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    Paovarian Elf/M/Alchemist(Mindchemist)/First
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    Narl'yn Elf/M/Magus/2
    "Not bad for a non-elf"
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    Eldon Brighton Aasimar(angelkin)/M/Bard (archaelogist)/1
    "Curiousity is healthy"
    Description:Race=Angelkin(aasimar) +2 STR and +2 CHA Class=Bard(archivist) Alignment=NG Diety=Chaldira Zazuristan Campaign trait: Chance savior (+2 init) Religious Trait: Lessons of Chaldira (reroll one save/day) middle-aged (+1 mental, -1 physical) stats: 16STR, 14DEX, 12CON, 14WIS, 14INT, 18 CHA Sk...
    Background:Eldon was the only son of two elderly parents. After caring for both parents until death, he learned a secret upon his mother's passing. He was adopted as a favor to an angelic being trying to spare her son the problems of a divine upbringing. Eldon went in search of his destiny. As an avid e...
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    Goreoff Half-Orc/M/Cleric/1
    "If Goreon will ride forth in the name of that quest... I will ride forth on the right hand of my brother!"

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