New Yoke City - a large, bustling, busy and industrious city, as opposed to the small town feel of places like Ponyville. Twice as large as Canterlot, and without the same influences of magic as the Equestrian Royal City, the NYC relies more heavily on the technological advances of the scientists an mechanics of the world have sought so fervently to bring into creation. With trolleys, subways, and motorized vehicles all in relatively common use in this large city, it is considered the Birthplace of the Technological Age....

Skyscrapers tower in the sky, buildings and paved roads making up the vast scape of the land around, with little to no nature to be seen within it's boundaries, most everypony that has grown up in this city has only the Central Park and its zoo to rely on for references of the outside world's wonders of life.

So, it's safe to say, that sometimes a pony in this huge place could get lost, losing their direction, or lose something of theirs that the never realized they were missing....But, without help, it doesn't seem like they'll be reunited with their missing 'special somethings' and find their way on their own....

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(In the Dressing Room) ((The Show MUST go on))
Pacing back and forth across the floor of his dressing room Tux Glances into the mirror. His hat is perfectly perched atop his head, his mane is perfectly combed, and his beautiful crystal rose is pinned into the lapel of his tuxedo. He looks perfect but he can't stop thinking about how many ponies will be out in the audience. How did he get sucked into this VARIETY ACT!!!!??!! There's a knock at the door and a delivery pony calls from the hallway
"Special Delivery for Mr. Prism!"
Tux opens the door with magic, snatches the package out of the pony's hooves and slams the door (not before tipping him generously). The note attached to the small brown box reads only one word: "Squirt". Tux's heart sinks and he collapses onto his haunches on the spot. The only pony who ever called his "Squirt" was his father Pinstripe Prism. Tux should have been Expecting this after what happened with Tyrek but he had been so preoccupied with the larger conspiracy that he hadn't had time to think. He opens the note and reads what it says... (To Be Continued... )
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tAoFF: The Show Must Go On
It had been four days since what Willow Wisp liked to called "the Tirek Affair." I preferred to call it "The Crystal Rose," made it sound more like a Daring Do novel. Tux called it "The Day I Got Foalnapped, Beaten Up, Fell into the Sewer, Got All Covered in Slime, and Rescued My Mum." That title really didn't roll off the tongue. Anyway, I was actually pretty busy during those four days and not just with going over to Tux's place every day, helping him find something else he'd lost in that mammoth penthouse he calls home. My business increased a great deal, due to the fact the Getbackers are in some legal trouble.

Speaking of them, I still haven't gotten to talk the Desert Twins. Heck, Willow said that he hadn't gotten to talk to them much, either. Turned out the politicians were tying the hands of the upper brass, restricting who can and cannot talk to them. Also, I hadn't been able to talk to Cherries, either. At least I knew where she is, up in that floating monstrosity that was the Canterbury Battle Airship. It was obvious that there was a huge possibility that this was going to become a huge international incident and I was going to be in the middle of it. Well, it'll give me the chance to actually meet Princess Celestia, either because she's giving me a medal or tossing me in a dungeon for interfering, or both. I saw her once, she was like no more than ten feet from me, but I was too busy saying goodbye to someone special... Sorry, I got all melancholy there.

Anyway, I decided that I needed to know more about Canterbury, so I did some research. All I've got was just whatever's available at the local library. Not much that can help me, yet. I planned on finding all articles I could about them and study them. It was going to be a long term research project. That and finding out about the Crown of Infinite Wisdom. They want it, or at least, somepony associated with them wants it and right now, I don't want them to find it. Of course, the local library had nothing about it. I had to do some digging at specialty libraries. That meant heading back to good old NYAM, the New Yoke Academy of Magic and checking their library. In an effort to not spin my wheels, I sent a letter to my old teacher, Hoofdini, asking if he knew of the Crown. I also sent a request for access to the library at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Every little bit helps.

I managed to hear back from Hoofdini. Sent a letter I got that morning and it said that the Big 3 might want a chat with me and that he's going to be in a meeting with them that day. That scared me a little bit. It's almost like being told that Celestia wanted to talk to you. You don't mess around with the Big 3.

As I sat behind my desk, pondering the magnitude of the situation, my phone rang. It was Tux and he desperately needed my help in finding something very important that he lost. I told him that I'd be there right away as long as it wasn't a missing top hat. He paused slightly and said to just come right away. I called Rahj, my new favorite cab driver, he gives me discounts, to pick me up and take me to Manehatten. I grabbed my hat and coat and Burny and headed for the door. Just as I got there, the phone rang again. I turned around, hoping it wasn't Tux telling me to hurry. It wasn't. It was Harmony. She had some trouble at the dance studio and needed my help right away. Apparently, her dance pads were missing. I told her I'd be right there, Tux would have to wait.

We jumped into the cab and told Rahj that we'd be stopping at the dance studio before continuing on to the Rump Towers. He said sure but that if we were longer than ten minutes, he'd turn the meter on again. Arriving at the studio, Lightning Flash looked confused and Harmony looked upset. One look was normal, the other, not so much. I immediately went into detective mode. I asked several questions about who used the pads last and who put them away and such. During the routine questioning, Kiwi showed up. (Apparently, it was recess or study hall or something.) I examined the closet that my sister keeps the pads. There was a problem with the lock. It didn't lock properly. Whoever took the pads did not need to break the lock or the door; they just simply undid the lock. I told Harmony that she needed a new lock. I also found paw prints leading away from the closet. I decided that the best way to find the thief is to find the dance pads. I used my Find spell and detected the pads and they were still moving!

I ran out towards the back, the others close behind. We got into the small backyard and there were the dance pads moving. At the bottom, there was something small and black. Having been caught, it let go of the pads, hissed at us and took off. It looked like a cat. I think it had glowing eyes, but I wasn't sure. Kiwi found something on the ground. It was a small screw with the name Clockwork Cherish on it. It turned out that the cat was made by Cherish but she thought it didn't work. We took the dance pads inside.

With that taken care of, Harmony set out to get the studio ready for her class and I, we, hung for a few minutes to make sure she was okay. Kiwi went back to school. Then the calls started. Apparently, every single one of her students had come down with the flu. That being her only class that day, she had whole lot of nothing to look forward to. That was when she asked to tag along with me. I knew where I was going and I knew who I was going to go see. I really didn't want that but I reluctantly said she could. She did puppy dog eyes... or threatened bodily harm, I can't remember.

Harmony, Burny, and I piled into the cab, Rahj had starts the meter again. Oh well. I actually had some money coming in, so I didn't mind. I hadn't been charging Tux at all, the last few days, and I wasn't about to charge Harmony for my services. What kind of brother do you take me for? Anyway, Rahj takes off at his usual breakneck speed. Burny and I were use to it, but not Harmony. I glanced to my right and saw Harmony about ready to lose her breakfast. I telekinetically move her head so she would spew out the window. It was a success. Unfortunately, having seen my sister throw up made my iron stomach turn to jelly. Next thing I knew, my breakfast was all over Harm's back and my front. Just in time, we had arrived at the Rump Towers. Just before we got at, Rahj, showed off a new addition to his cab. He hit a button and we were deluged with water. The cab company added that because they were tired of always washing his car out. We thanked him, and I went to pay and he said that he'd just send me a bill at the end of the month. I thanked him, and escorted my entourage to the main doors.

I said hi, and introduced my sister to the doormen, Ernie and Seth, and Seth immediately took a fancy to her. I got between him and her and said that Tux is expecting us right away. They let us in and we went straight to the elevator. Burny took the dumbwaiter up to Tux's kitchen and was pretty much in there the entire time we were there. As we got out, there was Tux, in the foyer, looking all put out. He wanted to know where we were. I told him I had to help my sister and then I introduced them. I still haven't figured out if that was a mistake or not. He quickly ushered us inside his pent house. Once we were inside, he told us what he lost, his lucky top hat. I face hoofed. He was all like, "come on, come on, start doing your magic thing, there, Finder." I countered with where he last had it. He took us to his hat room. He. Had. A. Hat. Room. I swear to Celestia that it was bigger than the apartment Burny and I share. Looking at the immense amount of hats and the impatience that had appeared on Tux's face, I sighed and used my Find spell. Within seconds, the hat was found and placed atop if Tux's head.

For a job well done, Tux offered each of us a ticket to Hoofdini's performance that night. He said that he bought all the tickets and was only going to invite those ponies he wanted there. He gave each of us one, mentioned he sent several to the Prince Ebony Ire and his Canterbury entourage, which I found encouraging, if they showed, I might be able to talk to Cherries. I did not tell him that Hoofdini was in a secret meeting with the Big 3 and he might not make it. It is said that their meetings took hours, if not days. Then Tux invited the other ponies by going to the window and throwing them out. The street became pandemonium. They had to call in the police and apparently they needed help from The Broncs because I saw Willow way down below. I just shook my head and walked to the other side of the living room. That's when Tux noticed that we smelled funky.

He offered the use of his shower. I let Harmony go first. Then it happened. Tux fell for my sister, at least, temporarily. She came back out, all refreshed. You could feel it in the air, you could feel the magic in the air and I saw the look on Tux's face and the music began. The music It all happened in slow motion. I shouted "Nooooooooo!" and tried to dive between them but it was too late. Tux was twitter patted. Tux stammered out a compliment. I returned to my hooves and got between them. I thought that if I got between them, Tux could regain his composure. He did. Harmony complained about me always getting between her and colts. I told her, she didn't know where Tux had been, and I did. There was a quick discussion of past relationships, with Burny dropping a name I wish he hadn't, but luckily, Tux didn't catch it. Reluctantly, I left them alone and went to take a shower myself. Burny just burned the grime off himself.

Things got interesting in the shower. Get your mind out of the gutter. First of all, Tux had an insanely amount of beauty products on his wall. It's a good thing he was a unicorn, otherwise he'd have to be a Pegasus to get the stuff on the top. Anyway, as I was rinsing myself off, the suds were getting bigger instead smaller. As they got bigger, I decided that I should get out. I started to step out when they asked me to stop. The bubbles formed soapy version of Hoofdini. He began the conversation with "Sorry to burst in on you." I'm not sure if he meant the pun or not. He told me that he indeed was in a meeting with the Big 3 and he wasn't going to make the start time of his show. I chuckled to myself a little and that that it stunk to be Tux.

Bubbledini looked at me and said, "But the show must go on. You must stall them... for about three hours."

"You want me to stall a large crowd to see you for three hours?"

"Well, not just you. Surely you have friends... by now."

Sheepishly, I said, "Yes. I'e got some friends."

Hoofdini gave me a sudsy hug and said, "Good job, I knew you could." It was then I realized I had worn my hat into the shower. Anyway, he said that we were the opening act and said good luck.

I went out and told the others about Hoofdini. Kiwi, yet again, appeared at my shoulder and scared the alfalfa out of me. We start making plans for the show. Tux knew a designer who could whip up some quick costumes. Burny gets a half hour to do his stand up routine, I get a half hour to find things or people in the audience, Heart Throb, a friend of Harmony's, could do some modeling and help with the clothes and make up, Lightning flash may do some weight lifting and gymnastics, Kiwi and Clockwork will be stage hands and help with special effects and Tux and Harmony do a dance extravaganza for the end of the show. With the basic structure set, Kiwi goes back to school to tell Clockwork. That's when Burny goes crazy.

He dived for a flash of black in the corner of the room. Now, everyone got the alfalfa scared out of them. We all joined in the chase to catch the streak. I caught it with some telekinesis. It was the clockwork cat that Cherish made. It was covered in realistic fur. I was talking to it soothingly then I said we could get it back to its owner. Then it went crazy, attacked my face, and it hurt, it hurt. I tried catching it again, but it didn't work. I think Burny may have tried to catch it as did Harmony, but it was too fast. I managed to rip some curtain off the windows and catch it in that. That pretty much became my standard maneuver. As I kept it wrapped up, Tux dumped a bucket of water on it. Then it exploded. The shrapnel managed to miss all of us, but we did have one casualty, Tux's top hat. He went to get a new one, the cleaning crew came up and cleaned up and I gathered all of the pieces to Clockwork Cherish's cat. I was not looking forward to the conversation.

We decided that was a good time to head to the theatre to finish our preparations. I was hoping against hope and wishing on both Celestia and Luna that the Canterbury entourage would be there with Cherries Jubilee. I just needed to talk to her or, at least, see her so I could determine if she was there willingly or not. The next several hours felt like weeks. Months, even.
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Three Days Later~
Three days after the events of the sewers, life returned to normal(somewhat) for New Yoke City. Kiwi Blitz had returned to home and went to school on Friday, then had the weekend to herself. She had visited her hero Finder Fee several times on Saturday, but Sunday was the day she had promised to spend time with her BFF, Clockwork Cherish! Oh, yeah, it was gonna be fun! They'd play games, and go get a smoothie and a bagel, maybe go to the zoo and Pony Island for some amusement rides, yeah, nothing was gonna be funner than we these two got together!

"AUGHHHhhhhhhh' Kiwi groaned in frustration and boredom, as she hung off a leather recliner upside down in her friend's robotics lab. " Are you done yet, 'Rish?"

The young pony in question was at her work bench, goggles donned and tools working, sparks flying and metal clanking, her tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth as she concentrated on her work.

"Almost, Ki~' she responded in her nasally voice without looking up from her work. " I just gotta solder these last components, and then apply the outer casing and bolt it down, and I'll be done! Oh, wait- I actually gotta apply the fake fur, too, THEN I'll be done!"

Kiwi tried to entertain herself by sucking on the air to bring her bangs closer to her, than blowing them away, then rinse and repeat. " Why do you gotta build your Dad a robot cat, in the first place? Why doncha just go 'n BUY a furball for him!"

"I've already toldja, Ki, Poppa's allergic to em, but he loves cats more than anything in the world. So, I figure for his birthday, I'll give him the Clockwork Cat, patent pending, and he won't hafta go to the ER for his bloating. I'm telling, this Cat will be just like a real one, down to every last detail you'd expect a cat to have!"

"Except for being alive 'n junk, huh?' Kiwi muttered.

" Not only will this be pivotal to my Poppa's health and happiness, this prototype will serve as a glorious test run of my new line of Clockwork Pets, trademarked, toys for those who want a real one but can't for whatever reason! I'll not only be filthy rich, but once again I'll prove my genius to those RUBES down at the Makina School of Robotic Arts, and they'll ALL be sorry they turned down my genius and denied me entrance into their school!!!"

"Dude, it's college for ponies with triple digit IQs."

"EXACTLY! They could have made use of mine!!!"

"'re just a kid though, that school was for old eggheads, ya know."

"And that's another injustice that I shall prove to have been wrong! I'll rub in all their smug, grown-up faces!! PWAHAHAHAHA!" Cherish did her ' mad scientist cackle w/ lightning background' schtick she seemed to do more often then not, her copper mecha backpack producing holographic lightning and doing the thunder sound effect. She looked pretty silly, but Kiwi could never find the heart to tell her... plus, she prefered to laugh silently to herself whenever her Bestie did it.

"Now the preparations are all completed!' she exclaimed and then pointed at Kiwi dramatically. " Ki-gor! Throw the switch!!!!"

Kiwi suppressed a giggle and played along, making a face and posture imitating that of a hunchback assistant. " Yyyes, Master!" she said in a voice to go along with it, and then hover over to "The Switch", throwing it on.

A momentary crackle of electricity filled their ears, as the robotic cat convulsed and jittered around on the table.

"Yes...Yyyyes...YEEEEEES!!!!" Cherish laughed loudly at her creation as it started to come to life. "I HAVE DONE IT! I HAVE BREATHED INTO MY CREATION....LIFE!!!!!!"

Kiwi threw the switch off again as she took the cliched and overused line Cherish shouted as her cue. She'd started to grow used to her friend's peculiarities by this time, and had played "Ki-gor" to her "Steinsdale" many a time by know. ( Oh, how jealous Cherish was to hear Kiwi had seen Dr. Steinsdale in the flesh.... Too funny!)

Kiwi joined Cherish in looking down at the workbench at the black cat robot, and they waited for a moment together in silence.

"....did it work?" Kiwi asked after a beat or two.

Cherish snorted incredulously. " Oh, puh-lease~ Ki. This is a creation of MINE, we're talking about? And as such, it's pedigree of quality is just the same as all of my genius creations!" she said with pride, hoof to her chest for effect.
"... so you're not sure."

"Eeeyeah...." Cherish said sheepishly.

Kiwi rolled her eyes at her friend, affectionately, and they returned their gaze back to the cat and waited.

After roughly an hour, they decided it was going to work at all.

"Awwwwwww...." Cherish groaned sadly, deflating visibly. " What went wrong? Did I use too much juice? Was the CAt AI program buggy in anyway? What went wrong?"

"Hey, Hey...' Kiwi said gently, wrapping an arm around her friend's shoulders and pulling her in. " There's still time before your Dad's B-day, 'Rish! You'll figure it out in time, you always do! You ARe the smartest pony in New Yoke afterall~"

Cherish's smile returned at the opportunity to talk good about herself. " That is the truth....Oh well, you're right, Ki~ C'mon, I'll treat ya to smoothies while we figure it out, together!"

"What's this 'we' stuff, poindexter?" Kiwi grinned playfully as they exited the lab, turning off the lights and closing the door behind them, not noticing the feline eyes lighting up in the growing darkness behind them....
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"Ahhhh, Tirek, dahlink, how do you feel?"

"I feel like I got hit by a bus...."

"Hohohoho, oh that is hilarious! We both know you'd shrug off something as small as that~"


"Yes, you actually had 6 tons of cobblestone und concrete fall ontop of you, after falling 100 feet to the bottom of the sewer system.... You're lucky you got away with just a concussion and some bruising...."

The large patient growled silently as he remembered.

"Ach, that Finder Phee is quite rugged, no? *sigh* He has such a way with his hooves.... doesn't, Heir Tirek?"

The smirking face of the flamboyant doctor made Tirek growl even more.

"Ah ah, don't be getting so worked up, dahlink! You'll aggravate your condition....Relax und forget all about that dashingly handsome rogue of a PI.... you'll never see him again"

"For his sake, Doctor, you had better be right....." the behemoth of a centaur swore silently. He normally was able to ignore jabs like the ones Finder had made, but something about him made all his years of conditioning be thrown to the wind and his bad habits released.

The Doctor watched Tirek for a moment, silently enjoying how the situation had bothered his large ally. The good doctor clicked his tongue dismissively, and check his manicured front hooves as he leaned against a counter.

"Anyway, what did you find out about the Prism mare? You did find out something didn't you? Don't want our equipment to have been destroyed in a bloodrage for nothing, yah?"

Tirek looked up.

" She can be marked off the list.... She's not the one.....' he said heavily.

Dr. Steinsdale grinned wickedly. " Good! We can trade her out as a candidate, then..." he said, turning to leave the hospital ward of the giant warballoon. He imagined the form of one Finder Phee, causing him to draw in a low, ambiguous breathe. "...and add another ..." He said to himself.
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The Adventures of Finder Fee: The Crystal Rose Part 2
There we were. A sleeping Burny, Lightning Flash, and I trapped in a warehouse under weighted nets. Tirek had just emerged from the crowd of Getbackers. If I was lucky, he'd start a speech about how smart he is and his plans and stuff like that. He likes to do that. As he took a deep breath, maybe to start his speech, I started thinking about the ways I could get out of this. Most relied on luck. I was hoping that maybe Kiwi would suddenly show up a cause a distraction. Maybe there was something shiny in here that might attract the attention of Burny and he'd do something. Both instances would give the distraction I need to maybe throw the nets onto Tirek. Then there's what I do if he actually started “monologuing”. I could play the prisoner with apt attention and listen to his whole speech, maybe glean some useful info from it, or I could be the brash brigand and interrupt his speech and tell him I know where the Crystal Rose is and it could be his for the right price. None of those things happened at all.

Just as Tirek was about to talk, from my left came a flash of flame. Burny had woken up and was trying to burn through the netting. That was good thinking. I hadn’t realized he was awake. Unfortunately, it didn't work and it totally derailed what Tirek was going to say. I'm not sure if I'm grateful or not. That dude was really full of himself. Instead, he laughed at us and said something along the lines of having fireproof nets because they were at the docks. To which my brain went “what?!” and totally lost my train of thought. Next thing I knew, eight of the Getbackers were dragging us to the other end of the warehouse.

The rest of the them were leaving. With them, they had a large burlap sack on a dolly and they were taking it with them. The shape inside the sack looked roughly pony shaped. I cast my Find spell to pinpoint Tuxedo Prism. He, apparently, was in the direction we were heading. Then I did it again, this time looking for Cherries Jubilee. She was not in the sack either. Well, that's a mystery for another time. I tried to be the annoying captive, complaining about not being on a dolly ourselves, hoping maybe it'll distract them. All it did was make one of them mad and he struck me but not well at all. I didn't feel a thing.

They drag us up some metal stairs to a metal mesh platform. It's on the far side of the warehouse. There's a large rectangular hole in it, so you could fall onto the floor below. However, the floor had a large rectangular hole in int as well and that lead to the sea below. Above the hole, Tuxedo Prism was hanging by chains. On his face, there was a mask that covered his mouth. As they stopped dragging us, Tux used magic to take the mask off to say hello then put it back on. He was, obviously, a unicorn. I told him that I had found him, like I said I would.

So, you don't need to be as smart as me to realize that they were going to drop us into the drink. This is pretty serious. Tirek didn't mess around. As two of the Getbackers started to take the net off, I used my telekinesis to throw it over those two. This time, it worked. They were so surprised, they themselves went down the hole. As that was happening, I shouted to Lightning that it was tackle practice. In an instant, he hit the other six ponies and sent them all into the sea below.

We were congratulating each other when I heard the ponies below claiming that they couldn't swim. I saw some life preservers and grabbed them with my telekinesis and tossed them in the water. I told them that I hope they think twice about tangling with me again and they said they hoped to never see me again. We were about ready to get Tux down when I heard a familiar laugh. Nope, not Tirek, thank Celestia. It was the Desert Twins, Desert Rose and Desert Thorn. They started to do their little rhyme thing that they do all the time. I interrupted them. I didn't want to listen to their horse pucky. Thorn mentioned something about theatricality and started using his rose as weapon pointed towards me. I took off my hat and used it as a make shift shield. I saw some magic pull on the rose, I think it was Tux, then Burny did a blast of fire into Thorn's hindquarters and that sent him into the water. Oh, that made Rose mad. She made a rush for me, I saw her intent and just sidestepped and she, too, went into the water. About then was when Tux freed himself from the chains. Of course, he forgot about that there wasn't a floor underneath him. I was able to catch him with my Teke spell before he fell too far.

After quick introductions, we went and found an office in the warehouse. I had thought about leaving, but I had thought better of it. We might be able to find clues to were Tirek would be going but, more importantly, I could call the police so they could come get the Getbackers out of the water. While searching for a phone, Tux mentions that his mother was here and Tirek had her in a sack. I tell him that he took her out of here when we got here. I also told him that I would help him find his mother. After finding a phone and leaving a message for Willow Wisp about the warehouse and updating him on what was happening, we set to work looking for clues.

We did find some papers. They were in the old language that Lightning knew. There seemed to be a secret chamber beneath the Broncs that when a ceremony was held in it with the Crystal Rose would reveal The Crown of Infinite Wisdom. It had to be that night by midnight. I'm not sure what it does but I defiantly did not want Tirek with something like that. That lead to a discussion of where the Rose was. I had it. I told tux that I took it from his apartment for the rose's protection and in case I needed as a bargaining chip. I gave the box back to him. After that, we decided that it was time to head into the sewers. I called for Raj, our cab guy. Tux insisted on returning home and Lightning said he needed to go. After a not so harrowing cab ride, I had gotten use to it, we said our goodbyes to Lightning Flash. He went to pay me the rest of what he owed me, I told him that it wasn't necessary. Mostly out of kindness, but a little bit because I had a cash cow in Tux and was on a bigger case.

While Tux changed, we discussed who we might know with knowledge of the sewer system. Tux knew a party pony who had taken an underground sewer tour and he was pretty sure she still knew the route. Burny and I knew someone else. We knew Boris, the chef at the Waffle Joint. We decided that Boris was the better choice because with the loss of Lightning, we didn't have a lot of physical power on our side and a gorilla might come in handy if he had to get physical with Tirek. It's a dirty business sometimes.

Just before we left, Tux decided to actually wear the Crystal Rose. It was beautiful. It constantly changed colors in a shimmering crystalline way. I tried all I could to convince him not to wear or to disguise it but he wasn't going to have it. I just hoped that we wouldn't get in a position where Tirek could just pluck off his lapel and, well, win. He also insisted on using the car service that came with his apartment. I thanked Raj for his time. We got in the limousine. It felt huge. It was huge. When asked for a destination, I told the driver to go to the Waffle House in the Brocs. Tux looked mortified.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we found Grandma Waffle locking up. She asked if I had the rent and I got partial payment o my services from Tux and paid her. Then asked Boris if he'd come with us. He loaded up with supplies, mostly consisting of two bandoliers filled with bananas. He also had a map of the sewers. Comparing the info we had with the map, we found he place we needed to go down into the sewers. Tux, once again, was mortified when Boris rode on top of the limo. It was great.

Down we went. We had flashlights and I tried that light spell again and it worked. It was not a few seconds when Tux fell into the water. Upon getting out, he insisted on changing. Next thing I know, he's got a song and dance going about being a Sharp Dressed Colt. I get sucked in a bit, but finally I snapped out of it and got the others back on task. We started down the sewers. A few times, thanks to Burny and Tux, got traveling music but I shut it down from time to time. At some point, during some discussion, I told Tux that my family leaved in Manehatten like he did. Finally, we came to something significant. It was an iron door with a chain and a lock. On it, was a painting of a weird shaven monkey or thin shaven gorilla. Anyway, not important.

After two tries, I was able to pick the lock. I removed the chain and asked Boris to remove the iron gate. After a bit, he gets it off. The passage beyond is only big enough for ponies. Boris couldn't fit. Taking the map, he's pretty sure he can find another way to our destination. I told good luck and that I think we'll see him at an dramatically important time.

We headed in. This tunnel was even slimier then the other ones. I heard tux's heart sink. Now this was serious. We were close. We start moving slower and quieter. I was keeping my eye on the ground up in front of me. It was a good tactic. I spotted a trip wire. I was also able to stop Burny from setting it off. Now, I was really vigilant. This little adventure turned into a Daring Do adventure. We continued down. I thought I heard something behind us. I looked and couldn't see anything. After a second time, I had Burny on my back looking backwards. He didn't see anything. We managed to miss another tripwire. Then we came to a place with four tunnels. The water went down a grate and there was a brick platform with the four tunnels. I heard some giggling that was familiar and I told Kiwi to come out. She had been following us for while. She went to the warehouse to find me, but couldn't. She ran into Erin Bronett, who gave her a tape recorder to get the big story. I took it, said “I don't think so, Erin” and turned it off. After a few seconds, I reconsidered and turned it back on. A big story like that could be a big boost for my business.

The tunnels were labeled in stone above each entrance. The labels were the suits of playing cards. Then I remembered a verse from the papers we had found, "A Spade is a Spade, and Diamonds are few, Clubs may lead you astray, but your Heart will lead you true." We all agreed that we should go down the Hearts tunnel. I decided to double check. I cast Find for Tux's mother. I found her. I could feel her down all the tunnels but it was stronger down the Hearts.

The tunnel was made of a rosy crystal. There were light sources as well. Every now and then, there were dark red, raised hearts on the floor. I figured that stepping on them would be bad. After a bit, the increased in number and we could see a light at the end of the tunnel. At about eighteen feet from the entrance to the chamber, the raised hearts were too numerous. We would have to step very carefully not to activate them. At the end of the tunnel, I could see two guard on either side of the entrance. They looked bored. I could also her Tirek giving one of his speeches. Also near the entrance I could see an emerald switch. It looks like a switch for the traps. I could have Kiwi go down and push it, but I don't want her that close to the guard and I don't want Tirek to know that she's here. So, Tux hits it with his telekinesis spell. It worked, the red hearts went down. We carefully moved up to the entrance.

The chamber was large, there was a wired statue on the far side with an alter in front of it. The statue had wings and arms with clawed hands. I had no idea what it was. In the air, between the hands, held up by magic was Tux's mother. Tirek was still pontificating. He sounded like he was giving a sermon. In the pews were all the other Getbackers from the warehouse. I told Kiwi to stay were she was because I didn't want her to get hurt. Also that if it looks like it's going badly for us, she needed to go get Willow. As I was trying to formulate a plan to get to Tux's mother, Tirek broke my concentration by announcing that we were there and his guys should get us.

The two guards were so surprised that they fell down and knocked themselves out. The rest of the GB's all crashed into each other and made a big pile right in the middle of the chamber. Tux and I ran for his mother. Tux tripped. I managed to get to the top of the pile of Getbackers. Six of the “elites,” pegasi, came at me. I rolled forward and grabbed a tapestry with teke and got all six entangled in it. Looking at the statue, I noticed a metal feather that looks like it could move. I concentrate on that feather. As I tried to move the feather with my spell, Tirek charges at me. I managed to avoid his attack but I don't move the feather. Burny gets a hit on Tirek with his fire, but he just shrugs it off. Kiwi comes flying down to me, thinking that the safest place. Cute kid. I tell her to go and move the feather. As she does, I try to trip Tirek, it doesn't work, Burny tries flaming him again, but doesn't get him and Tirek goes after Tux. Tux managed to stay ahead of Tirek, the feather moved but nothing had happened. Burny goes after Tirek hits him right in the face. The spell holding tux's mother goes off, and he managed to be under her when she fell. Tirek leaped at all of us, we dodged out of the way and rammed into the statue and brought it down upon himself. Tuned out that the statue was holding up the chamber and it started to collapse. Yup, I was officially in a Daring Do novel.

We heard a familiar voice from above us. Looking up, we saw Boris. He managed to find a passage to the top of the chamber and he dropped a rope ladder down. We all managed to get on the ladder, we were climbing and Boris was pulling it up. Then, in true pulp fiction action, Tirek came out of the rubble to try to grab the ladder. Burny hit him with fire, Tux and I all hit him telekinesis to make him trip and it worked. On top of the chamber, the tunnel Boris was in was at incline. We put banana peels on out hooves and use them to slide down. Tux used a hat box. The tunnel was collapsing behind us. Kiwi was pushing on me, Burny was trying to be an afterburner and I was pushing on Tux. We stayed just ahead of the collapsing tunnel.

We had stopped. We were taking a breather when truer to pulp fiction action, Tirek came out of THAT rubble and picked me up. I looked into his face as he shouted something. I couldn't really pay attention because I was trying to figure out how to get out of his hold. Finally, I just decide to shove my hoof into his face. Yes, I punched him in the face AND IT WORKED! He went down like a sack of potatoes. I was mad. I was just going to leave him there but I remembered that willow gave me some hoof cuffs. As I was arresting the big galoot, a door opened. In came Willow Wisp, I was so glad to see him. I told him all the charges that should be slapped on Tirek. He wasn't looking happy.

I heard a voice say that wouldn't be necessary. It was Dr. Steinsdale from Canterbury. Turns out, Tirek is their diplomat and has diplomatic immunity. I told the “good” doctor that Princes Celestia wouldn’t take lightly that their diplomat kidnapped Equestrian citizens. He said to leave Celestia to them. I mumbled that I hope she kicks their butts.

As they left, Willow said I did a good job and told Kiwi to go home. She did. We went out into the night air. On a projection screen on a balloon, there was a news item about the Crown Prince of Canterbury announcing his engagement to Cherries Jubilee. WHAT THE HAY?! I turned to Willow and said, “I found her, is that good enough.” He said yes and that the city will pay me 250 bits for all I did. I told Tux he didn't need to pay me for my services and paid him back the rent he paid.

I learned that doing the right thing is better than getting paid, most of the time, and that people you find annoying at first could actually be nice ponies and you'd be glad to have them around.

That's it for now. More stories later. Promise.
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