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    Orlen Veth Human/M/Magic User/7
    "I must have done something wrong"
    Description:S:17 I:18 W:9 D:9 C:9 Ch:17 CM:17 AC:10 HP:23 Wears a Tattered brown cloak, carpenters’ pants and tunic, two crossing bandoliers holding vials of material components, potions, and hidden scrolls. Brown hair cut in the beatles bowl style. Brown eyes about 5’ 10” Often found with a large wi...
    Background:Served his mentor, Arthis Handlenn, in the town of Verbobonc, from the age of 8 to the age of 35. He failed to summon his familiar for 17 years. As a result of this failure he is unsure about his skill and understanding of magic. He will often avoid using new magic for fear he will use it inco...

Retired Characters

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    Quarion Dawnfire (Retired) Half Elf/M/Magic-User/1
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    Aurence Thrum (Retired) Half-elf/M/Bard/1
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    Cyrus (Retired) Half-Elf/M/Ldr/Ranger/1 (Runner)
    Background:The History of Cyrus His father was Hamster, and his mother smelled of Elderberry… No really… His father was a rather “Amorous” Wood elf, and his human mother used Natural Herbs to keep herself smelling fresh, and favored Elderberry for its medicinal qualities. When Cyrus was ...
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    Cersei Elrond (Retired) Human/F/Fighter/1
    Description: * Kind * Free Spirited * Optimistic * Helpful * Arrogant * Stubborn
    Background:Her mother, Sasha, came from a wealthy and respected family. She was delicate, elegant, and proper. Her father, John, was a few years older than her mother and was the son of one of her father’s most trusted stewards. John was strong, hard working, and tenacious. They knew each other their enti...
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    Boy (Retired) Human/M/Thief/1
    "Pardon me, is there anything I can steal?"
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    Aria (Retired) Human/M/Paladin/1
    "I got to go"
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    Mazian (Retired) Human/M/Contr/Magic-User/1
    ""Mazian. Short for 'amazian'!""
    Description:A fairly rugged looking human who favors blue-tinged tunics and robes, Mazian is of average height and broad-shouldered build, with rather hairy arms. He is an animated speaker, wide-eyed and curious, but with an acerbic wit that contrasts his eternal optimism.
    Background:Born and raised on a farmstead not far from Hommlet, Mazian was a good worker, but the call of ancient history and magical lore was strong, keeping him up late and chasing rumors from the Church of St. Cuthbert. After several raids that put Hommlet on the defensive, Mazian was taken under the wi...
    Details:Age - 32 Father: Samson (age 56) Brother: Winfield (age 28) Sister: Maribel (age 26) Sister: Madalynn (age 24) Mentor: Burne Despises: Druids at Hommlet's Druid's Grove
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    Rhyden Steryles (Retired) Dwarf/M/Cleric/1
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    King Kilkennard (Retired) Human/M/Paladin/9
    Description:S18(51) I12 W9 D8(62) C17(25) Ch17(39), AC0, HP111
    Background:Kilkennard Bruun is a native of Verbobonc, the son of Kennus Bruun, the famed leader of the Crown’s Lance Battalion. He was groomed for the guard from a young age but having never gained the mastery of the lance at his father’s level, remains something of a disappointment to his father. He has ...
    Details:Killed in session 156
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    Krieghen (Retired)
    Description:Death in Session #51
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    Rhiannon (Retired) Human/F/Witch/4
    Description:S11 I16(24) W14 D10 C13 Ch11 Co14 AC6 HP25
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    Kara (Retired) Human/F/Rogue/4
    "Steal from the rich or corrupt, which doesn't include friends or party members, and give to myself. "
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    Hondoe (Retired) Human/M/Stkr/Archer/3rd level
    "Nice Catch! (Referring to putting an arrow in someone)"
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    Meneleus & The Crow (Retired) Human/M/Magic-User/10
    ""What is thy bidding, my Crow?""
    Description:<Add Details here>
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    Noss (Retired) Human/M/Stkr/Cavalier/3
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    Akasha (Retired) M
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    Benny MacLeod (Retired) Human/M/Def/Fighter/3
    "Um, okay, ..."
    Background:Birthday: Brewfest 1
    Details:Height: 6'1" Weight: 225 lbs. Age: 16
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    Armand (Retired) M
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    Grimm Guindecker (Retired) M
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    Baldomero (Retired) Human/M/Monk/6
    Description:S16 I11 W17 D17 C12 Ch12 Co10, AC6, HP20, Knife, Jo Stick. Ring of Plate.
    Background:Sole survivor of the Outer Verbobonc Cloister. Keeper of the last Book of Common Sense.
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    Jethro Tull (Retired) Half-Elf/M/Bard/1
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    Macross Berylson (Retired) Human/M/Thief/8
    "Sometimes the snake eats the spider."
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    Gaznak (Retired) Half-Orc/M/Assassin/1
    "Why can't we have some meat?"
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    Chiz Linstone (Retired) Dwarf/M/Fighter/1
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    Prince Charming (Retired) Human /M/Thief/1
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    Grayamaya (Retired) Human/M/Magic-User/1
    Description:S11 I18 W15 D8 C15 Ch14 Co12. AC10 HP 5. Staff. Potion of Fire Resistance.
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    Spike the Death Dealer (Retired) Human/M/Fighter/1
    "Hornets don’t care about dying, they only care about causing damage!"
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    Mole Rutteridge (Retired) Human/M/Cleric/1

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