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We Gotta Get Outta This Place...
Having successfully submerged the treasure chest/portal to nightmare land and wrapping it up good with ropes, we decided that the best route to Hommlet was to blaze a trail through the forest, avoiding Gydnia but shaving some time off the journey, and then hitting the road further Eastward.

What a mistake.

After the weather forced us back to the cave for cover, dumping buckets of rain on our erstwhile Druid as he gathered his healing berries, we struck out into the woods. It wasn't long before we heard the sound of rummaging in the foliage of this dense wood, and to our surprise, it was some kind of horse-sized gigantor beetle of death!

Thanks to the tree cover, the boring beetle didn't lay into us nearly as hard as the orcs had, but it still left a few of our party beaten and near dead. I was inclined to cast a nearly suicidal sleep spell just to shut the thing down, but luckily my party disuaded me from that course of action, and Cyrus ran the damn thing through like a boss.

One more point in this party's favor: these guys are good at what they do!
Session: Game Session 27 - Thursday, Nov 07 2013 from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM
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June 9, 1101

Searching for Berries
Heading SouthEast
Cyrus Kills Stag Beetle
Camp for the night
Session: Game Session 27 - Thursday, Nov 07 2013 from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM
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Amelia Returns after the Battle
June 8, 1101
Freeday Cont.
Amelia Returns after the Battle

Rest for the night
June 9, 1101

Next day (Early AM)

Monsters from the box
Rope the box shut and flood it in the lake!
Session: Game Session 26 - Thursday, Oct 10 2013 from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM
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Meeting new friends
June 8, 1101
The party rescues 2 imprisoned adventurers: Amadeus and Mazian.

They are attacked by a giant and several orcs.

The party is badly wounded. They head for shelter lick their wounds.
Session: Game Session 25 - Thursday, Sep 26 2013 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Cyrus is now a GIANT SLAYER
Freeday continued....
June 7 1101

Fought Giant
Arrived at Orb lake and freed girl
Resurrected Boy
Camped out in Giant cave
saw Orc band at night
Session: Game Session 24 - Thursday, Jul 25 2013 from 4:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Day Two and Three in the forest.
Logan entangles Orcs
Logan finds female Irish Wolfhound

Attacked by Mosquito creatures
Boy Dies
Session: Game Session 23 - Thursday, Jul 18 2013 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Giant Killing

Orcs and a Giant
Session: Game Session 22 - Thursday, Jun 20 2013 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Leaving Gydnia
Jun 6, 1101
Visit with Fragga the Druid of Temple of the Flora
Stay the night at Inn of the Mirthful Jester
Journey North towards Orb lake
Setup Camp and Sleep
Session: Game Session 21 - Thursday, Jun 13 2013 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Farewell Feanaro... Hello Idris
Leave Spider Farm....
Return to Rashtan
Meet up with Idris
Travel to Gydnia
Find Girl on side of rode (beaten)
Put necklace on girl
Thank Gods that Ehlonna is listening
Arrive at Gydnia
Session: Game Session 20 - Thursday, Jun 06 2013 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Spider Farm Liberation
Jun 3, 1101 Moonday

1. Goblins destroyed.
2. Free the workers
3. Rewards!!!

Again!!! From Amelia's "Point of View:"

As I get outside, I can see the rest of the battle. Feanaro tries to backstab one of the magic users, but is spotted. Feanaro is surprised and fumbled his sword. It breaks. Apparently my goddess heard my prayer and perhaps agreed with me? The archers reloaded their arrows and shot at Aurence. His singing helps the group, but also helps the poor sighted goblins find their target. They shoot at Aurence. Most miss, but one hit his mark and damages him greatly. Aurence backs away out of the range of the archers, but still heroically continues singing. Unfortunately, this causes the remaining archers to target Logan. He is hit and falls down.
In response, Cyrus lobs two arrows at the archers and kills one and hurts the other. I try to shoot one advancing on Aurence, but my mind was on my fallen friend and I miss. The magic user that Feanaro tried to hit and broke his sword on, laughed and touched Feanaro with his hand. I could tell that it hurt Feanaro. I assume it was the opposite of the healing spell I cast. Just then the second magic user casts a large black ball to the ground. He yelled in goblin (which I assume meant “Arcanine I choose you!”) and the ball hits the ground and created a large unfriendly- looking dog.
I shoot the one advancing on Aurence (who was still singing) and I kill it. I then shoot another archer and I kill him also. Feanaro backs away from the one who touched him and he shoots at the magic user who had summoned the dog. The large dog disappears. Just then, the archers shoot back from the other side of the spider pit. One does a great deal of damage to me (Natural 20). It would have killed any of my party, so I was glad it had to be me, though it hurt greatly. Of course the goblin next to him also hit me. Punishment, I’m sure, for being so smug about Feanaro’s sword breaking. I pull out the arrows and once again send a prayer up for forgiveness. I run over to the fallen Logan and heal him to life. Like a trooper, he bounces back and slings a bolt at a magic user. Though he missed, I’m still proud of him for his try.
Cersei does a great hit and kills one of the magic users. The other magic user goblin sees his fallen buddy and casts a shocking grasp at her twice. She falls unconscious from the second one. Cyrus shoots at the leader and does more damage. Feanaro hits the magic user that just had attacked Cersei and he kills the goblin. I shoot at the leader and he also falls dead.
The building that is on fire looks like it is close to catching the surrounding buildings on fire. So I dig down deep and pray to my Goddess asking to aid us with rain. She smiles down upon us and it starts to rain above the building. It puts out the fire.
Cyrus does some first aid on Cersei and heals her. I come by and heal her to consciousness. I also heal Aurence.
We untie the workers and find the man in charge, Ooliathe. He offers us two weeks’ worth of canned and dried rations, 200 gold, 2 tubes of antivenin (4 doses total) and a Wand of Identification with 7 charges left on it. I check out his horses and they look healthy and happy.
Oolaithe explains that the goblins took over and stole silk two nights ago. They killed some workers and enslaved others. There were still some tied up in other areas of the Spider Farm. Once untied and freed, the workers still alive helped find and free the others. They started putting things back together to continue with their business.
------ 5 PM
Session: Game Session 19 - Thursday, May 09 2013 from 4:15 AM to 8:15 AM
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Meeting Feanaro
Jun 3, 1101 Moonday

1. Scouting out the Spiderfarm
2. "Meet" Feaenaro
3. Fire at the farm
4. Goblins!!!

Detailed events from Amelia's "point of view:"

Moonday, June 3, 1101 12 PM
We arrive at the Spider farm at around Noon. Cyrus scouts the farm and sees 7 buildings on our side, grates in the middle and 7 more buildings on the other side.
We spot a figure across from us about 50 yards out. As we head out toward him, a door slams down in the pits. Logan casts Detect Balance to see the newcomer’s alignment. Logan says he is neutral. Cersei tries to get a closer look, but boy starts running full out towards the fellow. Cersei grabs boy and tosses him. He falls down the hill we were scouting from. Cersei then gets closer and tackles the unknown person before he has a chance to get away, attack or talk to us. She head-butts him and pins him beneath her.
We question the new person and find that he is Feanaro and he is scouting out and seeing if he can get money from the spider farm. However, he is untrusting and only will speak to the elves. He appears to be a roguish type and I suspect a thief. With another thief around, I make a mental note to hide our gold in safer place.
As we are trying to figure out this new person, we see 3 figures open a door down in the pits. They are wearing the colors of the evil spider goddess Lothe (purple and black). We suspect these are the goblins the hurt man was talking about. Aurence agrees and says they are shadow goblins. Feanaro says he has been scouting and there are around 20 of them, but he only said it in elven (much to Cersei and my annoyance), so Cyrus translated it for the rest of the group.
Cersei releases Feanaro and we scout a bit closer to the pit. We see a goblin man exit what we think is the outhouse. Feanaro stealthily gets close and shoots the goblin in the neck and kills him instantly (Natural 20). Feanaro then goes into the next closest building. He comes out looking disgusted and makes a sign to us. We do not understand, so he comes back and explains it to the elves. They speak a while in their native tongue and then he starts heading back. Cyrus tells us the plan is for him to scout and when he sees where the goblins are sleeping, we will shoot it with burning arrows to catch it on fire and kill the ones that escape. He goes back into the next building and exits and does the “All Clear” sign.
The third building he comes to, he popped his head in for a few seconds and immediately gave the “FIRE!” sign. Without thought, we shoot the building with flaming arrows (or throw burning oil onto it in Aurence’s case) to catch it on fire. Two goblins come out first, and Cyrus and I shoot and kill them instantly. More rush out and run to attack Cersei, who had gotten closer to kill the ones coming out. She kills one. Boy runs in next to her and lands a great strike and drops another one. Three more run out of a building close by. They look like a leader and two magic users. Aurence kills another goblin running towards Cersei and begins to sing loudly. More goblins rush out from across the way, these ones with bows and arrows. One shoots Cersei, but she is tough and keeps fighting and kills another one nearby. They shoot at Feanaro and I, but they miss. Boy hit another one and killed it instantly. Aurence, still singing madly (much to the confusion of the goblins), lands a mighty strike and cleaves one in two (Natural 20). Logan from across the way casts “Entangle” onto the Leader and magic users. One goblin rushes over and tries to hit Feanaro. He misses, but Feanaro hits back and kills him. Logan casts Fairy Fire on the goblin archers. Cyrus notices the fairy fired goblin archers and shoots at two of them. He kills one and injures another.
Just then we heard screams coming from inside the building. My heart dropped. They are not the screams of goblins. We had just set fire to the poor victims of the goblin attack. Shit. Cersei, bless her heart, had the same realization and rushes madly into the burning building. She told be later that she saw five in there and tried to release them by cutting rope. It didn’t work, so she started to just toss people out of the building with her great strength. She tosses three out, but one catches fire on the way out.
Outside, Feanaro stabs one close to me and kills it. One archer shoots at Logan, but just scratches him. Cyrus also gets hit, but it too only does minimal damage. They also shoot at Aurence and Boy and Feanaro, but the goblins all are serving the wrong god, and they all miss.
I run to help Cersei in the building. I pass one burning man outside the building and yell at him to roll around to stop the flames. I rush madly into the burning building to help Cersei. Cersei starts coughing and pulls one more out and gets some fresh air. As I am surrounded by smoke and flames, in my thoughts I question Feanaro’s moral compass. Did he see the innocent men inside? I pray quietly to my divine Goddess for forgiveness for my violent thoughts towards the newcomer. I see the one last man coughing in the corner and I pull him to safety. As he and I get outside and my lungs were cleansed with the fresh air, my anger toward the newcomer was also washed away.
Session: Game Session 18 - Thursday, May 02 2013 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Farewell Idris....
Jun 3, 1101 Moonday

1. Wake up
2. Farewell to Idris
3. Resupply
4. Asked to find out what is happening at the SPIDER FARM
5. Scouting the spider farm
Session: Game Session 17 - Thursday, Apr 18 2013 from 3:30 AM to 7:30 AM
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Barn action
Late June 1 1001

Barricade the barn
Skeletons and walkers
Jumping IDRIS
Cyrus shoots IDRIS
IDRIS runs away
We track IDRIS
Return Idris's wand
Here come some skeleton warriors

What do we do next?
Session: Game Session 15 - Thursday, Mar 14 2013 from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM
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My Precious......
May 28, 1001 Evening continued....

The party continues to look for the Charnalite Ring... Little do they know Idris has it.
The party split up searching through the library and the well room for the lost ring.
Cyrus hears something down the corridor, looking with his infra vision he sees a creature crouched against a corner eating a rat.

It charges at Cyrus. He is able to get off 4 arrows (hitting twice) before it pounces him.... During the melee, Cyrus drops to his knees, paralysis overcomes. Aurence also falls. The party finally defeat the ghoulish beast....
Amelia heals the two wounded. And the group decides to rest in the dead end of the dungeon.

June 1st, 1001 STARDAY
The group opens the box to find the fallen cleric, Austius, gone... "Where did he go?" So the party decides for the next several hours to experiment with the magical box. Several players enter the box looking for clues.
Inside the Magical Box they find a second "Hatch" going somewhere. Logan successfully looks and sees a frightening scene:

The group decides, after several hours, to abandon the investigation of the box, and continue searching the dungeon....
To everyones suprise, Idris comes clean about having the ring...

She says she cannot take it off.....

So the party decides to leave the dungeon and head for Crystal shores....
The group arrives at Crystal Shores and finds it deserted, except for smoke coming from Hershel's chimney.
Session: Game Session 14 - Thursday, Mar 07 2013 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Finding Austius
May 28th, 1001


The party enters into what appears to be a old library/study. The place is in shambles. They find several magical items: Scrolls and a peculiar magic box with a "H" Rune inscribed on the lid.

They fight a defeat a couple more zombies in the hallway.
They come across a well room and discover what happened to Austius the cleric, he is dead.
The group looks down the well and Idris is lowered down to find his arm flowing in the well.
The well water is contaminated. Possibly this could be the source of the tainted water infecting Crystal Shores...
The group is now suspicious of Idris.
This is the last day of the month of MAY. We stopped at approx 6pm. Tomorrow is the first day of Summer.
Session: Game Session Thirteen - Thursday, Feb 28 2013 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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