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You Ungrateful Punks!
Why with the blessings of Saint Cuthbert I have had a vision that I am in his favor and have been granted an additional Spell from his bounty. I am grateful.

Of course, I have had to march through swampy water, endure leeches of the most horrid variety, clouds of annoying insects and fight off a gigantic crocodile. Thank goodness for the lance training of Kilkennard. Forgive me, but if the old man thinks his son hasn't mastered the lance, he is quite mistaken. One charge, dead as a door nail. There was also that pair of two headed giants, too.

I keep thinking there must be a way to get back to a cushy academic appointment back in Verbobonc, with clean clothing, fine vestments and women, and wine to enjoy. The ladies certainly like a man of the cloth in plate mail. However, I will need to see our mission through. That boy has enthusiasm for battle that clearly stands between me and my appointment. I guess it might just be a form of penance. Sigh.
Session: Game Session #131 - Wednesday, Jul 12 2017 from 10:15 PM to 1:15 AM
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