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More Zombies!!!!!
May 27th, 1001 continued...
Earth day

Hershel brings Boy back to the group after three days of "REST"
The group decides to exit the dungeon and stay at the Blacksmiths shop for another night. The night is uneventful.

May 28th, 1001

Wake up early in the morning. And head out to the dungeon.
They fight four villager zombies in the hallway outside the GREAT HALL.
Clearing a few more rooms and continuing they come across what looks like an adventuring party that turned into zombies. The group is victorious after a very hard battle.
Session: Game Session twelve - Wednesday, Feb 20 2013 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Lets clear some more rooms!!!!
May 27th, 1001 continued...
Earth day

After the battle with the aberrant beast, those paralysis-ed by the monster slowly regain their sense of movement.
The group comes to a room that looks to have been a worship area. Evil carvings dedicated to an evil God decorate the room. The group ends up fighting a foursome of large spiders who have made this room their lair. Logan comes up with a good plan to flush them out by casting two spells (Invisibility to animals and Faerie Fire).
Next they make their way to a large hall which has been "guarded" by four zombies. Amelia trys to turn the undead by brandishing her holy symbol, but with no success. The group wins the battle with only minor wounds.
Session: Game Session Eleven - Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM
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Into the Dungeon....
May 26th, 1001
Waterday at high noon

- After what felt like hours of searching around the room, Idris & Cyrus decide to look inside the Bear rug's mouth. They find the key!

- The key opens the chest and has a potion, shield, chainmail armor, and war hammer. Idris reaches in an grand the potion, Cyrus keeps the shield and Cersei upgrades to the chainmail armor. The group decides to leave a few belongings and the war hammer safely locked in the chest.

- The group then heads to the mill that across the way. Logan peeks inside and sees a dead teen torn to shred, with only the torso and fragment of the head left over. Amelia and Cyrus check the other windows and see a family of zombies walking around in the following room.

- Everyone makes their way inside carefully and they begin their attack. Each one of the takes a hit to one of the four zombies while Aurence played a melody to help them in their battle. Cersei killed the 1st, 3rd, and 4th zombie who almost took Cyrus with it; while Logan killed the second with a slingshot.

- The fellowship then makes their way to Mont Du Plat where Amelia and Cyrus share with the group the tale of Charnalite Ring, an evil ring that controlled the undead plague in the land and made the dead rise. According to legend the Lord at the time entombed Charnalite along with the ring in Mont Du Plat.

- Amelia healed Cyrus and Cersei in a small house near the entrance to Mont Du Plat go hunting and try their luck. Luckily they were successful in killing a small doe which sufficed for two meals, dinner that night and breakfast the next day.

May 27th, 1001 Earthday
- The next morning they gather their belongings and head for the entrance to Mont Du Plat. Amelia is holding a lantern in the middle of the group which is their guiding light. Logan is at the front of the group scouting ahead. They enter the first room but are caught with a dead end. In the second room they encounter paralyzing giant centipedes! Aurence begins to play and the rest try their best to kill the beast. However the centipede hits Cersei and paralyzes her, leaving the party without their strongest fighter early in the battle. Cyrus, Logan, and Amelia hit the centipede bravely but with little damage. The centipede is able to paralyze Logan, but luckily Idris casts an amazing magic disk that cause the creature to blow up...

Session: Session Ten - Wednesday, Jan 30 2013 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Damn!!! That's a big spider,,,,
May 25th, Godsday, Continued, 12pm

In the last episode of the exciting quest, the Fellowship of Eight, the group found a tailor shop and decided to take some cloth and materials of their liking.

Adjacent to this shop was what looked like an abandoned house, but before they had an opportunity to search it, from around the corner, Cyrus spotted two persons with their backs turned. We all found this rude. Aurence unknowingly walked up to them while strumming his mandolin and greeted them with a “Hello there!” The mysterious figures turned in a slow, deliberate moment, revealing their gaunt and lifeless faces.

Seeing Aurence, they began to walk towards him, increasing their pace to an eventual gallop. Upon realizing the impending attack, Idris and Logan ran to the other side of the house to try and blitz the walkers. Cyrus pulled the bard back from the walkers as Cersei swung her sword at them, but missed. Luckily, Amelia turned undead and with that, Idris used Magic Missile. As the walkers neared Idris and Logan, Amelia sprinted around the house to turn the undead the other way. Cyrus, Idris, and Logan attempted to attack, but missed. Meanwhile, Aurence, having retreated away from the battle, continued to play the mandolin off in the distance.

Cersei however, was successful in slicing and killing the smaller of the two walkers. As Amelia finally made it around, she turned undead, allowing Logan to attack as Cersei decimated the remaining walker. Once Amelia healed Cyrus, everyone entered the house and found food and supplies. We all rejoiced.


The fellowship made their way up the hill to find another abandoned house. They noticed there was no door and anyone wanting to get in would have to crouch. Reason being, the house reclined downhill and was poorly supported.

Cyrus was the first to enter as Cersei and company followed suit. Idris, having spent all of her energy on their last encounters with walkers, decided it was best she and Bigglesworth stood outside.

Inside, the room was dark. Cyrus fixed this.
He made windows.

As he went in to the other room however, he was ambushed by a giant spider.

In an effort to help her comrade, Cersei went for an attack but missed. Suddenly, the spider bit and severely injured her. Quick to react, Amelia managed to successfully smash one of its legs, and in a fit of rage, Cersei charged the spider and seriously wounded it. Still, the spider lived, until Amelia hit it once more and down the spider went, never to crawl up a spout again.

May 26th, Waterday, 4am

Having spent their energies, they decided to take an early rest to regain their strength. Once it became dark and Idris was well rested, she and Logan took to keep watch. Just before dawn, they spotted a walker, trudging along, as if it had some where to be. That is preposterous because walkers do not have anywhere to be besides being dead and occasionally eating other uninfected poor people. Cyrus agreed with the last sentence and thought to follow it. Not much happened besides it meeting with another walker, which Cyrus thought unusual, I agreed, but let them be because they were probably like friends or something.

8am, Le morning.

Everyone woke up and had an early start. The group found the local blacksmith and cautiously looked around. Idris peeked through one of the windows and to everyone’s surprise, saw a walker inside. Aurence came up with a plan to kill it by luring it towards the window and stabbing it. It worked.

Scavenging through the blacksmith’s shop, they found a chest. Eager to see its contents, the gang rummaged everywhere in search of a key to no avail. Amelia wondered if perhaps the owner had swallowed it to keep it safe, so Idris thought to cut it open to have a look. This was obviously a logical step, but everyone did not feel the same and watched in horror as she meticulously looked in the stomach and intestines.

She found nothing. As Idris went to the stream to wash up, Logan detected magic on the chest, which was hopeless in getting them closer to opening the chest.
Session: Session Nine - Sunday, Jan 27 2013 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Boy in a coma
1/16/2013 Summary
1.The group acts quickly with the Boy being in a coma, Logan builds a stretcher to move the boy quickly back to Crystal Shores. Aurence and Cersei carry the boy while the rest of the party protects their injured comrade. Cyrus leads the way back through the forest, the gang is weary of taking the main road...
- Along the way the bump into a couple of walkers but they were quickly taken care of.

2. When they arrive good old Hershel offers to take care of the boy while he's out of combat. Although some of the members aren't sure this is what's best for the Boy, Logan reassures them that although Hershel is strange the Boy will be safe. The group then decides to stay in town for the night.

May 25, 1101 Godsday
In the morning after breakfast and praying they head back for the keep.

3. The trip there was uneventful but once back in the town there are still five buildings that have not been searched by the group. They carefully made their way into two of the building, cleared them of zombies, with a couple of scratches and a few goodies.
Session: Session Eight - Wednesday, Jan 16 2013 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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What is missing from my backpack?
1/9/2013 Summary

May 24, 1101 Continued Moonday

After having finished the zombies who attacked them the group decided to burn the corpses, so that the disease wouldn't spread. Hershel the druid, found them before the burning and decided to say a few words in memory of the family and once they were burned, he headed back to his home.

1. Inside the inn the Boy is ransacking the place, when his fellow companions decide that his lack of restraint from stealing was peculiar.
- Aurence tries to reason with him, but the Boy puts up a fight and Cersei jumps in to restrain him.
- Aurence searches the Boy's bag and finds a mercury vile belonging to Amelia, and a catnip bag that had been missing from Idris' belongings.
- The boy finds himself in hot water and is scolded by the entire group, which reminds him that his lack of thought has found the group, ill prepared for battle.

2. After their intervention the group continues on their quest...
- They head back to the blacksmith who is of absolutely no help and rude.
- Once they left the blacksmith's home they head to Herschel to see if their luck improves, however Hershel the retired druid seems a bit crazy, he goes on and on about an evil ring and gives them information to head to the keep. With their options gone the group decided that going through the woods might be better than taking the main road.

3. The group makes its way carefully but efficiently through the forest, until they come across a lone walker. Cyrus climbs to the top of a tree and Cersei hides behind the same tree. When the walker comes close she decapitates him, as the group makes its way to her the Boy sees something across the path and runs towards it, he's attacked by two walkers.
- Everyone now runs to him, Logan kills the first walker while Idris neutralizes the second.
- It is apparent that the Boy didn't listen to a word of advice his comrades had given him...

4. They arrive at the town before the entrance to the keep, everyone is on their toes with their weapons on hand. The boy decides to search for traps in the closest building and in doing so is attacked by three zombies, to his advantage he falls back before the walkers make their way out.
- Cersei pulls the Boy from the door and behind the group, he's badly injured and quickly slipping... Idris and Amelia begin to heal him, they're able to stabilize him.
- Cyrus head in one direction while Cersei stand opposite him. They're both attacked, but continue to hold their stand. Aurence decides his mandolin would benefit his comrades more than his blade. Amelia is able to cast a spell that has the zombies running opposite her. Cersei is now able to kill the zombie male, while Logan kills the little zombie girl. The zombie female is left and Cersei finishes her off.
- Amelia quickly feeds Cersei healing grapes so that she's fully functional, however the Boy is now in a coma...
Session: Session Seven - Wednesday, Jan 09 2013 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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12/23/2012 Summary

May 23, 1101 Continued Sunday

After climbing out of the well the group quickly returns to the "Wayfarer's Place Inn & Tavern." They request a room and Cersei and the Boy fall asleep to rest from their almost deadly encounters.
- The rest of the group meets with the Sheriff and they present Wally's body and the stolen goods.

1. Cyrus and Idris return back to the inn while Amelia, Logan, and Aurence head to a temple.
- Once there they speak to Steven the Druid/Priest, who is in charge, and he lets them know of a strange occurrence at Crystal Shores.
- Steven tells them they must make their way to the Blushing Trout Inn, speak to Hershel (a retired Druid), collect the artifact and find the lost adventurers.

2. They make their way back to the Inn. Aurence and Logan decide to wake up the Boy, so that he can assist them.
- Logan gives the Boy 4 berries that Steven had given him, and the Boy miraculously heals 100%
- Cersei is awoken as well to get ready for the journey ahead, still incredibly weak she moves sluggishly and cautious.
- While everyone in the group is packing and making sure to properly store all their belongings, the Boy decides to steal a lantern from the inn.

3. The group buys a mule to carry the carriage the Sheriff had given them. Cersei sleeps the entire way to Crystal shores while Idris watches over her. Logan talks to some raccoons, Cyrus stays alert, while Aurence sings and plays a slow ballad...
- They reach the town at dusk and have their first encounter with the town's Blacksmith
- He directs them to the Blushing Trout but isn't very pleasant.
- Once at the Blushing Trout the Fellowship of Eight notice that something is terribly off....
- The Innkeeper and his daughter are super sick, the Innkeeper lets them know where Hershel lives and the quickly make their way out of the inn.

4. Hershel the retired Druid now keeps himself busy by making ale, he offers some to the group and much to their surprise it has healing powers and makes Cersei completely healthy again.
- Hershel warns the group about people dying, a darkness looming over the city that no one seems to know where it comes from.
- He tells them about the lost adventurers and the ring they were after.
- After being incredibly helpful he sends them on their way to fend for themselves for the night.

5. Amelia casts a spell to see if evil is lurking and to her surprise the evil she feels is like unany other and it shakes her to her core.
- Amelia convinces everyone that its best for them to spend the night at the barn next to inn so they can purify their water and food. She wants everyone to stay as far away as possible from the illness the Innkeeper and his family have succumbed to.
- the group spends an uneventful night in the barn and in the morning the make their way out of the barn to find some food.

May 24, 1101 Moonday

6. There are terrible noises coming from the Blushing Trout, the boy runs over and opens the door and finds that the inn keeper and his family are now zombies!
-Quickly the group prepares for an attack, Cersei redeems herself and kills the 1st and 2nd zombie, while Idris completes the win by killing the 3rd.
Session: Session Six - Sunday, Dec 23 2012 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Finding Wally
12/12/12 Summary
After the last encounter with the centipedes the group headed back to the main chamber...

May 23, 1101 Continued Sunday

1. The group decided to head into the second chamber. It was damp, there was water dripping from the roots overhead, and there were two holes.
- Cersei, Amelia, & Idris headed over to the first hole, and Cersei crouched down and poked in the hole with her long sword to have visibility. A small creature attacks her and bites her right shoulder!
- Logan, Amelia, Boy, & Idris all begin to attack it.
- Cersei is able to break free but the creature bites again and she goes unconscious...
- The others realize time is running out and Amelia and the Boy continue the attack, and Logan finishes off the creature.
- Amelia and Idris heal Cersei but she was so badly injured that she's still incredibly sluggish, weak, and although she walked away with her life, she now has a terrible scar on her right shoulder...
- The creature was cut open to see if he had eaten Wally. Nothing was found.
- Idris walks to the second hole casts Magic Disk and nothing happened, so the group moves on to the last chamber.

2. Once inside the last chamber Cyrus begins to smell rotting flesh and Idris begins to sense death is near...
- The group finds bones neatly piled together in a tower and a gnawed body faced down.
- Idris turns the body and it ends up being Wally...
- Amelia casts a spell to Detect Evil and it turns out that there is something evil in the room, and that being was now fearful of the group.

3. The group decides to move forward in the chamber and they see a bag. Without hesitation the Boy runs towards it and a goblin-like creature jumps on the Boy's back and attacks him. The creature stabs him and knocks him unconscious.
- The group runs to the creature and they begin their attack.
- Idris ends up killing the goblin-like creature and Amelia heals the boy.
- Amelia and Idris exhume the body and figure out Wally was strangled, tortured, and eaten.
- In the bag were the stolen goods & missing money...

4. The group climbs out of the well with Wally's body, the head of the goblin-like creature, and the bag of stolen good and money.

Session: Session Five - Wednesday, Dec 12 2012 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Into the Well....
12/05/12 Summary
This is a brief summary of major events:

May 23, 1101 Sunday

1. The group woke up, gathered their belongings, finished their morning routine and headed toward the well.

2. They all started getting ready to ascend down into the well, when the Sheriff stopped by and gave them a cart. They tied a rope to the cart so that they could all make the trip down the well.

3. Cyrus, Amelia, Logan, Idris, Quarion, Aurence, boy, and Cersei made their way into a new tunnel.
- Cyrus was the first one in the cave, he began to look around when four huge centipedes attacked him.
- The group rushed to Cyrus' defense but by the time they reached him, he was badly injured.
- Idris cast a spell that killed the 1st centipede.
-Cyrus through his pain and injuries was able to kill a second centipede.
- Logan and Amelia killed the last two centipedes.
Session: Session Four - Wednesday, Dec 05 2012 from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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Never Split the Party
11/28/2012 Summary
This is a brief summary of major events:

May 22, 1101 Continued Starday

1. Logan, Amelia, & Cyrus continued down the tunnel, notice a number of channels, and stumbled upon a large room. It didn't seem to have an exit and the water was knee deep, there wasnt much they could do so they decided to turn around and head back to the rest of the group.

2. Meanwhile the Sheriff decided to catch up with the group and Aurence told him what they had discovered about Wally's disappearance.

3. Logan, Amelia, and Cyrus join the rest of the group.
- Aurence sings a ballad to try and cheer up his comrades but they were not in the mood, so they begin to decide what their next move will be.
- Amelia decides to go to the temple to collect herself and pray.

4. The rest of the group decides to go to the Sink Hole to see if Boris One-Ear has any information regarding Wally or the thefts over at Wayfarers' Inn.
- Boris, besides being rude, is of no help at all.
- Although Aurence did manage to charm him into giving them free Whiskey.

5. The group decides to go back to the Wayfarers' Inn to spend the night, Logan Idris, and Quarian Dawnfire decide they'll try the maps store to see if the can find a map of the channels under the city.
- The owner of the store is a wizard, but not very helpful and seems to be hiding something... They achieve nothing and make their way to the Inn.

6. Back at the Inn Aurence charms Korec into giving them a free night at the Inn. Amelia meets them there after her trip to the temple. They find out that since their arrival in town, they have been dubbed the Fellowship of Eight. They eat, drink, and head to their respective rooms to rest.
Session: Session Three - Wednesday, Nov 28 2012 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Continued investigation
11/18/2012 Summary
This is a brief summary of major events:

May 22, 1101 Starday

1. Woke up at the "Wayfarer's Place Inn & Tavern." The group bathed, had breakfast and learned that no thefts had been made that night; The first night in a week.

2. The group was making its way down the road when Cyrus noticed shuffling tracks from a mule near the well.

-The group decides to lower the Boy into the well.
-The Boy freaks out at the sight of of rats and is pulled back up.
-Cyrus, having grown impatient decides to go into the well and finds a hole & signs of someone being dragged through.

3. The group decides to question the mule at Verna's (Wally's wife).
-The mule confirms Wally was taken forcefully down the well and was unconscious.

4. They go back to the well and had a chit chat with a janitor who lets them know that he's been hearing strange sounds from the well.

5. Amelia, Logan, and Cyrus decide to go down the well to investigate the strange hole.
-They find a trail and lose it but continue to make their way through the hole and find a nest of big rats.
-The rats attack!
-Cyrus finds himself badly injured but the trio prevails.
Session: Session Two - Sunday, Nov 18 2012 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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The beginning in Rashtan
11/14/2012 Summary
This is a brief summary major events:

MAy 21, 1101 Freeday
Entered the Village of Rashtan before Dusk
Met Sheriff Talon who was posting some Reward Posters
25GP Reward for the return of stolen items
50GP Reward for information in finding Wally Westler
Entered "Wayfarer's Place Inn & Tavern
Spoke to Korec (Owner of tavern) about missing currency and jewelry
Spoke to Sheriff about missing person
Sheriff walked some of the party to the other side of town to show them where locals found Wallys mule (next to the park on the south road).
Party rents two common rooms for lodging, eats a decent meal and retire for the evening.


Session: Session One - Wednesday, Nov 14 2012 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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