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Total Cleansing is Right?!
Macross looked at Baldomero with suspicion. Total Cleansing for the light to return? What exactly was he talking about? Unfortunately, Baldomero had the ability to annoy and exasperate Macross with a single smarmy glare. To top it off, the expert short cut taking and corner cutting that Macross found so enjoyable usually got a rather sanctimonious sniff from Baldomero. ONLY because he turned out to be right about 90% of the time and was devilishly clever, Macross had to suck it up. It was like looking at canal water in a drinking tankard and having the man say it was good for your constitution and ability to fight off infections. Well, that doesn’t mean anyone wants to drink it, man. By Oliddamara, life could be so lacking in dignity!

Total Cleansing? Hmmm. It reminded him of some Cleansing concoction that twisted barmaid had suggested for clearing his innards. Not likely to be what he was babbling about. Maybe it’s what he uses to move as quickly as he does. Maybe not. She was a nasty, depraved trollop. I should find her when we get back to Verbobonc. Rumor has it she was the girlfriend of some senior cleric of Saint Cuthbert. So much for the ecclesiastical moral high ground. Church girls are the most depraved, indeed.

Maybe he means kill them all! Looks like some of my charm is rubbing off on him. Macross felt his mood rise to more positive level. Yes, we will kill them and cleanse the streets of Verbobonc with their blood and pain. Cleansing indeed!
Session: Episode 12 - Wednesday, Sep 26 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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