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Episode 25
Readying 22 - 28

The group takes some time preparing for the journey.
They decide to take two wagon carts pulled by 2 draft horses.

Burne teleports them to the region of Blackmoor
They instantly are in a frozen ice-land, ill-prepared and freezing to death.
They make it to a cave for cover and light a fire.
Macross goes scouting and finds a huge obsidian double-door.
They enter after a time and fight a White Dragon.
Mole is killed.
After scavenging through the treasure they enter a portal to another world.

Day 1

Rising sun
Tusk Archway
Nothing to see but sand dunes for miles.
They make camp
Night Time
Full Moon
They travel forward
They come across 2 large standing stones that have a description etched on them. The only words they can decipher is "Gate" and "Enter"

Day 2
Make Camp
Night time
Full Moon
Break camp and prepare to head out
Session: Episode 25 - Wednesday, Jan 30 2019 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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RE: Unmarked Graves
Grimm Guindecker
Macross could still occasionally hear the cry of the dwarf Chis Linstone when he mused about lost companions and comrades. He never ceased to be amazed by the number of unmarked graves of adventurers that dotted the landscape. Berne had mentioned losing 4 to our rescue. Chis made 5. A lot of his blood in the return of the hidden regalia. He’d need to ask for an invitation for the reconsecration of Verbobonc Cathedral.

Maybe he would even do something about the adventurers’ unmarked graves. It just seemed wrong in so many ways. Maybe later. The big bitch obviously needed to be dealt with first, but it could be a very good cause.

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Episode 24
Hommlet group
Readying 13

A group of demi-humans lay siege on the Inn and burn it out.
The whole group perishes with Spike valiantly trying to save them.
Canter is put on a horse and raced out of the town. Rangers find him and return him to Hommlet where he is raised from the dead.
Basic TPK

Readying 13
Verbobonc Group
Group of Elves pass by - not detected.

Readying 14
Meet rangers on the road. Baldomero almost dies trying to keep the secret of the Cloister treasure secret (his reputation fails him).
After the Rangers find out who they are they agree to help and speed them on their way to Hommlet.
They heal the unconscious comrades and send them off on their way with steeds that are half burnt and exhausted.
They race south.
Attacked by tribesmen.
Orlen and Baldomero are shot by arrows.
They stop through Cienega Valley briefly.
Chizz decides to stay back and look through the rubble of the inn. He meets a horrible death where no one can hear his screams.

Readying 15
Arrive at Hommlet
The group makes it to the temple of St. Cuthbert
They are offered healing and rest.

Readying 22
The Secret Council of Hommlet
In attendance
Mordenkainen the Great Magician
Daniel the Lion-Hearted (King of the city of Greyhawk)
The 4 mayors of the shire
Litholas, Emissary of Celune "Grey Elf"
Roglothon of the Rangers
Tormond of the Lanced Battalion
Gifliy, Emissary of the Greenway Valley (Gnomes)
Dwalin, Emissary of the Dwarves
The Crow
The rescuers of the Treasure of St. Cuthbert

The group learns that Lolth has opened a gate to the abyss by removing an ancient stone from THE STANDING STONES OF SUNDOWN. A village some 50 miles north in the Kron Hills. This gate needs to be closed. The only way to achieve this is to replace the stone.
The group takes the challenge of recovering the missing stone from the Sundown circle.

Session: Episode 24 - Wednesday, Jan 23 2019 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Episode 23
Readying 13
The group from Verbobonc hunkers down in a small cave off the side of the road. Hoping that the others regain consciousness.

Readying 13
Burne approachs the group and sends them on an assignment to rescue Macross and company.
The group departs with 4 extra horses in tow.
Meet some hobbits leaving the shire heading to Hommlet.

They come to the first town called Cienega. It is deserted.
Attacked by a ghoul.
Enter and hole up in the Elm Inn for the night.
Session: Episode 23 - Wednesday, Jan 16 2019 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Waking from a fog
I feel as if I have woken from some strange dream. Baldomero is a sacred emissary who can rescue men from the edge of death and transformed my beloved familiar into a wild boar.

Ming you are a wild boar. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh.

I remember so little after the cloister. Did we talk with Kilkennard as a crow? Did a Blue dragon electrify a whole town? And did an infernal demon from hell cast a ball of fire at me? There is no way, I allowed a walking dead man to strike me. And still, I am in this bed recently recovered from a darkness so deep it feels like days since I experienced the light.
I have begun to speak with the priest here. I am certain he has a secret to the power of Cuthbert, but it seems as if this power is a lazy gift given to the faithful for their blind obedience to the faith. It is an undisciplined and lazy path to power, and one that is not truly theirs. It takes not skill, discipline or grace. It is a gift given for obedience. Any fool can follow directions.

I can see danger in its application, but still I need to learn more.
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Where is Chiz
Now I am told that Chiz Linstone has gone missing. I was just beginning to tolerate the Dwarf at least I consider him far superior to the elves. Perhaps we can take up a quest to find him when I am well
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As I lay waiting
As, I lay here waiting to heal from my latest wounds, I am reminded of how things have changed. The thief has become Macross, the viper. Yes Ming, it is time I used his given name. After risking his own life with the cursed dagger to slay the werebeast, I must admit my debt to his courage and ingenuity. He has proven a valuable friend and colleague.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The monk has shown himself to be more than a tool to protect our hide. It was he that held the beast back with only a jo stick… locking the stick around its neck and holding its man-eating jaws at bay as it lay on top of me. It is monk and Bartholomew no more. He is Baldomero, sacred fist of Cuthbert.

How I wish I possessed their courage—their ability to inspire. I am in their debt.
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At Etterboek
Readying 11
Late afternoon

The group arrives at Etterboek to find the village destroyed by dragon breath.
They search for survivors.
Some dangers and treasures are found.

From the sky comes an evil demon on a fire breathing stallion animating the dead of Ettenboek.

Session: Episode 22 - Wednesday, Jan 09 2019 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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The Village of Hommlet
Readying 12
A new group of young adventurers sets out from Hommlet to the nearby, abandoned moat house.
Magic-User, OAK
Fighter, SPIKE
Cleric of Hieroneous

Readying 13
Two new companions join the group

Rumors of groups from far off lands are gathering in Hommlet.
A storm is brewing.
Session: Episode 21 (Hommlet Group) - Thursday, Dec 27 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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The Jewels of St. Cuthbert
Where do I begin?
What a game.

Readying 9
Explore the Well at the Cloister
The group finds the stashed treasures of Cuthbert which were saved during the sack of Verbobonc.

Readying 10
Wait for Healing
Strider comes to the cloister with news of a gathering at Hommlet.
A huge Blue Dragon is seen speeding off south and then returning north.

Readying 11
Kilkennard returns in the form of "The Crow"
Orlen converts to St. Cuthbert
The group leaves for Hommlet

Many things are on the horizon.
Session: Episode 20 - Wednesday, Dec 19 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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The first breath
after death is the sweetest!
The heft of Cuthbert in my hand
draws forth
The caw of the King to my ear!
In the midst of all this wrong
All is Right!
Session: Episode 20 - Wednesday, Dec 19 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Journey to the Cloister
Readying 8
The group succumbs to exhaustion and sleeps during the day under cover of the Gnarley Wood.

Readying 9
They set out after dusk to travel to the cloister.
Attacked on the road by a scimitar-wielding werewolf and his henchmen wolves.
The group finds a dispatch with the seak of the spider queen:
Patrol the East
<Spider Queen Symbol>

The group arrives at the cloister and is greeted by a squad of URAK Orcs.
They find another dispatch:

Hold the cloister
Reinforcements will be arriving on Readying 12
<Spider Queen Symbol>

What to do with this information?
Session: Episode 19 - Wednesday, Dec 12 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Worse than I thought...
Well it may just be worse than I thought. The road clearly shows a wider track than 20 feet. The estimates of 2000 Heavy Foot are off by a factor of three times upward. We're looking at a full legion of soldiery. Verbobonc cannot support that many soldiers, and I don't see a baggage train to feed them either. Orcs are well known to eat anything.

A giant on the road, not subject to a mage's sleep spell and packs of riding wolves showing up on the roads. We need to slip the noose closing in. I hadn't wanted to head overland but the roads seem to be cut off.

To top it off, Baldomero the Sanctimonious Rascal is starting to make some sense. By Olidammara, it IS worse than I thought.
Session: Episode 18 - Wednesday, Dec 05 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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There is one body
But it is made of many parts.
When we are all
We make one body.
And we become all.
As it is now with this ragtag team I've fallen to
We are now one.
A core with many parts:
Fey magic-user with his whispers of slumberous influence,
His slinky all knowing puss;
Bitter brigand with his sneaking dual blades of death.
And of course education through my own flying feet of grace.
All while grunt manikin weekly phases in and out of our temporal plane-
All is one.
Session: Episode 18 - Wednesday, Dec 05 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Valley of the Hill Giant
Readying 8

After walking along the south road all night the group welcomes morning. They decide to keep moving south, heading towards the cloister.
They run into a group of goblin scouts mounted on dire wolves.
Orlen saves the day with several sleep spells.
Later in the morning, they are confronted by a hill giant blocking the road and demanding a toll.
Session: Episode 18 - Wednesday, Dec 05 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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