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Chosen Tools of Crushing Redemption
Oh Saint Cuthbert, I abase myself in gratitude as your witness in your choosing of our party as the Chosen Tools of Your Crushing Redemption in the matter of Bernard's Undeath!

The glorious mighty fists and feet of our very own Monk Xiao crushed the sinners and deniers of mortality. The skillful dodge and magical hellfire smite of Meneleus did stall the assault of evil at a most critical moment, even providing a crucial recovery meal of horse at the same time. The flashing blades of Kilkennard, Noss, Paige and Benny did splatter the ghouls and foul undead king into the peace of death for the former and certain damnation for the latter. The profound justice and righteousness in destroying their wickedness can only be seen as measure of your glory and brilliance!

We beseech thee with our pitiful voices, they had it coming Saint Cuthbert, and your wrath brought accountability for their sins. We are grateful!


Session: Game Session #134 - Wednesday, Aug 02 2017 from 9:45 PM to 1:15 AM
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