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The zone is Hot.
I knew better than to get angry with Baldomero about attracting attention to the cause. He was just doing what he felt was needed. But it was bad joss or fortune to give up so much anonymity when it could be avoided. Especially when it was clear that there were forces in action more powerful than we could deal with ourselves.

Spiders don’t flourish during Fireseek, and certainly not in such large quantities in an alleyway. It is a sign of danger we need to heed. The guard is going to be seething at the insult and loss of face from the incident. The Spider Queen and her minions are on the move and the zone is Hot. We need to get out and let their wrath fall upon the stone walls of the city. We need to get out!
Session: Episode 11 - Wednesday, Sep 19 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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