coterie of beautiful administrative functionaries with his cudgel. There will be painful penance, for those who abuse his favored servants. Remember pain is sin leaving the body! There will be a horn of plenty of it, too, for such a deserving lot.

Now I know the tears you shed as you laugh are nothing more than tears of joy as you revel in St. Cuthbert's glory. Believe and you shall be free to join him in the glorious glow of justice as he smites the wicked fools who persist in denying the wisdom of common sense.


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