Wandering feet, long forgotten blood-ties, bad luck, who knows, but something stirs in The Land of the Linnorm Kings. Restless, it has reached out, whispering, luring, goading, promising change, power, & wonder, welcome to THE COLD NORTH!

A retinue of mostly strangers finds themselves newly arrived in the town of Stanbein. Few every come to this small enclave miners nestled in the Kodar Foothills overlooking the Varisan Gulf. Welcomed by the Village Hegemon Alfrec Bronzlur the party is wined and dined in the town Feast Hall. Late into the night as mead still flows and Alfrec's bard regales the gathered with tales of valor, screams fill the night outside. A moment later a bloodied guard staggers in bolting the door, "My Thane," he utters, as a cold white mist pours thru the the windows. Suddenly the doors burst open and a skeletal warrior strides in cutting down the guard. "Wereguild" it hisses as nearly a dozen armed skeletons pour into the mist-obscured hall. A startled & drunken Alfric and his men rise too late to arm themselves before the melee ensues...

...Bones and bodies are scattered in the hall. All wounded; Alfrec, the PC's, and a handful of his men are are left alive in the hall. Alfrec commands the survivors(this includes the PC's) to police the town and check on the people . Once the town is cleared of a few straggling skeletons and the sun is up information trickles in to Alfrec, who summons the PC's.

Bedraggled, the town hegemon asks them for their assistance. It appears that a number of townfolk have disappeared-including his own daughter. He relates that after the dead champion's hissing of "Wereguild" it obviously wants ransom. Thankful for their aid in the night he is willing to offer some small tokens of gratitude (each character is offered a simple bronze arm-ring worth 30gp) and offers another 100gp (or equivalent)to each PC if it means the safe return of his daughter.

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