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Strangers in a Sodding Bizarro World!
I could fill a library of spellbooks with the tales that have -- plagued? -- our party, but the words would do them a terrible disservice in the telling. Only our resident bard could shed light on the darkness we've seen, and even then...what horrors...

Suffice it to say, I have a reason for scrawling these words, and it is not to sum up the terrors that have befallen us. The fact that we are in seemingly another land, a place of fleeting daylight, and omnipresent, gloomy veils of fog and mystery. This is a land of people unwilling -- perhaps incapable -- of answering even the most basic queries, for they fear their own motives, nevermind for the safety of their loved ones, whom they seem more apt to torment than to work together with.

Nay, my purpose here is to set down the questions that plague us, that someone may one day answer them once we've left the village of Marias d'Tarasceon. There are so many!

The people of this village wield weapons, wands of explosive force. I cannot understand how this level of magic is so pervasive among a people so clueless as to its workings.

The priest of the town -- what temple does he call his own? I cannot say I've ever heard of it -- attempted to help raise a fellow from the dead, but rather smote the fate of the village with a terrifying curse, creating a veritable flood of terrible events: a ghoulish lord of mindless zombies, several undead, and a murderer, all coming from the family whose name graces the village: Tarasceon.

There is a madness that afflicts many here. They carry superstitions I thought might lend to our aid in fighting the undead, but instead have proven mostly baseless and certainly useless in protecting anyone from the undead. One woman hides behind garlic cloves, while a man raves of swamp gods and dark cults.

Daylight is fleeting: barely a few hours pass before the day gives way to a much longer night. I don't know if this will change since we helped lift the curse of the town...

And as to that, did we really help? Our battle against the undead -- Marcel, Luke, the Tarasceon's in general appear to have a penchant for becoming undead, murderers, or apparitions -- was clearly not going in our favor, and yet it seemed a powerful force finally destroyed the ghoul-lord of the cemetery. Was it by our hand that it was able to do so, or are we simply watching from the sidelines as a larger story unfolds?

We are lost, pure and simple, and our way home looks no more likely to appear before us than it did during the days of endless trudging through swamps and reeds. I fear we may never see Hommlet again.
Session: Game Session 52 - Wednesday, Dec 17 2014 from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM
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Scribbled in the Margins of Mazian's Spellbook...
Is it the fog that has transported us to some other realm, or is it that we walked unknowing through some portal in the swamp? It matters little, for we are certainly lost...

The gypsies told us nothing clear, only that there is a village nearby -- Marias d'Tarascon -- and perhaps a distant city named Port d'Elhour.

The village is oppressed by some looming darkness...tied perhaps to this poor, witless fellow ("Luc?" We do not know) that speaks only in broken rhyme.

We must "beware his blood..." I remain convinced this refers not to Luc's actual flesh and blood, but to his brother, perhaps, or even worse, multiple family members of his. We are aware that they owned a farm or plantation, in addition to a seemingly shored-up manor house on the edge of the village...

Burials here in turn, and the missing bodies of the victims of great bloodshed and injury suggests the dead walk, though it's hard to tell if they fall under the power of a greater evil, or if they are simply cursed by their vicinity to this doomed village to walk in unlife...

A murderer is apparent; Amelia's vision/nightmare suggests our murderer is an entity other than the walking dead, but I cannot hope to guess whether it is purposely making the bodies reanimate or if this is an unintended side effect...

Luc's reaction to the Manor House of his family suggests there is something to the idea that his family is dangerous, but the constable of the town could be an unintended roadblock to us as he tries bravely (futile though it may be!) to maintain some kind of law and order in this town. We are outsiders; they won't take well to us simply busting down doors and looking to right wrongs rather rashly...
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I heard the Call of Ktulu
I had a dream once...

I wasn't me. I had a strange name, "Tommy Stone," as did Ryden, who I called "Franklin Hale." We were contacted by some strange magical device chained to the wall, from which the voice of Thomas Kimble told us that his uncle's books had been stolen. His uncle had been missing for over a year.

We went to the state of his uncle, Douglas Kimble, which Thomas had in turn inherited. It was a strange building, its architecture elegant and "classical" to the sensibilities of my dream-self, yet I feel as though it had strange flairs that were somehow futuristic and bizarre. Regardless, we found several clues that suggested Douglas hadn't disappeared, but instead had joined some ghoulish cult living beneath a nearby cemetery. The stolen books and the signs of fresh grass and dirt suggested that something was coming into the home secretly at night, collecting things that only had value to Douglas himself.

We soon discovered that it was Douglas himself, as he broke into the house in the middle of the night and stole more books. But before we could identify him, he fled, and when we gave chase, the strange not-Mazian that I was used some kind of staff of explosive power and fired it at the fleeing figure, mortally wounding him. That's when we turned him over, to discover it was Douglas...

...but in horror and disgust, we found that Douglas had been mutated by foul magics or devilish curses, and had become some kind of horrifying, insect-faced monstrosity. Yet, defying all reason, it still had retained its love of books, and was swiping them and taking them to its cemetery lair.

As we tried to wrap our minds around the horror before us, shadows rose up around us, and engulfed us, until all was black. We soon awoke, imprisoned in a temple that sought to cleanse our minds of what we'd seen, but employing terrifying, painful magical tactics and torturous devices to do so.

This was no was a nightmare!

I awoke screaming. It took several long minutes for me to gain my bearings, to realize I was safely at home in Hommlet, another day in the tutelage of Burne as I learned to control fiery magics and deadly spells. I lost myself in my studies that day, hoping beyond hope that it would allow me to forget that terrible nightmare.

But it haunts me still...
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Epic × 2!
In the margins of Mazian's Spellbook
Back to the Moathouse! Gathered maps on earlier pages; we've got at least three paths yet to explore (one hallway, and two stairways notably heading further down).

(After a few pages of new spells)
Got these new spells from Burne! Can't wait to learn to cast them.

(On a blank page)
I don't know what happened. Keep going over and over it, but I don't see what went wrong:
- Headed down the path to Moathouse
- Didn't take a wrong turn...
- Night still fell upon us after we were surrounded by a heavy fog
- We couldn't see anything; now the swamp is worse
- Far more water, and humid as if in the southern Jungles I've heard of! We're gonna get crotch-rot for sure if we stay in the water
- A single raft*, wooden, big enough for all of us
- There's something else in the water now
- We want to camp...but do we have the time?

*I half expected a scythe-wielding skeleton in hooded robes to be the oarsman! But nope, just a long pole; no skeleton(s) in sight.
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Epic × 2!
Mazian's Journal (contained within the margins of his Spell Book)
[picture of a frog standing on its hindlegs, playing a banjo-looking instrument] ...looks like Aurence SHOULDN'T have stopped to smell THAT rose!

He got better, but there's a bunch of this toad-folk running round. Boggybulls or some other froglike name. I thought they ate caravan ponies, but they honestly seem nice enough...

There water's been diverted from Hommlet; looks like a serious effort to damn the river. Big, ogre-looking thing that the Boggybulls don't seem to keen on, either. He's got swordsmen herding dwarven slaves around a fork in the river...what a monster!

Plan of attack: a couple of us go in to free and arm some of the dwarves. Me and the archer hang back and lob arrows and magic missiles at that big ogre-thing!
Session: Game Session #41 - Wednesday, Jun 18 2014 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Reporting to Burne
Mazian sighs heavily, finally catching his breath after having spilled the entire story of the party's adventures beneath the Moathouse.

"I guess, in summary, we took a LOT of this guy Lareth's henchmen, but we don't have a lot to show for it, because he got away with the girls and we only barely escaped with our lives. There's some random equipment back there -- spears, armor, some other weapons -- but there's no telling if it'll still be there when we go back. There's no way we could have left a guard there. Is there anyway Hommlet can staff a small garrison nearby? A regular patrol? We don't want this place falling into the hands of more bandits, or worse, a new army that Lareth raises. Not when it's this close to our town."

Mazian takes another pull off of his flagon, and blinks away the glassy-eyed stare as he fights off the effects of drunkeness.

"I don't want to sound greedy here -- I mean, we're getting a sweet deal with that pay rate for acting as the town's defenders -- but I definitely can't pull my own weight with these guys unless I have some more firepower. This party is pretty rough and tumble...even the boy, at times."

Mazian nods at Burne's response. "Oh definitely. No, I'm not talking about you wasting your power on scribing scrolls for a few weeks just to help me out. That's a total waste of your time! No, I'm thinking an extra set of eyes and ears. A familiar, maybe? And/or maybe a hireling? A sellsword might not be a bad idea. But yeah, mainly a familiar. I think the magical boons such a servitor creature could bring me would be ample power to add to the group, and hell, I know most familiars are animals; this group of folks is all about nature! If you ask the Bard, I'm sure he's slept with just as many Dryads as he's killed Dragons..."

"I guess my only questions are these: If I want a familiar, what can I do -- what kind of spell components can I bring -- that ensure I might get a good one, a powerful one? And also, do you know if there are any sellswords around guarding the Dwarf caravans that might want a different job? Like, say, putting a shield and armor in-between me and any future Lareths and the like?"
Session: Session #40 How to build a house? - Wednesday, Jun 04 2014 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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We Gotta Get Outta This Place...
Having successfully submerged the treasure chest/portal to nightmare land and wrapping it up good with ropes, we decided that the best route to Hommlet was to blaze a trail through the forest, avoiding Gydnia but shaving some time off the journey, and then hitting the road further Eastward.

What a mistake.

After the weather forced us back to the cave for cover, dumping buckets of rain on our erstwhile Druid as he gathered his healing berries, we struck out into the woods. It wasn't long before we heard the sound of rummaging in the foliage of this dense wood, and to our surprise, it was some kind of horse-sized gigantor beetle of death!

Thanks to the tree cover, the boring beetle didn't lay into us nearly as hard as the orcs had, but it still left a few of our party beaten and near dead. I was inclined to cast a nearly suicidal sleep spell just to shut the thing down, but luckily my party disuaded me from that course of action, and Cyrus ran the damn thing through like a boss.

One more point in this party's favor: these guys are good at what they do!
Session: Game Session 27 - Wednesday, Nov 06 2013 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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