A heroic tier mini-campaign about a ragtag group of adventures travelling across the Nentir Vale.

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Session 1
Elle, a Warden traveling the woods surrounding the Moon Hills was ambushed by a mysterious Eladrin Ranger. Left for dead she was found by Myo, a Bard from the local city of Fallcrest. Upon healing her they made their way back to town. Finding Mizore the assassin ranger that had attacked Elle from before. Using wily charisma (and a little song and dance) Myo convinced them to put their differences aside and become adventuring partners. But before any really adventuring could begin Pani, a strange being from another realm with glowing eyes quite literally stepped into the picture.

Our ragtag band of adventurers met Teldorthan, a local blacksmith at the tavern of the White Unicorn. The drunken dwarf was worried about a shipment of Dragon Hide that had been stolen by a gang of Kobolds that had taken up residence in an abbandoned manor along the major trade route the King's Road.

Out of the kindness of their hearts (or out of their love for money) our heroes decided to go eradicate this nest of kah-razy kobolds. A day's journey flew by as they arrived at the steps of the decrepit building.

Stepping across the threshold they find a large shadowy room with a pit filled with gelatinous ooze in the center. Even in the dim light they can see a Kobold snoozing across the room. Mizore quietly notches an arrow, and let's it fly across the room. The snoozer is immediately shaken from its reverie and yelps an alarm to two of it's peers from around the corner. The two sides clash around the of ooze. But coming forward our adventurers find a tunnel running off the side of the room, and while it's blocked off by a portcullis, two very angry Kobolds wait on the other side,
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