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Keep a low profile, I said.
Well it didn’t last long I can tell you. I said to him, “Keep a low profile, brother.” I should have known better than to assume he’d listen to his boss. Well what do you know but on the jaunt across town he decides to pick the pockets of an Uruk-hai guard Seargent, surrounded by only 20 or so of his subordinates. Why of course, find the poorest paid and toughest bastard out there and try to rob him in front of all his people. How much lower a profile can you get? Now the rookie has been made. He is going to get beat down every time the guard sees him. The one strength the brotherhood can’t afford to give up is anonymity, and there it goes down the sewer.

But wait! It gets even better....

Instead of taking a beating that is well deserved and probably fair, given the circumstances he decides to make a run for it! So Baldomero steps in and blows his cover and publicly challenges the Uruk-hai! Now he’s been made because he beats the Sergeant in public. Yes indeed, fucked again. Middle of an occupied city, trying to build the foundations of a resistance and 2 out of 5 make a public display of themselves.

At first I wondered if the Big Boss was playing a bad joke on me and had saddled me with the worst recruit he had or wanted to get rid of. But no one deserves this kind of impulsive behavior. This is a big favor I am owed for training this guy.
Session: Episode 11 - Thursday, Sep 20 2018 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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