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A Funeral Dirge
The sad wailing of the bagpipes floats across the sounds of the city as a tribute is paid to our comrade in arms, Jethro Tull. His voice was a thing of beauty and grace, he inspired us all in hearts and on the battlefield. As we bind him to rest in death, we seek to remember his service in the cause, for none who die in such cause should be forgotten and the filthy corruption of the Purple Web shall be destroyed by the will and virtue of those who stand together against her evil destructive ways. Jethro shall live forever in our hearts and minds. When the struggle is won against her evil chaos, his name shall be recited by the children whose lives are saved by the sacrifice of Jethro.

Death to Podrick! Long live the memory of Jethro Tull! Down with the Spider Queen! May she rot in eternity. Verbobonc shall rise!
Session: Episode 10 - Wednesday, Sep 12 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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