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A chance encounter...
Fireseek 22
You all join up after Baldomero's battle with the Orc Sargent. Slipping through the corridors. To the left, in a corner between two houses, Macross spots an abnormal mass of thick spider webs. He looks closer and it appears that it is swarming with black widow spiders. Pointing this out to the group, everyone continues forward, carefully avoiding the find.

You turn the corner into a narrow alley after leaving the peculiar webs and see a lonely man leaning on a crooked staff. He wears a crumbled brimmed hat.
"My friends. I beg of you to leave this city. This is a bad time and will only get deadlier as the night approaches."
He peers at you, tilting his head.
"Seek the 6th Cairn." He hands you a crumbled piece of paper.
You turn your head to the paper, and like that he is gone...
Above where he stood, on a rooftop, is a filthy raven, watching you, tilting his head back and forth.

The adventurers make it to Orlen's hovel with some trouble.
It is more evident that bad things are happening in Verbobonc.
They grab Orlen's spell book and make it over the wall and camp in the woods overnight.

Fireseek 18
The adventurers head down the south road and run into Roglathon & company.
The rangers furnish them with supplies and horses.
They camp with the rangers and rest the night.

Fireseek 19
Heading out
The come to the lightning tree and the valley of the kings.

Session: Episode 12 - Wednesday, Sep 26 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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